Political prisoners and exiles


If we say we have political prisoners, in Madrid they say it is not true, they say we have politicians in prison, but, the politicians in Madrid do not see, or do not want to see, that the people who are in prison are democratically elected politicians, that the only thing our politicians have done is to stand up for the people who elected them, for a political idea, if Madrid sees that this is a crime, then it should ban all political movements, if it does not do so, they are legitimising all the parties PP, Cs or PSOE or any other political party that has stood in the elections, they are all the same, the only thing that differentiates them is ideology, if this is not banned, then all politicians are legitimate and cannot be put in prison, precisely because of their ideology, because they have been elected for their ideology, because they have been elected for their ideology, because they have been elected for their ideology, because of their ideology, because they have been elected by the people, to be able to develop their political ideology to be able to carry it to terms, which is also the purpose in democracy to elect the party that one wants, one of my arguments is that these people who are in prison, have not done any crime, even though with the eyes of the constitution, since the Republic was declared, and it was automatically annulled, a few seconds later then there was no conflict or break with the Sacred Unity of the Homeland, one can perhaps speak of provocation, but not of crime, since things, continued the same and having been able to change the jurisdiction, because it is the highest institution, and that is the Parliament, and voted in favour of proclaiming a Catalan Republic, but that it did not, and everything remained the same …..this of the yellow ribbons, is the same as what I have just written right now, there are some people who do not see it clearly and take out, from the places where the yellow ribbons that we, the independents, have put, in a public place and that they should understand, and respect, and that it is a demonstration of a political expression, but they consider it to be an anti-democratic proposal, the constitutionalists must understand that it is the majority that has decided it, we would agree if it were the opposite, I believe that, when there is a group that is removing the ribbons, it is a provocation, and a dialogue should be sought “like the one I am doing here with this reflection or analysis” and try to find a point of understanding, I don’t think that dialogue is too difficult, they say that people understand each other by talking, I hope this is so, and the difference between a dictatorship and a democracy is precisely to be able to express one’s ideology publicly, it is a right, to use all public spaces, not private ones, and if we cannot use public spaces, then we will not have freedom, neither of expression, nor of anything, and this is called Dictatorship.

                     The other day, I was walking down the street, a man stopped me and asked me why I was wearing a yellow ribbon, I told him that it was because some people who had the same political ideas as me, and who represented me in Parliament, were in prison, and that I found it very unfair that they were in prison and I was not, when we had the same political ideas, so I and many other people supported them in this way and showed our disagreement with this injustice, I also told him that he should give him support so that, if one day, his deputies elected by the people, were to go to jail, we would come to support him, and if we had to wear a yellow ribbon, we would wear it, this is called democracy, besides when a person commits a crime, as for example they have done and more than 2 million people too, to go and vote for people who represent us, they have to go to prison, don’t they? well some of them are already there and the others more than 2 million, no? what do the Spanish judges do, They can’t do their job? they can’t do it? they can’t put more than 2 million people in prison, a judge has to judge the good from the bad, what is a crime from what is not a crime, and they don’t do it, what do these judges do? they only put a few people in prison to punish the Catalans, shame on judges, these judges can’t put more than 2 million Catalans in prison, ha … ha … ha … ha … of course not!!!!! A judge cannot put a whole nation, a culture, a people in prison, this man, surprised by my explanation, left without saying anything to me, I don’t know if he understood what I said or not, or if he took me for a fool.

Enric Giné I Orengo

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