What is the Universe?


If we ever look at the sky during the day, maybe we can see the clouds if there are any, if there are no clouds, we will see the sun, and if it is night, we will see the moon or the planets and at the end we can see the stars and maybe a galaxy like ours and here is the end of our Universe, with our own eyes, if we use modern equipment we can see a little more, but not much more, to begin with I would like to present a very interesting video, because it can give a different perspective, of what we understand as Universe.


What we see, is that, the Universe? Well, it seems so, but here the question does not end, but it begins here, because the Universe is everything, what we see and what we do not see, according to some very clever gentlemen say that the beginning of the Universe, occurred with the famous big-bang and that the expansive explosion is still developing, that is, that every day the universe becomes bigger, how long will this last, because I don’t know, and for these scientists the universe is the big-bang, and here it is It ends everything, but this does not satisfy me, it seems a theory to me incomplete, it is like looking at the sky on a cloudy day and saying that the stars do not exist because we do not see them, or because the devices we have cannot see them either, no Could there be 2 bigs-bangs or 3 or a thousand or millions or trillions of bigs-bangs in the Universe? For me, I think we have to distinguish, we can say (but it is not true) that there are two Universes, the organic and the one that is not organic , namely the organic would be as the same word itself says organic with all its organic fullness, electromagnetic like matter, light, heat, gas, etc. etc. This yes that is limited, although it is expanding and every day bigger, this I say that it is limited because it can be measured, the other Universe, the one that is not organic, this is the nothing, and what there is nothing cannot be measure, it is Eternal and this implies that it is infinite, and since there is nothing, no space, no time, then it cannot be measured, and this characteristic is typical of the universe, which is an absolute universe? the absolute universe is nothing! there where the organic universe ends, there where the stars are and where something organic like a stone or a person or something you can measure can arrive this is the organic universe, there where there is nothing, there is no space and where there is no space there is no time, if there is nothing you cannot measure anything, and if you cannot measure anything, it is the absolute universe , there where the organic universe ends , there is where the absolute universe begins , as you can see, that’s why I said that it was not true that there are two Universes, there is only one !! and that is the organic that is within the absolute Universe, it is like an eternally large box (when saying this, the “eternally large box” already limits it to not being eternally large) but when we talk about these things, it is all very complicated, but I look to do the simplest thing so that it is understood, what I mean is that the Universe is a everything that is with us and outside of us and within us, as with the previous video there is no limit to travel outside the Universe outside, and also not inside us, we would never find a barrier or a sign that says “end of the universe” , when the planets end the stars the galaxies that is the organic universe, the other part of the universe will come, and this one will it is the universe that all the small universes are in, this Absolute Universe , it is the Infinite , Eternal Universe , the others are finite and limited, and although the organic universe is the most interesting, because it is the one that we we live, and it is our life, but this is very small, imagine a universe like ours and you travel with a utopian airplane that can travel 1 million times faster than the speed of light, and after many millions of years you come to the end of our big-bang, there where the big-bang is very far away, and you hardly see it, and there is a lot of darkness, and a little more of your utopian journey, there comes a time when the darkness is complete, now you are in the Absolute Universe , you could travel there millions and millions of light years, without finding anything or perhaps finding another big-bang, and so eternally, it is rare when we talk about the organic and absolute universe, we say that in an organic universe it is a universe that can be measured because there is space and not at all. The Organic Universe that we live is approximately 13,761 and 13,835 million years old , it seems that as in the organic there is life and not at all, in our house in the organic, there is space and time, so we can measure but it is something objective, because for a dead person the state is no longer organic if not absolute, but anyway, although time for others continues to run, I explain, with the absolute there is nothing, space, time, or nothing, but With that example I was saying earlier about the trip through the absolute Universe, which is a utopia and is absurd and unrealizable, if we had a watch we could measure time, although the vehicle would not move, because in addition to being a dark night there would be nothing at all , neither space nor time                   

This gives a lot to think about, right?

Enric Giné I Orengo

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