Mental Trance of Consciousness

This title, Mental Trance of Consciousness, is a term I use to explain, a process that is a little difficult to describe what I really mean by this term, but I will try to explain it as best I can, as you will see, that you may find it interesting.

Perhaps you have already experienced this experience, throughout your life, but if not, try it, if you are alone and in silence, comfortable, calm, you can, close your eyes, and you can feel many sensations, inside your body, for example, your heart, how it beats, the lungs, how they widen, taking the air out, and taking the air in, over and over again, without you doing anything, all automatically, it is said by reflex, your body does it automatically, without your consent, if you have patience, and listen well, you can also feel many other sensations, that you would never have heard before, but you have to be patient and use some time, if you work a lot, with what I call Mental Trance of Consciousness, you will discover many things, like that it is Consciousness that moves our body, if you have emphasis, and patience, you will be able to feel your whole body in this way, and to listen to it, and you can do many other things, if you concentrate enough, with what I call, Mental Trance of Consciousness, which is really a deep meditation, which I call consciousness, and this is when you are deeply in Trance, listening to your body, in these circumstances it can do many things, like accelerate your heart, take a headache away, increase the temperature, for example, of your hands, if you have cold hands, and many things more, etc. etc.

I want to give some examples to explain what the Consciousness is, it is what makes the body do what the Consciousness commands it to do, it is not a reflex to raise your hand, this happens only when you want it to, just like closing your eyes, walking, etc. What happens? You can say or do whatever you want, but it will be your consciousness, which will be you, and which will do what you want, it will always be your Consciousness, which will make you behave as you want.

And this involves many other theories, who is in charge? who’s in charge of the heart beating, and how fast does it have to go? Well, it’s a reflex that the heart beats, isn’t it? And how fast it goes is controlled by the lack of oxygen, if you run, your heart needs more oxygen and so on. But this analysis is already described, in science, and let’s go back to who is in charge of the heart? If it is the heart, or the other parts of the body, that behave as they do, this is the essence of it all.

And here we enter Quantum physics, what is an atom? Everybody knows what it is, right, well more or less, an atom, it can be either very small or very big, with quantum it is very big, it is according to the level that one observes it, there are atoms of hydrogen and others of Oxygen and etc…, but these are not in command in our body, these are full of electrical vibrations, these exist but they are not intelligent, in our body there are many other interesting things, like molecules, and these are already more complicated, because inside them there are more atoms, and there can be a combination, which can make a DNA molecule, and this is very interesting, because it has an intelligent way of behaving, and it has a very important role in the behaviour of our body and of our Planet, but we are the one who is in command of our body.

But why are we people and completely different from others? Who tells you, and to whom, that when there is a lack of oxygen, so that the heart beats faster?

I will describe an example, what happens when you see a brick falling on your head and you have time to see it, first as a reflex, which is not a reflex, it is consciousness, you will duck, because you have no more time than that, to avoid the fatal outcome, then your body and your muscles will tense up, what happens in your head, in your consciousness, in your body, in your body, in less than milliseconds, what happens is that a device is put in a state of alert to protect you, in your head, rather, in your consciousness, it sends an alert signal to different sections of your body, In less than milliseconds, what happens is that a device is put in a state of alert to protect you, in your head, or rather, in your conscience, it sends a warning signal to different sections of your body, one for example, the conscience sends a signal to the kidneys, so that they are prepared to send protection to all the cells of the body, which are billions, and it has to be in the moment, in a fraction of milliseconds, and this is received in the kidneys and they send an exact quantity of adrenaline, neither stronger nor weaker, the exact quantity that the conscience has sent it, and that it, the conscience has evaluated according to the seriousness of the situation, and in addition to this execution, it does many more operations, and with tenths of seconds, like protecting yourself with your hands, over your head, because of the impact that you will suffer if you don’t do it, if you carry a more forceful object in your hands, there would be a few more choices, which tool would be the best to protect you, because your hands are not very forceful either, and also, your conscience has to choose between your hands or your head, but it always makes the best choice, without any doubt, without any mistake, besides all this, there are millions of operations that the conscience makes, only in a millisecond, and it is for example, the acceleration of the heart, how fast the heart has to go, the whole body receives an alert of information that must be executed, and that it has to send to your body to be able to fight the aggression, besides all this there is a connection, also chemical, how all the molecules have to talk and send, receive, or share all the information to all the atoms, molecules, of the whole body, and there are billions, and this will be done under the orders of the Consciousness, which is in command of our body, our body is very, but very selfish, it protects us and wants the best for itself, it does it, without any doubt.

I have talked a lot about consciousness, but what is consciousness? this is what I define as “The Mental Trance of Consciousness”, and what is it? Well it’s perhaps not exactly this, but I could argue it a little bit, what in religion we call it, the “Soul” when you are alive you are Conscious, and when you are dead you are not, when you are alive you have Consciousness, and when you die you are no longer Conscious, it’s like this belief, that in religion we have of the Soul, it’s gone out of your body, and you no longer have consciousness as an individual, you are now matter, but we have to be aware not to confuse the Soul, as a religious or divine element, because for me it is not, it is a synonym of Consciousness, and it is here that I would like you to see the difference, Consciousness decides, how your body behaves, from the time you are born, until your death.

          Now, we will soon see a difference between Consciousness and Reflex, what is one and what is the other?

          If you have to get up from the chair, and you say “I get up from the chair”, not because you say so, but because you want to do it, and only then will you get up, when you want to do it, when your Consciousness commands it, and this is what makes you get up, it is your Consciousness at the exact moment that you want it, if you want to walk, you will walk not when you say so, only when your Consciousness commands it, and absolutely it will be the Consciousness that will take the first step, but be careful, now comes the most interesting part, and that is that after the order of the Consciousness to send the first step, the Consciousness withdraws, takes a step back, and stays in the background, so that the Autopilot, is set in motion, and it will be this that will make you continue walking to the place of destination, without the Consciousness being aware of the awareness of each step, this is done by the Autopilot, or call it Reflex, as you want, as long as there is no obstacle that prevents it, if so the Consciousness would take the command again.

          As we can see, our body and the Universe is the same thing, because we are inside it, and it is of a very ingenious, intelligent, fantastic and indescribable complexity, that for us humans, makes us very difficult to understand, how the whole Universe works, as atoms, protons, neutrons, which are always in motion, colliding with each other, causing, destruction and death, because when some die there are others born, and others that unfold are quadrupled, and etc.. until the desired objective is formed, and this is how we live, and to try to understand, the composition of life and death and of the living and of everything that surrounds us, is a very difficult task, I do not believe that someday we will be able to know it, because life and death is a mystery, the cells die and reproduce every second, in the base of life, electrons, as well as people, animals, plants, in short everything, We are created in the image and likeness of what surrounds us in the Universe, we have two very important characteristics, one is the Consciousness, and the other, what we call, Reflexes, which is the Autopilot that are very similar but have different purposes, but it is the Consciousness that has the command, and within it is the Reflex.

Enric Giné I Orengo

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