Analysis for a Better World !

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Who are we?

1 ) A link in the Universe   

I would like to make an observation, of what I understand of the person as human, what relationship does he have with the environment that surrounds him? Well, a lot, everything is related, everything has a balance and a logic, and I explain it here below, If we observe ourselves we will see what we are, simply a person, a unit, within our Universe as are the cells within our body, if we look back inside our body we will see that it is covered with a skin, and here everything ends, but if we take a microscope, we will see that under the skin, there are some cells, and then we would see the «DNA», and if we continue to the end we would see the Protons and Electrons, all dancing            around themselves with a fantastic balance. 

All this is when we look inside ourselves, but now we look outside our body, and we make the same observation again, but this time, outside our body, also with us, in the center, and looking towards the sky, If it is daytime we will see the sun, if not it is not cloudy, if it is night and it is not cloudy we will see the moon and the stars and perhaps some nebulae, but everything ends here too, but now instead of taking a microscope We take a telescope, we will see that there are more stars than we could see with the naked eye, we will see that the Moon, the planets, the sun, and the stars are also all dancing around themselves, the planets revolving around the sun, like If they danced with balance, as they did when we looked into our body, the Neutrons that revolved around the Protons.

It seems that there is a parallel inside the person and the outside, it seems that there is a very intimate relationship, a balance, that we cannot break it, I mean that we cannot remove a ring or link, like removing a planet, or a star since everything would go down, just as you cannot remove an electron or any other link, without everything going down, this is also valid, with Nature, everything is in balance and we cannot destroy a link as a species both Vegetable as Animal , and when I say Animal I also include the Person, the Man , it is like breaking a link, and we cannot do that without it having fatal consequences. 

This theory is also valid, with Humanity, People like electrons or planets are in full contact and balance, People are by our side, like the cells of our body, and like Nature and we have to be careful , to take care of them and take care of ourselves so that we cannot do without them, we cannot do without any link, we must keep that in mind.

There was a Man who said, “We have learned to fly like birds, to swim like fish, but we have not learned the simple art of living as brothers.” This was Martin Luther King.   

This gives us a reflection, and that is, we must be in balance with our travel companions who are Nature, Vegetation, Animals, and Man, these four means, which have always existed, for thousands of years and have always been in balance, until the appearance of intelligent man , with the appearance of his intelligence , we all went and are threatened with death, this is where we must reflect, for our survival of The Planet and our own.    

Why do we have to pollute? The Sea, the Ocean, the Air, the Rivers, the Earth? Why do we have to destroy the Forests, the Vegetation? Why do we have to kill the animals? Why do we have to kill Men? If we organize ourselves well and understand what the thing is about, which is balance, this holocaust that we are doing, this destruction, would no longer be necessary, because we need everything that surrounds us, Nature, Vegetation, Animals and Man.  

I am not religious, but there is a phrase that in addition to that I like a lot, and that makes a lot of sense and is in balance with the Universe, and without this phrase, we go straight to the precipice, and it is «Love your neighbor as you love same ” , if it could be like that, we would be better off , and we would be happier, without wars, without the military, without the police, in short, a good dream.      

Why should we love our neighbor? Is it the word of God? The reason to love or not, is a question of survival of balance, it is the Universe that is set up in this way, with balance, the cells of our body are all in contact with each other and they are all necessary, as soon as one dies, others are born , one and the other are always in balance, when it is not, the death of the system comes, therefore, we have to get along, with the People we are living as well as with the cells of our body, and the whole universe behaves so, and so we have to do, because we cannot go against the universe.     

2) Definition of Environment  

Now, after knowing that we are an insignificant, but important link in the Universe, and the importance, that we have, of taking care of ourselves or rather the Environment, who we are and where we live, now we are going to define the Environment

I am going to try to make a reasoning to analyze what we can do to straighten the current human behavior to get out of this terrible variable that has led us to the environmental and Human extermination of our Planet.

First and foremost I would like to make an analysis, how they are constituted, and what are the laws that are governed, and that is that here on our planet we live in an Environment , in which all the human activity takes place such as, La Nature, Vegetation, Animals and Man , now I am going to define in order to make it easier what the Environment is.

Well, the Environment is that, where we live, that is, is Nature , and what is Nature 1) “Nature” are the Seas, Oceans, Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Air and Earth, 2) “Vegetation” , which is made up of Trees, such as forests, and also an agriculture that humans need to live, 3) “Animals” , including all living animals, such as Birds, Fish, mammals, cockroaches, ants in short all, 4) “The Man” in short, The Environment is and consists of 4 brothers who are : 1) Nature, 2) Vegetation, 3) Animals 4) Man , So when I say Environment , I mean these Four Premises. 

3) Parallelism of the 10 Commandments   

The 10 Commandments , was the first Human Constitution , which has existed since time immemorial, and has worked, until man realized his intelligence, this marked a milestone in the history of Humanity, as I already explain in Is this the world we want? We need to take a major shift in our behavior, to survive power, then we have to have other parameters, a new Commandments , I call them rules,   and that I shall summarize in 4 These four rules the summarize in a standard, but We always keep them very present , all four because it is our new Constitution , and our reason for life, but The Norm is a Recommendation, Regulation , but it is to give a parallel with the first Constitution , which was the one that administered, the who commanded , this is where the Commandments come from , to send , and after this came the other Constitutions , either first we are going to reduce or simplify the Four Norms  

The Four Norms

1º You will love your Environment above all things

2º You will respect the Environment as yourself

3º You will honor your neighbor as yourself

4th You will help your neighbor as yourself

1º You will love your Environment above all things

Environment , as I have said before, when I say Environment , I mean these Four Premises, then, it is obvious what Environment is, and I repeat it for the last time, Environment equals Nature, Vegetation, Animals and Man.

2º You will respect the Environment as yourself

Respect is not loving, but it is caring, defending, preserving, guarding.

3º You will honor your Environment

To honor is not to love, nor to respect, but to praise, ennoble, and exalt.

4th you will help your environment

Helping is not loving, nor is it respecting, or honoring, but helping, helping, assisting.

We must always keep these Four Premises in mind because without them we cannot exist neither as animals nor as wild people, nor as an environment , because up to now we have not loved, respected, honored or helped , the Environment where we live and besides that we do not We have loved, respected, honored and helped , what we have done is the opposite, destroy and annihilate the Environment , and thus, spread, spread, this plague against the Environment .

4 ) Definition of Standard

One of the innumerable problems that we have had, and have in society today and through humanity, has been, the tendency, instinct, predilection, for man to do or behave in a specific way in society, and if not was or is like that, he is punished or punished, this specific way of conduct, were and are among others the following: Commandments, Religion, Laws, Ordinances, Mandates, Edicts, etc … and it is not like that, how a Country is It has to build, with Laws etc … Because Laws have to be complied with, and if they are not punished, and the punishment is an Abuse , even if a person has abused , and for committing an Abuse they do not have to be punished With it, if Abuse is abolished, then it does not exist, and Abuse , even if you do something that you do not have to do, is the main cause that we are still in such a wild and primitive state, as we still live, The Laws, have to be abolished and replaced by Norms Rules , and this entails a new education, based on a in the mutual principles of coexistence, in this world that we live, what I say is a sacrilege , because in a modern country, it is with the Laws that a Society is built, but we have already seen in the analysis, that it seems that it is not Well, Yes, I know that this approach does not seem, today, very reasonable, sensible, sane, perhaps it sounds like blasphemy, but there is no other way out, we have already seen that in the world we live in, it is horrible for most of humans, and thus you cannot continue, as I have said before, there has to be a reset, and start over , and the way to do it is with the analysis that I do, a Country without Laws, without Police, without an army, Without judges, without this 1% that has all the capital of the rest of the 99%, a Country like this is a barbarity, today, it is not that it is a utopia, it is impossible to do it, then, we have two possibilities, one that is the failed , which is the current one, and the other, is this Utopian , both unrealizable, if we want to continue, we have to give an opposing rtunidad, the current one we know that it does not work, so we have no possibility, and the only thing we have is to continue, although this Utopian seems unfeasible, if not the only possibility is to get out and continue with the current one until disaster, which is long ago that started.

Well, we are going to see the construction of the Only Commandment , or Norm , that we want to build our Society, and now we call it Norms , because Commandment comes from the word order, command , and this no longer exists, in our Society,

The First and only Norm, “Love your Environment as yourself” , Here is the whole essence, that we have to build our Society ! And this is for ¿ am ar the Environment, as yourself ? The first impression seems to be religious, Love God as yourself , well no ?, but I can assure you that it has nothing to do with religion, but at first glance it might seem that there is a parallel, and perhaps there is, since in Love God as yourself , there is a sublime expression which leaves no doubt of any kind, as well also see this expression sublime “Love your environment as yourself” as a sublimation, which can not be You doubt that if this is not done, the Planet will not exist, then this expression is the highest meaning, the sublimation that there is no way out, without “Love your Environment as yourself.”

   In the last analysis I did, is this the world we want?   I explain, in detail, why we have to Love the Environment , and the reason is because the Universe is closely linked to the Environment , since this is a part of the Universe, on the other hand Nature, Vegetation, Animals Man, In other words, The Environment , these four elements are condemned to coexist intimately, since it is an indissoluble part of the Environment   and we can not remove or fight, combat or annihilate, with any of the components that coexist with the Environment , and especially Man , but also each one of the 4 that make up the Environment , and this we have to be well aware before continuing, The Environment is untouchable and indissoluble , and they have to be “Loved, Respected, Honored and Helped” , and it is not because we have to Being good has nothing to do with Goodness , it has to do with survival .

As you can see this postulate that I defend, it is very difficult, it seems that it does not make much sense, a Planet without laws, without police, without prisons, without army, with people who do not starve, with people who eat every day, without the 1% of capital that has all the capital of the rest of the 99%, and much more, what an outrage! Wanting to make a society like this, without these Abuses , yes …, yes …, this is crazy , but forgive me, this is what I believe, and I have been thinking for many years, since my youth, that the world in which we live It is cruel, both for the Environment , and for the person himself, who as I said is within the Environment , if we have to continue or continue, with this project, we have to leave, for a while, the theory that we continue with This project is a crazy madness that does not bring anywhere, only that we waste our time miserably, for this I ask you to give it a try, and if so, what do you do, I would ask, that this analysis that I do be treated as ex chair , until the completion of this analysis, if not, it is almost impossible, continue, well then put the Reset, and forget everything.

5 ) Abolition of Abuse in the Environment

When we want someone to do what we want, and this often happens, if we have a privileged position in society, such as being smarter than the other, or having a higher link in the society we live in, there are thousands of privileged links in society, which are responsible for the ferocious and savage abuse that we all suffer, this is the reason that our society has been stagnant for thousands of years.  

We must carefully analyze the Word Abuse , since it is the main word that has behaviorally paralyzed us through these thousands of years to the present, if we analyze the word Discriminate, we will see that in the dictionary of the Spanish language, it is written ” See the difference between two things “, this is Discriminate, and nothing more than this, it is something that fortunately we do every day, everything is different, a house, a tree, a stone, and ” To discriminate is to see the difference “, now there is the word ” Discrimination ” and what does the dictionary of the Spanish language say? that “Discrimination is the different and harmful treatment that is given to a person for reasons of race, sex, political ideas, religion”, we have already said that to discriminate is to see the difference between two things , and it is also with discrimination, what that occurs with discrimination is that when you see the difference, and try different from a person on grounds of race, sex, politics, religion, is something else, but before the discrimination should discriminate if it is white, black, yellow or another color, and then you will discriminate if there is or you have the opportunity to do so.                       

There are many synonyms for the word “Abuse”, many, for example, Discrimination,

Slavery, etc. which is not having freedom that are under the control of another person, and this is s implement Abuse, now left a list that I say 13 features, which usually occuring abuse.       

People are not only discriminated against or abused because of the color of their skin, but because of the condition , or position, that they are in society, if it is black or white, it is not important, and if it is left , because His position in the Society will be, be it black or white or yellow, this is not important, but imagine if he were the former president of USA Obama , he is black, he will not be indiscriminate, because he is black he will be discriminated against , but not indiscriminate , then it may be the yellow target, the one that must be careful, if it is discriminated against, it is if it is white and if it is left, all that is involved is that if the person who wants to abuse is well placed in relation to the one who intends to abuse, the condition or variables can be very disparate like ready, etc. then you have to be careful with him who is or is superior to him and who is smarter, and with this hierarchy that I am talking about, he can also abuse or discriminate whether he is black or white, for example if he is a smart politician and who uses all the possibilities as a smart person does , either smarter than those he addresses, or if his position in society or at work is better, or he is above what they are lower, this position hierarchical of which the one that I spoke before, will make this person to be in a higher degree than the Society, of the one who is below, give him month superiority, and that will make that this person can always get a benefit, from him that He’s down, because he can do it, and this is Abuse.                                                             

What characteristics are the most remarkable that these Abuses take place? Well there are many, today our societies are very different, since we count from very poor societies to very rich societies, well, economically speaking ! But the crux of the matter is the same, for poor and rich, what is involved is the Abuse of one person towards another, and of course also the classic Discrimination that we all know is also it, Discrimination is protected by law but the abuse , usually not !!               

The characteristics of the most common groups where these abuses are often infringed are 13:  

1) money

2) Races  

3) Sex or gender 

4) Political ideas 

5) Religions 

6) Cultures 

7) Refugees 

8) Immigrants 

9) Social hierarchy 

10) Degree of education, teaching or illiteracy, school training, or university 

11) Clever, insightful, cunning, intelligent, resourceful, skilled 

12) Beauty, Handsome, 

13) Age 

The 1) Money, money are many things, one is Money itself , the other a political or social system, Capitalism , another can be Communism , and lately Socialism , I could also mention more, but these seem to be the most have influenced our society, the religious will leave it in a section, and we’ll talk about the , all, may be abusive , the Capitalism and says it by its name is the Capital what is above all, he can do it almost everything, Communism , jokingly, as the word says, would have to distribute everything, among the partners, who make it up, but this is not always the case, this group that is at the top and controls the system, is usually relatively very small , and they are the ones who share the cake, also like Capitalism , those who have the jobs, and important political places, they do not necessarily abuse, but there are more possibilities that they do.

The 2) Race , here can be a bit in contradiction, because it seems that whites Abuse blacks, and it is also true that this is always the case , however, there are situations that do not ! That it can be the other way around that a foreman is black, and he can Abuse a white, only, if one of the 13 Characteristics, takes place, then it is Abuse, but we must be careful that this does not happen, normally Abuse Racial , it is a taboo , but because it exists, because when a man discriminates he does not do so because he is black or white, he does it and has always done it, the problem is that the black community has less privilege than whites, but this We must not look at the color of the skin, if not at the origins, of slavery, Abuse, came into being, when man began to believe that he was intelligent.              

The 3) Sex Here there is no much problem, also as above could be classified as abuse both sexual and gender, the man who seduces or viola, or seeks a relationship without the consent of the other person, but could also be a woman seduces a man to take advantage of him. So it is also Abuse          

The 4) Political Ideas , also as previous a classic  

The 5) Religion , also like the previous one, a classic, religion, forces to be within a direction  

The 6) Cultural , Well, things get a bit complicated here, because culture is many things, and very different between them, including Religion, Muslim Cultures, Orthodox, Christian, Protestant, Tibetan, etc … but the thread of the question is not religious but cultural that some cultures are not so developed from others or perhaps more modernized, or especially minority cultures that are within other cultures, there may be someone who can take advantage of this question, we have an example , the German Republic, where 30 years ago there were two Germany, the East and the West, where there was a lot of difference between them both culturally and economically, well this existence still continues, and now it is a single Nation, a single Republic       

The 7) Refugees , collective this, it is very vulnerable, being discriminated against because they almost always have no rights and must accommodate to which they can   

The 8) Immigrants , this group is also very vulnerable, also by circumstances, such as refugees, have no rights.  

The 9) Social Hierarchy, In all societies there are very well defined social layers, among them the economic ones, which are also closely related to the cultural ones, these also have a very important weight, when it comes to positioning themselves to an Abuse , the Social hierarchies are very extensive, for example, today’s jobs are made up of a hierarchy that goes from top to bottom, and that is in our entire society and in all other societies, and this is where many Abuses, in addition to groups, gypsies, etc. etc..       

The 10) Degree of education , teaching or illiteracy, school training, or university. This could be included with 8, but here it is better defined, according to a person who is more cultured, who has a school education, will almost always have a superiority, with a person who is not, or is illiterate.   

The 11) Smart, Insightful, cunning, intelligent, resourceful, skillful. 

This could also be confused with education or training, but this feature is not always connected with education or educational training, a person list or smart , you could easily Abusing a person with limited capacity.    

La 12) Beauty , This has a clearly very high importance, when treating a behavior that can lead to Abuse .   

The 13) The age , The Man can take advantage of, or of a boy or girl, or of an old person.   

6) Good and Bad 

Being in balance with the Universe, with everything that surrounds us, such as Man, with Animals, with Nature , by loving all this, is called Goodness , and if we do not do it, it is called Evil , and Evil is the abuse we do, to the Nature, vegetation, animals and man , we also have and we must say no !! To the violations of the 13 Characteristics , and yes !! to the goodness, love the nature, vegetation, animals and man , because this is our only survival, if we consider these four firsts , and we persevered, and we like us, we love ourselves, the problem finish would also the Abuses , and we could start to progress as people with four brothers who are our “La nature, vegetation, animals and man ” and out of this state both wild that we are, if not well , I see it very badly, we only have this way out, and it is a way out of survival and happiness.                              

I would like to define what Goodness is for me , describing an experience that I lived when I was a child.My family was well positioned in society, and it was customary at that time that people in need asked for alms and came to the doors of The houses, my grandmother, would go out many times to open the door, and when she was a person who begged for alms, sometimes she gave them and sometimes not, and one day there was a knock on the door and it was I who went out and saw an old lady who was begging me for alms, I got it off my back and in a bad way, well that night I could not sleep, and I swore that I would never do it again, this episode has haunted me all my life, not for the mere fact, that I did something bad, but the experience of this episode haunted me all my life, and I forced myself to do good things, because I couldn’t do bad things, not because I was good, but because when I did something bad, my body rejected it, and we had a bad time, it was better to do good things and not feel bad, it is It was pure selfishness, because doing good so as not to feel bad !!!! It is not Goodness , and what is this of Goodness or Evil? Here is the crux of the matter ! My conclusion is if you do Goodness , because for you you cannot do Evil , that has no value, as there are also many people who do evil, and it is impossible for them to do Goodness , well I don’t want to get too long with this because it is very extensive, my conclusion of Goodness , this is not mine, I have to do it because physically I do not feel good, if I do the Evil .                                    

My version of Goodness or Badness is in general, the description that I make through all Analysis or Reasoning from the beginning to the end, where Goodness is not a feeling, but almost an obligation, to understand our universe where we live, and to see the intimate connection, between the different links, including the treatment that we must have with the close links, here is the true goodness , it must be done !!, there is no alternative here, than to love !!, it is goodness , to help, all this Whether our body likes it or not, there is only Goodness , and nothing else, that is why I drew the conclusion that Goodness only exists when the 13 Characteristics are not violated.Just today in Brazil a lady priest of a Church ordered her children to to kill her husband or father of the children, this woman adopted 37 children after they had a misfortune, an act of kindness and then order her children to murder their father, an act of evil , The lady who has criminal immunity since she It is political and it is protected, Here is the Good and the Bad                   

7) Constitution of a platform or World Organization   

Just create an organiz ation Global Philanthropic, which will plan strategies for change , and has n to include all or most possible Regions Cultural Rights to the success of the project comes to an end, besides also all organizations, worldwide They would have to adhere to this Platform, such as NGOs, FAO, WHO, Amnesty International, ExpokNews , OECD, OECD, Unicef, UNESCO, Manos Unidas , in addition to all the people who want to attribute this help to Humanity.

How can we fight against other People ?, against ourselves, and thus produce deaths, misery, poverty, unhappiness, how can we be happy, when there are people, in prison or in hospitals, people who are sick, people who are evicted, misery, suicides, wars, people who lose their jobs, epidemics, pandemics, people who die of hunger and many other things, how can one be happy like this? or be satisfied with this world or society, knowing all this suffering of our neighbor or our environment, without us doing anything at all! Is this the world we want? Well, this is how Man has lived, since time immemorial without caring about his neighbor, on the contrary, destroying everything that surrounds him, only interested in his well-being.   

One reality is, The richest 1% of the world’s population has more money than the remaining 99%, and in addition, there are 24 million people in the world, who die of hunger every year and 25% are children, in addition there are 850 million people who go to sleep hungry every day.      

According to AllinAllSpace In 2020, there are 30,277,850 soldiers, of people in the armed forces worldwide, not including paramilitary units, according to Wikipedia. The total number of troops in the armed forces, including reserve military and paramilitary units, is 75,543,487 soldiers, these people do not produce anything, on the contrary, it is a huge expense, no longer with the salaries that the military carries. , but also everything that contracts with them, because weapons, from heavy to very sophisticated, also heavy artillery, such as tanks, war ships, planes, cavalry, automobile fleet, On the other hand we have, in 2017, a military expenditure of 1.73 € trillion are 1730000000000 €   now in 2019 spending increased ha and is now of 1.91 trillion € , as we Permi tir this aberration, so large in a world of hunger, misery, wars and splurges

We have also had, wars since time immemorial, wars that lasted decades and decades, slavery, rights did not exist, not today, at least for most humans, we can finally remember, because it is not so far away, the last times of the World War I 1914, the second in 1940, the Spanish 1936, Vietnam, the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and lately Syria.  

A ) The first step is to have an economy to start the project , and this could only be in rich countries to agree on a minimum increase of 1% VAT to finance said project

B ) Try to give food, and help

First of all, before a social-economic balance is reestablished, or rather a social-economic balance is created, the first thing to do is give food, to help, stop, stop, hunger is scourge, this is the first priority 

C ) A social economic balance

The social economic equilibrium only does not depend on the poor regions, since the problem is that they are poor and cannot get out of poverty on their own, which by the way is often due to the Abuse of the Rich Countries, then the solution has to come from outside

D ) A new educational teaching.

The new educational teaching can be structurally based on what exists today, infant, primary, secondary, ESO and finally university education, but there are some concepts that must be changed, first because they are the same as 5000 years ago, and because to To change society, we must change these principles, those responsible for not having allowed us to develop as people, and for this reason we are still in the wild, the principle of educational teaching is to educate the citizens of society, to learn to live together with its Middle Environment, which as we have said many times are nature, vegetation, animals and man , and this entails a change total educational teaching, everything is an indivisible unit, and irreplaceable, in our environment, and any Abuse that takes place, it is not that it is intolerable, it is that it goes against the survival of the Environment, and this is the first principle, the most important that educational teaching has both infants. Useful, primary, secondary, ESO and university, without this principle, there is no survival, and with this there is no change, so all education has to deal with this principle.

8) Forms of Government   

We could take a look at the forms of Government that have existed, throughout history, but going back to 12000 years ago, at the beginning of the Neolithic we can see the first government, which was the Babylonian Kingdom and began with Hammurabi, who established one Gov not Autocratic   of divine origin in the Egyptian era, is beginning its history to 3000 BC, when king Menes united Upper and lower Egypt under one Reinado, having to Memphis as the capital and founded the first dynasty, e etween 800 and 650 B.C. These monarchies were being replaced by oligarchies of aristocrats, I do not want to extend myself because, all I want is to do an analysis, to see that all the forms of governments that have existed and exist, have been and are for repression and Abuse of the Environment , then we have had or have the following forms of government.   

Autocracy, Theocracy, Monarchy, Feudalism, Republic, Communism, Democracy.

And now we are almost where we were at the beginning, in the Neolithic , as Autocracy , stands , a government Dictatorial which can also be religious, Theocracy is synonymous with a government purely Religious The Monarchy , Monarchy Romana is it began with the founding of ancient Rome , on April 21 of the year 753 B.C., when Romulus took control of the power , Feudalism , the F eudalismo was a social, political and economic system that prevailed during the Middle Ages, more precisely it comprised of the 9th to 15th century , and it was a consequence of the Monarchy Communism , is perhaps the most modern form of government, although unfortunately, it has not been very successful, The Monarchy , is also like almost the other forms of government, very old. 279         

All these forms of government, although they have different names , and want to represent other forms, in essence they are completely the same , they have the same purpose, it is the same form of government, it is a group of people, who exploit or abuse their citizens, and so on. it has been for thousands of years, and a continued to this day, today called, Democracy, or other name, is the same, as you call it but the result is the same call as you call it , was a failed hope with Communism That this one was modern, but it failed, and why? The answer is very easy, in 1978, in Spain, the dictatorship went to a democracy, from one day to the next, my first reaction was, How can you build a Democratic Country without Democrats?

Well, the same thing happened with communism, you can’t go from a state so different to another with a revolution or a war, only with the intention of eliminating the sources of power, in order to occupy the forms of government. and continue the Abuses that they themselves gave their lives in this mission, There is no form of government today, where the citizen has influence, for their better coexistence in Society, In Democracy the only thing that can be voted, Democracy is to go to vote every 4 years, and since living people are not important, an example USA is the most democratic state in the world, 25% of its population goes hungry, and the population has no social security, its democrats cannot go to the doctor If they do not have money to pay it, the democratic countries, their democrats, some have a stipulated minimum salary, and it is minimal if they work but do not have salaries, and others who do not have a maximum salary, a shame is that a soccer player, as good as I have At a salary of € 35 million a year, € 95,890 a day , and this form of government is called our beloved Democracy , all these assemblages of governments, which have ruined us as human beings, have impoverished us in dignity, only for some clear and most curious is the irony sarcasm that we have instilled that with democracy , we have L Libertad and we have the best system to govern and we have to be proud of , and grateful for La Llibertat that we enjoy

Moreover , the Democracy is the modern form of current government, where only the word Democracy , is the revelation, the best, form of government, but see, that is the democracy if this is or is not, what The same word means, because it would have to be that citizens could govern themselves in their own way, but that does not work, a government is chosen that its citizens believe that they will defend their interests, but what interests? Because this is a position that is very fragile , because it does not defend anything, also if we look at all the Democratic Countries of   the World, we will see, for example, that England is divided into two parts, almost the majority of all governments, if We see the USA, we will see that there is a struggle between two parties, and that they are diametrically opposed, so what is democracy? 2 opposing ideas, right and left? , A survey recently in USA indicates that many of those who choose a party because that party is defending Christian rights, and more anti – abortion, or go against homosexuality, etc. In other words, a Theocracy , which has nothing to do with the progress of the Society but with Religion as in the old days, and this happens in all Countries, there are normally these two solutions, let’s call them, whatever we want, Conservative idea, and Labor idea , or Socialist, and here everything ends, and they distribute it to them for a few years, they are in power and then they change, and this is called Democracy , and this is perverse ignorance, and that is how it has been through thousands of years, poor man Ignorant humanity, the conclusion is that Autocracy, Theocracy, Monarchy, Feudalism, Republic, Communism, Democracy , I repeat it again, they are different forms of government, but deep down and the purpose are exactly the same, to repress their citizens.

9) Creation of Cultures or Regions and political change by Prof.   

We are going to try, how we can organize our Society, we are going to start with this, not with the Environment , and not with the Norms.

The creation of Countries, have been the cause of wars, and Abuses, and have not brought any benefit, for humanity, on the contrary, desolation, misery, violation, decadence, impoverishment, and destruction, and generally, (it has not always been like that ), but many Countries is a result of a conquest, where the conquered Country has lost its language, its wealth, in short its Culture has been annihilated and another imposed.

The term Country must be abolished, the most important thing in our Society is Cultural, it is the maternal term, customs, food, clothing, beliefs, dance, feelings and language, and of course also the economic one, this is inviolable, and this is premise, and not the Country, which is of the utmost importance, then, these are what we will call Cultural Regions , which have to be of vital importance in our Society within the Environment.

The Regions will be autochthonous, sovereign, and independent , but they may unite, with other Regions, as long as it does not harm or deteriorate their own culture, it could be done, for economic reasons but always with great care, with the Cultural, the entire Planet, It would have, to be well organized, and it would also be important, to have in addition to the mother tongue, to have another language, to communicate with the rest of the World, that is, we would have to be bilingual.

We have already planned our small societies, cultures or, as I have already said, we will call them Regions, and they will be at the center of our Environment , it will really be the Regions.

       Now we have already planned our small societies, cultures or, as I have already said, Regions , and they will be at the center of our Environment , it will really be her, The Regions , the most important.

       Now we have to conceive, how the Regions have to plan, project or organize themselves, in order to live because we cannot continue as we have done so far, and the way that I think we would have to organize is that of change, not of territorial division. We have already solved it with the Cultural Regions but with the political change that I detail below. Is democracy at the limit of its survival?

Is democracy at the limits of its survival ? Yes, I think so, democracy is already very old and has already played its role in society, historically all forms of control of the Society have not been rigid, but on the contrary, very flexible and have been changing or correcting According to the needs of its partners, for example, feudalism, and later capitalism were a very logical and important reaction in their time, communism was also a logical reaction to a situation of oppression, all these forms of control have been necessary for the development of the Society, but they have aged and in the end have become a burden for the same society, humanity, however, has the gift of survival and this gift is as strong or more than the gift of Sexuality, are the most important gifts that human beings have and those that make our society think and develop, no static culture, even the Islamic world, which is now on “standby” in this specific aspect, is very active. vo in its religious and ideological expansion, but it seems to me that we are already reaching the end of our form of government, democracy, and the autocracies, or the other forms of government, have already done what they had to do, in our Society is stagnant, it is regressing and survival is in a state of alert, our world is nervous and it seems that it wants something else, really the problem is a bit complex, but the control of society is also complex, this control is carried out people who have great power over their partners, politicians, those who have the capacity to change, many things, sometimes they want to change certain controls, not so that it is convenient for the people but because they are convenient for the politicians and not for the controlled , Democracy, moreover, is controlled with 51 votes in favor and represses the remaining 49 votes, this is pure democracy, I do not go on any longer so as not to get heavy, well, if we have neither a monarchy, nor a republic, nor a fed Eralism, nor democracy, what should we have? Anarchy? no, now I will explain it, I am now 68 years old, and when I was 18 I already thought with these forms of governments that I now write, simply forms of government, at that time there was Francoism, I have always been enthusiastic about the way people have of organize, I saw that the different forms of government were stupid, with the variety, plurality and wealth of ideas that people have, and it fails only because a few people decide our destinies, socially and economically, I have lived almost 40 years In Denmark and democracy there worked well, at first it was a very strong shock for me, because it was when Danish democracy was at its best and the citizen was the center of the government’s concerns, but things also change in the Nordic countries Either because a few men must decide our destinies or because we cannot decide what the society we want should be like, but we, as individuals, have no experience to do so. to build schools, hospitals, road networks,… do we know what needs we have? society is very complex, can we really do it? Yes, we can do it and I will tell you later, now, however, I wanted to say that politicians cannot do it for two reasons: first because they have other interests that have nothing to do with the welfare of society, but with their own, and second, because they are showing that they do not know how to do it, what solution is viable then? I make a proposal of a new society, that instead of politicians, they are the ones who organize, here are the professionals, who united all through a kind of guilds, are the guilty of organizing each and every one of them For example, doctors, nurses, carriers, even Hospital employees are those who have to organize and thus, all existing professional branches or what we can call Guilds.  

This, as you can see, is very logical, but it is also complicated, complex and difficult, and it is not work for one person, but the idea is that those who have the capacity to do it have to organize, for example, a doctor, You will not be able to plan how a building is made or a road is built, right? This plan that I propose as it is difficult to plan, it would be very convenient to involve people trained to do it, including Universities, professional organizations, in short the volume of this project is priceless.

Look, when we are sick we go to the doctor, when we have to build a house we go to see an architect, when an electrical installation must be done we go to an electrician … it is not necessary to extend it any longer, well, here is the crux of the matter, that who has knowledge of the different issues is the one who has to do things, it is logical, right? It is very simple, simple things are those that work well, we have a society and we want it to develop and function well, so we have to look at how this society has to develop, there is a medical college, this means that everyone The doctors of the Region are part of a network and this network could be the Medical Guild of the mentioned Region, these people are the ones who must control the Health of the Region, because they are the most appropriate to do so, Guild is the keyword but not in the old sense of the term, in which a few people had control, the new guild that I want must be formed by the entire pyramid, from the base to the top, this today, with computer science it is possible, well, that is the idea, this should be done with all scientific, technical, cultural, professional branches, etc. In order to have a true development in the cultures or Regions, that is, each Guild, or profession, will be a P ilon , a pylon, very important in the Society that will be built step by step with all the possible guilds that exist in society, it is like building a house from the foundation that is the Region and it will emerge from some Pylons upwards for each union that exists in the Region, and these Pylons will support the platform of the First floor , from the foundation of this imaginary house that we are going To build the Pylons or guilds they will go from the foundation, which is the Region, to the first floor , which is the representation of all the guilds or professions, grouped in Columns or Pylons , we explain this, because in society there are some guilds, or professionals, who are the ones who endure and work in society, for example, doctors, teachers, architects, masons, electricians, physicists, chemists, garbage men, etc … well many, all the professions that exist in the society, and these are the most suitable for them to organize themselves, right? It doesn’t have to be a politician, right, but hey that’s not all, there are hospitals, roads, trains, highways, town halls, well the first floor of the house, that is, the Columns or Pylons that I call, they are already defined are the existing guilds, and there must not be any guild that is left out, they all have to have their Column or P ilon that goes from the foundation, to the first floor , well each guild has to have a small group, which will administratively represent their guild, this small group, of the guilds, will be a new pylon that will go from the first floor to the second, here will be all the administrative representatives of all the guilds , and this has to defend the interests of their respective union on the second floor, because the second floor is already starting to be a little more complicated, because here, the problem is that the Columns or Pylons have to be negotiated and intercommunicated , The second floor, among them, and here the administrative number, will be lower, but it has to represent the first floor, and negotiate with the other representatives of the second floor, they will also have to agree, because now some Columns or Pylons that have to build the third floor, and these Pylons are going to be significantly reduced, on the first floor, all existing guilds or professions will be represented by an unspecified group of clerks, on the second, there must be a reduction and classification of the guilds, to unite in specific groups of interest both for the guilds and the Society, and from the second to the third the Pilones , it also has to be reduced, and classified, because in the third is, where decisions will not begin to be made. for the lower floors, since these are indigenous, but on the third floor, it will be a little, as we call today, Ministries, the group, will have been reduced considerably, and from the Third to the cu arto, here there will be the decision-making dome, the fourth floor would be like what we could say today the government, the most important thing on the first floor is that it cannot be absent, no profession or union existing in society, all that I I explain it is an idea, a utopia that needs a monstrous work team, and also needs a tremendous amount of professional and university people, to be able to do this work, if it is not impossible, the third and fourth floors will be the ones that society They will see more, because they will be the most visible Pylons for society, such as hospitals, highways, livestock transport, agriculture, education, power plants, pollution, in short all, the Pylons that coming from the second floor to the third, I do not mean that It will be, almost political, because this word is ugly for me, but it has to be transversal, since the third floor will only have a few Columns that will collect the final result, the fourth floor, it would only be a very group and small, that we could say that they would be, people who would communicate with the outside world, well, this is all a utopian idea, and as an idea, it is a starting point, which should be polished a lot and surely change many things, should study and technically outline this utopia, different departments around the university world and the unions could improve this idea so that a well-made child can be born and thus be able to bury our old Democracy, the transversality of the floors is the most important piece of all, talk, intercommunicate, from column to column and from floor to floor.                

10 ) Energy Change Strategies

Solar energy shift, construction in deserts for world production, planning and construction of solar energy in future poor regions, and end of pollution

The first strategy of change would be an energy revolution, in all underdeveloped countries where they have a lot of insolation, like Africa, and in as many countries as possible, with deserts, and a lot of sun, we would have to invest money to produce solar energy, In this way, it would be a profitable and green strategy for both rich and poor countries, and in this way, sea water could be desalinated, in order to supply the needs, both as drinking water for society. and also for agriculture, in this way we manage to eliminate, as much as the existing ones, the energy of fossil oil, and in this way eliminate environmental pollution.

The second strategy of change, would be , the planning, of an entire structure, for the construction of solar panels, perhaps hydroelectric energy, wind, etc. also technicians, engineers, workers etc. and the best thing would be for everything to be, planned and built in the place where it has to be built, in order to also be able to give work to people in need, but it could be that as there are no qualified personnel, the strategy would have to be changed, but most importantly is to be able to change the curve of today in which pollution is very serious, and on the other hand, to have a very cheap energy, which first of all has to take advantage of the third world, and not the rich countries, although, also the rich countries are I would take advantage of it, because the production of solar energy is incalculable, here I give a calculation of the kilometers, squares that the extension has, only desert, that exists today in the world, and this could satisfy, the most demanding needs of the whole world, and I only speak of desert areas, which are the most optimal, for this work, but it is also that it is not necessary to have a desert area, to take advantage of solar energy, even in the Nordic countries where there is not much has sunlight, they take advantage of this energy.  

Here are the 8 most important deserts that we have, and they are also on different continents, it must be noted that we can also take advantage of other places, that without being deserts, we can also take advantage of such energy.

Sahara Desert 9,065,253 km²                             

Arabian Desert 2,300,000 km²                           

Deserts Australia 1,371,000 km²               

Gobi Desert 1,300,000 km²                           

Kalahari Desert 930,000 km²                           

Patagonian Desert 670,000 km²             

Syrian Desert 409,000 km²                           

Chihuahua Desert                362,600 km² 

Total             16,407,853 km2                           

Here below you can see that I compare the extension of the deserts with the extension of some countries or continents, to compare, in an easier way, the enormous extension of the deserts, The usable desert area for solar energy production, is approximately the An area that has Europe plus that of China, or that of Russia, the desert space is a space that does not produce anything at present and that could produce solar energy and in this way convert it into hydraulic energy, very necessary for agriculture, and thus In this way, contributing to irrigation, the energy produced by the sun, could serve to desalinate sea water and also produce energy for the whole world.

Russia      17. 098 . 242 km2                                         

Europe    10,180,000 km2                                         

China 9,596,960 km2                                                     

Russia, Europe and China 36,875,202 km2                            

The third strategy for change would be an intensive production of Automotive Electrification , all over the world both in transport, public, such as trucks, cars, motorcycles, train, bus, plane, all mobility has to be electric, and the Energy has to be hydraulic, wind, solar, but not atomic or fossil, the energy source does not have to pollute, and here it would also be very important that all these productions that are not produced today, in rich countries, were advantages, primacies, privileges, so that poor countries could overcome their nonexistent economy, and thus provide jobs without damaging that of the rich.

The Fourth strategy of change, would be to build a small local industry, for the construction and repair of vehicles, tools and other utensils for agriculture.

The fifth strategy of change would be to create a self-administrative government for each region, and thus, create their respective forms of autonomous administration, to regulate culture, the local economy, with all its consequences. 

The Sixth strategy of change, this would not be, in poor countries, but in rich ones, and in order not to wake up, rejection disappointment, these would have to be minimized in rich countries for it to be successful and this would be to raise 1% of VAT Around the world, to be able to amortize, the expenses for the poor countries, 1%, would and is, a very smooth movement in the economy, of the rich countries, but it would be a very important amount when it is on a world level. 

The Seventh strategy of change , The Banks, these are today a very important institution and tool in our Region, because they are the ones who have the money of the Region, and they are the ones who distribute it according to demand and under an interest, the money They are not from the Banks but they distribute it, under a stipulated payment, the banks cannot be abolished, because the money belongs to the society or the Region, but they could contribute to our project, with a low interest.

The Eighth strategy of change, The Gasoline Companies, these are doomed to disappear, since the oil energy has to disappear, and their days are numbered, but a very attractive, seductive strategy for the survival of the companies would be a reconversion from oil to an aid to electrification, to solar energy, and as well as the strategy of the Banks, a very important aid for our Project.

These 8 Strategies   are the nucleus of the change in our society, and as you can see they have a vital importance, and a complexity, almost impossible to do, only the force of survival can make humanity, can perform this feat, never seen. In the history of humanity, only we can be or not capable of this dream, to be able to live and survive, happily with our environment, which is the Environment , that is , Nature, Vegetation, Animals and among them Man.

Solar panels seem to have a standard measurement, and the production of these seem similar, so I put the following as a standard in order to try to calculate, the production of these panels, A solar panel of 164cm2 x 99cm2 produces, 340 W, 1 Km2, is equal to 1,000,000 mtr.2, 1 mtr.2 has 10,000 cm2, and 1 km2 is equal to 10 000,000 000 cm2, One 164cm2 panel. * 99 cm2. = 16.236 cm2, which is the content per square, then, if 1 km2 contains, 10,000,000,000 cm22, and we divide by 16232 cm2, we will see that 1 km2 contains 615,915 panels that give 340 w per hours of energy, then we will know how much Energy per hour will give us, 1 Km2, which is 209,411,185 W per hour, or 209,411 KW. Per hour, we now know approximately that 1 Km2 produces 209,411 KW per hour , so 16,407,853 km2 * 209,411 is equal to 3,435,984,904,583 Kw . Now, if we are brave, and we are, we can conclude that if the analysis is correct, with the surface of the deserts, current, which do not produce anything, they could produce 3,435,984,904,583 KW per hour.  

              The amount of energy consumed in the world annually is approximately 85 trillion (85,000,000,000,000) kilowatt hours. This is what can be measured, that is, the energy that is bought, sold or traded.

85,000,000,000,000 KW. / 1000 = 85,000,000,000 Mw. / 360 = 232,876,712 Mw. per day, / 24 = 9,703,196 MW per hour

Current consumption 9,703,196 Mw per hour.

1 panel of 164cm2. * 99 cm2. is equal to 16.236 cm2, which is the content per square, so

1 Km2, is equal to 1,000,000 mt2.

1 mtr. 2 has 10,000 cm2

1 km.2 contains, 10,000,000,000 cm22

1 km2 contains 615,915 panels that give 340 watts per hour

1 km2 with 615915 panels at 340w is equal to 209,411,100w or 209,411 KW

1 Km2, which is 209,411,185 w per hour, or 209,411 KW.

1 Km2 produces 209,411 KW per hour

All the deserts of the World

16,407,853 km2

1 Km2 produces 209,411 KW per hour, with the current existing panels

The result will be the following

So with all deserts, multiplied by what gives 1 Km2 is

3,435,984,904,583 KW per hour

3,435,984,904 MW

3,435,984 GW

3,435 TW

At present today they have a consumption of 9,703,196 Mw per hour

With all the deserts in the world 3,435,984,904 Mw

This difference is an outrage, since it is not double or triple, but it is 354 times the completely clean consumption of energy that is currently consumed worldwide.

Now I want to calculate, the green energy that we would have to produce from the current deserts to only cover what is consumed today throughout the world, that is, the current consumption is 9,703,196 Mw, to calculate this we can do, very easily with a rule of three, that is, if we produce 3,435,984,904 Mw with 16,407,853 Km2, then how many Km2 do we need to produce the current consumption of the entire World, which is 9,703,196 Mw, the rule of three says, 16,407,853 * 9,703. 196 = 159,208,613,598,188 / 3,435,984,904 = 46,335 Km2, and this is the result, we have 16,407,853 km2 , a little more than 16 million Km2, but we only need 46,335 Km2 , to cover all energy production in all over the World, and completely green, uncontaminated, and completely free to produce, in addition to the smallest desert in the world, of the 8 deserts that I present here, which is the Chihuahuan Desert, which is in the southern USA, and that according to me it has 362,600 km², but according to Wikipedia, it has 450,000 km2 So we would only need 10% of this desert to cover the energy needs of the whole world, of all deserts, 16,407,853 km2, only 46,335 km2, insignificant, right?

What a shame that humans destroy our environment, enriching some and impoverishing where we live, without anyone raising their voices or revealing themselves, we are blind and ignorant.

All this information that I give here, and that I have endeavored to be as true, reliable as possible, but perhaps not, if it is not, and someone could rectify me, I would very much like to be contacted so that I can amend, and thus put the correct dice, because we are all who have to build a Better World, I am just one more in the link that we all are, and it depends on all of us, how we are going to build our world, which I hope will not the current one, then we have to think differently, and I have no doubt that we will survive.

11 ) Biological Pleasure

It is by all known, from immemorial times, that the person has 5 senses, smell, taste, sight, touch and hearing , but this is not entirely true, because the senses are many things, for example we feel sadness , cold, and countless other things, but I’m not going to get too long because what is involved here is to give the ideas of what I think and then if you want, you can develop that idea, well, let’s leave it as it was but with one more sense that is pleasure, what is pleasure?

Well, what we call today sexual pleasure, which for me this sexual, sounds horrible, then the 5 senses will become 6 senses, smell, taste, sight, touch, hearing and pleasure , I will not speak of the 5 senses, but I am going to do it with the new, the sixth, pleasure and only this, and it is because this has marked a milestone through humanity from its beginning of  existence to our times, which is human conductivity , and the strength of this sense has been impeccable, unbreakable, unalterable, static, and monolithic, the principle of this sense is the survival of the species, and in this aspect, there is no doubt and not much to discuss or study that already We know, but there are countless facets, as with the other senses, that humanity has experienced, said pleasure, since time immemorial, and also until today pleasure, has been a taboo, and humanity has behaved in a way, very stable, monolithic, such as I have already said in the sense of how he has behaved, with the sense of pleasure.

Pleasure turned into sex is responsible for how our society has become, in our society, intolerable, harmful, harmful and dangerous behavior, it has built society in its image and likeness, and this has behaved, a very embarrassing, difficult, difficult, confusing posture, for the proper development of the Society, in addition all the behavior of humans is contaminated, and built on what we call sex, and this has created , what we call Moral , and it is what makes us behave as we do, whether we take one conduct or another, morality will always be responsible for our feelings of guilt, although in reality, the conduct is not punitive , but if Moral, does not allow it, the feeling will be of guilt, and this is what we have to solve, it is not sex that has to build our existence as a society.

Everything that I am going to expose now, may perhaps scandalize, but my intention is not to scandalize, it is, to change our harmful habits for a society where we all meet, in peace, and happiness.

12 ) Social pleasure, influence

¿ What is pleasure?

Every living species has its reproductive system, for its survival as a species, in the animal the reproductive system is built or adapted, with a system, so that the species have more possibilities of reproduction and this is pleasure , and thus it has been for thousands of years, especially for the animal world, in the world of intelligent man has been different, this lasted many thousands of years, today in the so-called Eastern countries, the role of women is not the same as before, but we are still very far from equality, man and woman, but this is not what I want to talk about, pleasure is the sixth sense , and this is closely connected with history, well, as we see the pleasure was restricted, at the individual level , between two people, in intimacy, in solitude, and without an audience, the reproductive parts were called genitalia, they feigned or hid, and so it continues to be, in any case, they were not shown in public, and if so, the person, I was ashamed, so it was When the Taboo was created , for showing the ears, one is not ashamed, right? And I no longer say to do acts that we call sexual that I say of pleasure, in public, right ? All this is conditioned by a culture, and at the same time a Moral, a burden of many, but many thousands of years, and that conditioned us to the current behavior, and as I usually say, I do not want and it is not my intention to deepen and To extend myself with this topic, here I leave it, so that if others believe it is convenient to go deeper, well here it is, it is not about making a life of a coven, or sexual orgies, but on the contrary, downloading sex, and putting it on a level, acceptable that it does not disturb, the normal human behavior.

¿ What about the sixth sense, Pleasure ?, This is fortunately everywhere, the problem is that we have not assimilated, we have not understood, pleasure can not be bad !! But from the beginning of our human intelligence we have confused, distorted, complicated, muddled, falsified, pleasure, as it is possible, that pleasure, behavior, very complicated behaviors, that only fantasy sets the limit, man has distorted, pleasure entangled, because pleasure is a sense more like smell, taste, sight, touch, hearing, and with these, we have not entangled them so much, like pleasure, what the hell has happened with pleasure, and here There is the Taboo, here is also the crux of the matter, we have problems with young people, when at the age of puberty, they want to find a partner, and try pleasure, because they are full of pleasure, they go to the discos they are full of alcohol or perhaps drugs, so, in this way, they are much better prepared for pleasure, if not, they do it this way, it is because they have not been taught, neither by their parents, nor at school how they have to do it, and this way it works today, girls wear fashionable clothes, p rovocative, and painted and arranged to the maximum so that the hunt is effective, this entails many problems, one of them is that it is carried out in a very artificial setting, that the only thing you want is not contact but beauty, and a pleasure, which in my opinion, is fraudulent, it can also contract unwanted consequences, young people should not have problems with pleasure, but being a taboo, then it is, communication between young people is good, but communication Pleasure or Sexual, here there is a distortion, also harmful, because in order to have a sexual relationship, they have, or to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and this is a distorted effect, in addition, unions, for the first time Once, normally they contribute to a ligament, obligation, sentimental, that causes said people to be affected by said behavior, and this is completely unacceptable, communication between young people and non-young people, in addition, that it can lead to behavior of Pl acer, this does not have to involve a sentimental obligation, but a communication between them, and thus, if this entails in the future a prey of behaviors that can take a closer, sentimental relationship, well, much better, here it is, the beneficence communication, I do not want to extend too much with this topic, because it is very extensive, but school education is a very good measure to take and completely necessary, but it is a reality that both contact with youth, so that they They can experience both pleasure and experience how young people fit together to form the present or future within society, this is non-existent today.

First we analyze the sixth sense, pleasure, ¿ what is this? As I have already said, pleasure is the sixth sense, and it has a vital importance, first it is responsible for the survival of the species, and second it is a source of Pleasure, they are two different things, but throughout history it has been united with the result that it is not a sense, but Sex, to everything related to this sense, sexual organ, sexuality, eroticism, even love, pleasure, it is a sense that due to the functionality that has been granted, of procreation, contracts, a particular characteristic that must be taken into account and that also brings us problems, and that is that it is a sense, with a property that is appetizing, if it has been created, pleasure or as sex is called today, It is like appetite, when you have not eaten for a long time, you are hungry, and when you have finished eating, you are no longer hungry, because that is how pleasure behaves.

We have analyzed the source, almost biologically, now we will do it socially, and here it is more complicated, because by influencing the man, and when I say man I naturally include the woman, he or she, it distorts everything to get the best benefit, but The reality has been that he has abused pleasure, has transformed it into something bad, unworthy, has changed the pleasure of sex within society, because he has not understood what pleasure is, and for this he has distorted it , and in this way he has distorted the society in which he lives, today sex is not that it is present in society , the problem is that it is contaminating it, changing it, enhancing it to an undesirable limit, where society is saturated, by this meaning, since who lives in it behaves in a special way, if we see the behavior of people, we will see that the whole society turns and it is about sex, not pleasure, young people, they go after sex, like possessed, women, try to go with v You estimate that in addition to being very uncomfortable, clinging to the body, excessively painted, and wearing high heels, not suitable for walking, and everything to be sexier, families have disintegrated, as you will see below, an industry of pornography, (where I believe that pornography does not have to exist, because it is fraudulent, it has nothing to do with pleasure) , we see rapes, persecutions in short, innumerable sexist actions, in our society, that go against the Pleasure is saturated with sexism, which does not allow us to develop as intelligent people, but it has created a fictional world, where he mistakenly thinks that the construction of said society is wrong.  And I am not going to elaborate, but it is clear that sex, as it is understood today, is a scourge that contaminates, distorts, and harms our most essential principles of coexistence, and has also created something we call Moral , and it is the content of all these distorted, fraudulent, lying and false behaviors.

Pleasure is the same as the other senses, which have been attributed to us, for our survival and for our better development in our environment, it makes it easier for us to coexist in our environment, but when it comes to pleasure we have to know and study it, Since it is a very important sense, the problem we have today is that we are culturally and morally contaminated and it will be very difficult to restructure this behavior, which unfortunately we have had for thousands of years, we behave almost like wild animals.

13 ) The Pleasure Reset, and start over

How can we change these habits, and return pleasure to our society ? Well, we also have to set the Reset Button to “zero”. You have to start an education with parents, an education in school, and an education in society, the reproductive organs or “genitals” are hidden today (it still works, the one with Eva’s apple), and there is no reason For an organ of our body, we feel ashamed, we do not do it with the others, why do we do it with this one? Well, in part it is our culture, and within the culture is morality, and this morality is contaminated and distorted through our values ​​that have other parameters, where it says that pleasure is bad, it is shameful, in circumstances, where it is not. It is with the wife, and it can only be done for reproduction purposes, and our morality has been educated to these values , neither parents nor children have to hide, and neither, the rest of society, of course We have to dress, especially when it is cold, we can have pleasure in many ways, but I will only mention three, one can be intercourse, masturbation, and caresses, all three are very legitimate, and it is a gift, fantastic that Nature has donated us, (among other things (intercourse) for human survival), intercourse, you should use, as long as two people agree, masturbation, is different, because pleasure is not only pleasure. an appetite, and according to need i Individual, it must be used as appropriate, masturbation is necessary, and it must be used, if there is no other way of pleasure, and parents and at school should encourage it, as well as intercourse, it should also be, promote, pleasure is not a bad thing, if not necessary and especially in youth, and also in society, it should be promoted, pleasure, first to decrease appetite to a normal level of relaxation, currently, there is a great load of sexuality, enhancing, glorifying, exalting, by a series of behaviors, daily, that make these sexual loads can modify our behavior in a dangerous way, for this we have to download, in a normal way, and this is remove the tension so that we behave, normally, not like now, and the serious purpose, normalization through Pleasure with intercourse and masturbation, and caresses, because pleasure is a good thing, and very healthy, but for all this we have to change our society to current, which is corrupted, especially by sex. Pleasure is clean, sex, no !, I know, that this can be scandalous, today, but we have to change society, to normalize this incorrectness, or social error, one of the effects of this erroneous sexual behavior, accentuated , emphasized and highlighted, is the lack of means, communication, relationship, and coexistence among the people of society, between how they have to organize themselves, this medium has not existed, because the most interesting thing has been, to achieve, the goal blindly , and then meet the result, here below we will see, the family, before the family had an owner, and this was invariable, unalterable, impassive and sovereign, later, in the last century, society has changed a little, and the family It has changed a lot, here below we see, the current changes in the family.

14 ) Family Groups

    Our society, like all of them, is made up of groups, let’s call them Families, and these can be the following:

1. Classic Family (biparental) The classic family is what we know as a typical family, that is, the family formed by a father, a mother and their children. Societies generally encourage their members to form this type of family.  

2. Single parent family

The single-parent family consists in that only one of the parents takes charge of the family unit, and, therefore, in raising the children. It is usually the mother who stays with the children, although there are also cases in which the children stay with the father. When only one parent takes care of the family, it can become a very big burden, which is why they often require help from other close relatives, such as the children’s grandparents. The causes of the formation of this type of family can be a divorce, being a premature mother, widowhood, etc.  

3. Adoptive family

This type of family, the adoptive family, refers to the parents who adopt a child. Although they are not the biological parents, they can play a great role as educators, equivalent to that of the biological parents in all respects. 

4. Family without children

This type of family, families without children, are characterized by not having descendants. Sometimes the parents’ inability to procreate leads them to adopt a child. In any case, we can perfectly imagine a family unit in which, for one reason or another, they have not wanted or been able to have children. Do not forget that what defines a family is not the presence or absence of children. 

5. Family of separated parents

In this type of family, which we can call a family of separated parents, the parents have separated after a crisis in their relationship. Although they refuse to live together, they must continue to fulfill their duties as parents. Unlike single-parent parents, in which one parent carries the entire burden of raising the child on their shoulders, separated parents share functions, although the mother is, in most cases, the one who lives with the child .   

6. Composite family

This family, the composite family, is characterized by being composed of several classic families. The most common cause is that other families have been formed after the breakup of a couple, and the son, in addition to living with his mother and his partner, also has the family of his father and his partner, being able to have stepbrothers.  

It is a more common type of family in rural settings than in urban settings, especially in contexts where there is poverty.

7. Homo parental family

This type of family, homo parental, is characterized by having two homosexual parents (or mothers) who adopt a child. There may also be homo parental families made up of two mothers, obviously. Although this possibility raises a wide social debate, studies have shown that the children of homosexual fathers or mothers have normal psychological and emotional development, as this APA report explains .   

8. Extended family

This type of family, the extended family, is characterized by the fact that the children are raised by different relatives or several family members (parents, cousins, grandparents, etc.) live in the same house. If you’ve ever seen the famous series “The Prince of Bel Air”, you can see how Will lives in his uncle’s house, who takes on the role of his uncle’s father. It can also happen that one of the children has their own child and they all live under the same roof, why do I mention and classify the family classes ? Well, so that we can see the process that the family has had through the ages, the family, understood as family, no longer exists, now other types of families have developed, and surely this does not end here.  

15 ) Conclusion

We will have to do a reset, in our mentality and in our way of living, and start from scratch, and this is almost impossible, but the direction is this, and it is already set, there is no going back, we must start from scratch, and It is difficult, very difficult, because the 4 Norms , which before were 10 and later only , and now only 1 , involve such a radical change in the behavior of Humanity , which requires a superhuman effort, which cannot be done in a short period of time, as well as some of the difficulties, which are those of co nvencer people of this planet, change the course of which they are accustomed, at least people who are disadvantaged, social-economic, convince these people that they have to feed 24 million people who die of hunger every year, and that they also have to provide, supply, supply, 850 million people in the world who go to sleep on their stomachs. empty, and that worldwide, it has to be leveled, to so that there are not these unevenness, which make humans wild beasts , unscrupulous, with wars, killing others, destroying the system where he lives, only to profit for himself , without any feeling of love towards others, but on the contrary, and as I have said, this is the main problem for this project to be satisfactory or successful , but if we don’t get it, it will be the same, if we don’t get it, we will destroy the Planet, and if we don’t do it nothing and we continue as now, too, then there is only one way, it is the ” You will love your Environment above all things”, everything else is the annihilation of the Planet.

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