Catalan-Spanish Political Strategy

1) Catalan-Spanish History

First Spanish Flag 1785 Catalan 1050   

First Spanish Parliament 1785, Catalan Parliament 1192  

First Spanish President 1823, Catalan 1359  

First Spanish Constitution 1812, Catalan 1283  

2) Spain is an Entelechy, it exists yes, because we see it, but it is an invention, the closest thing that can be seen is the word Hispania, which has nothing to do …… Spain has no language of its own and it has solidified itself with cultures and countries that did not belong to it, but which it has acquired through wars, violence and conquests, for example, South America, Central America, part of North America, the Philippines, the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Galicia, the Basque Country, Catalonia, Valencia, Ceuta and Melilla.                  

3) Continuing with Spain, the Spanish idiosyncrasy is conquering, domineering and with a clear Conquistador tinge, with a lot of experience of command, because that is what it has always done, it is the ability that when you have the command and you have all the control apparatus, you perfect it and you enforce what you want.              

4) For thousands of years, the apparatus of command, has worked perfectly, always the same, has not moved an inch, the first monarchy, which is known, was the 660 years BC and was Jinmu, then the Romans, and so to our times, everything remains the same, First the kings, then feudalism, then various strata of government, but totally equal, as well as today, as Socialism, Communism, capitalism, Democracy, the Kings, had the vassals, the army, the judiciary, and all forms of repression, against the people, Feudalism, made concessions, but with the condition of not weakening the apparatus of power, and so it has continued, until our times, the apparatus of state power, are the same, are untouchable, governments, armies, institutions, Justice, (judges), education, in short everything, including society, which has had the weight of the Empire under it.                    

5) The role of Spain, is complicated, because first as an old Empire, and second as a Dictatorship and it has never broken, with this phase of its relatively short but active history, and this has been and is the problem, and its very, inhabitants strongly believe with “the Unity of the Fatherland”, “The Greatness of Spain”, and that is above everything !!!, In Spain you can do everything, and when I say everything, I mean everything !!!, Acts of corruption, criminal etc…. but as long as it is in the name of, or, for “La Unidad de la Patria”, with that everything is allowed, and the king, the government, the army, the judges, and the whole apparatus, have done it, do it and will do it, and that is why, we have politicians in exile or in jail, not for having committed a crime, since (because the Independence was annulled and was not effective) but for some political ideas, perhaps, it would have been more polemic, How can it be that a person of fascist, Francoist, Falangist, or ultra-right-wing tendencies can carry out acts that are not legal, and a Republican, pro-independence person or rapper cannot do so, how can the judges make such a difference, well, once again, “the Unity of the Homeland”.

6) On the other hand, going deeper, with “The Unity of the Fatherland”, what is this? well this is “I command and you obey”, and, moreover, you pay me because I am the one who commands and you do what I say! and this is called “The Unity of the Fatherland”, whether in the time of kings, of feudalism, or of democracy and Etc.         

7) Spain has some difficult problems to solve if it wants to continue being Spain, and they are the nationalities that really constitute Spain, but of course, this would be from another perspective, since the Spain we know is an entelechy, but, if we wanted to, we could try to make a confederation, without headquarters in Madrid, where each country and culture would be equal, and each culture would govern itself independently, and culturally independent, language independent, but I don’t want to go into this now, I will do it another time, but it is clear that the departure of Catalonia would be a hard blow for the economy of Spain, and they know that, and they also know that Spain cannot survive without Catalonia, and especially now.               

8) Another impact that makes the Spaniards suffer a lot is the departure of Catalonia, it would give strength to the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Basque Country, Valencia, Galicia, Ceuta and Melilla, to do the same, what would Spain do without all of them, nothing? And this is what makes them not be able to sleep at night, but this happens because they have been a big and powerful Empire, all empires have been losing their colonies and have reached the beginning where they were, USA and the United Kingdom, are already in a crisis that is worsening and will worsen with the passage of time, it is a matter of time.

9) In relation to the Catalan-Spanish political situation, we, the Catalan citizens, complicate our lives a lot, unfortunately we continue as always, that’s why we have been where we are for more than 300 years, we are clever, to talk, to complain, and also to do nothing.    

10) Catalonia has existed since 1990, it has a culture, its own language, dance, traditions, customs, gastronomy, but globalisation, immigration, as in the years 1950 to 1960, there was a very strong immigration in Catalonia, with the result that the Catalans and the Catalan culture was very strongly reduced, well sociologists say that controlled immigration can even be good, always within a maximum limit of 12.5%, here it arrived with 46%, and that is not good for a culture.                             

11) In the former Yugoslavia, something similar happened in Kosovo, which were Serbs, but had a very strong immigration from Albania, which was fatal, and that reached 96% where the Serbs were 4%, this led to the Albanians of Kosovo democratically declared the Independence of Kosovo, a parallel that could happen, and really is happening, and it is seen that the interests of the Catalans are different from those who do not feel Catalan, in Catalonia. 

             12) Neither Spain, nor the Spaniards will give their confirmation for a secession, neither for Catalonia nor for any other Community, and even more so for one like the Catalan one that would bring them very favourable economic benefits, there are 99.9% of Spaniards who do not even want to hear about this subject, “the Unity of the Homeland” again, not even a secession, not even a referendum, only 34% of the socialists would let us have a referendum.            

13) One argument, which they do not believe but which they always gesticulate is that, in the Holy Constitution, it does not allow it, and moreover it was signed by all the democratic parties after the Franco dictatorship, among them the Catalans, who now want to leave.          

14) I would also like to say, as many have already said, that the transition was a problem, it was not a transition, it was a continuation, a Francoist continuation, and the Holy Constitution was controlled by one part of the army, and the upper echelons of power, which later became clear, by the other part of the army with the coup d’état.                

15) Another of the problems of those times, which still persists today, is that they wanted to create a democracy, without democrats, and this is a bit difficult in a country that says “I do this because it comes out of my balls”, pure democracy.      

16 ) All Spanish political parties are exactly the same, whether they are called Socialists, PP, Vox or even Podemos, and it is clear that there can be no dialogue, so that, both the leaders and a very important part of Spain, do not understand, the problem, part because as much as the education they have received at school, as the media, as in the whole Spanish society, they have not been explained or taught the History, of Spain, there is only “The Unity of the Homeland “, and this ” GEN ” is deep inside the Spaniards.               

17) on 01 October 2017, after the Referendum, the President of Parliament declared the Independence of Catalonia, but after a few seconds, he annulled it, that is to say that the declaration was not effective, this entailed, in spite of everything, prison sentences and exile for some people, who despite the fact that the declaration of Independence had been declared and annulled, for something that formally had not taken place, since it had been annulled, other civil leaders are sentenced to more than 10 years in prison for being the leaders of a civil cultural organisation, such as Ómnium cultural and ANC, where they did not commit any crime, which has never been seen before in Europe.

18) We have the politicians that we have elected democratically, and now they are in exile or in prison, for only representing us, as it is done in any democratic country, here you can present in the Parliament, any person with the political ideas that you want, but nothing more …… if you want to execute these ideas by a majority in the Parliament, you cannot, that is why our representatives, are exiled and, or, in prison only them, but we, the people, no!!!! Those of us who voted for them, who are the only ones responsible, we are not penalised !!!, of course they cannot put a whole people in prison.

The Country with the name of Spain, is not a country, it is a scam, as I said before, it is an Entelechy, with all the rules, it is not a country, but it is taken over by several nationalities, it does not have its own language, because it is Spanish, and Spanish does not exist, and moreover it is a dictatorial country, and central, everything is directed from Madrid, although they say that there are autonomies, it is not democratic, everything is directed by “the Unity of the Homeland” and because of a democratic reality, such as going to vote on 1 October 2017, Spain blames only the civil and political leaders who had participated, condemned them as Sedition, but of course only, the leaders, they could not do it with those who actually went to vote, these were satisfied with the punishment of beatings, they were almost 1.000 wounded, and this with a Spain that claims to be democratic, but as I said, the leaders, some in exile and the others in jail, and then sentenced to prison for more than 10 years, but again, the people who were the ones who made the Sedition, nothing at all, beatings, but not judicially condemned, only the leaders, punished, because as they cannot condemn the whole country, it is a warning, of a Justice, that cannot be tolerated by any side, again “The Unity of the Homeland”.

19) The consequence of the Sedition conviction has caused, first, nervousness in Spain and in Catalonia, in Spain, this nervousness is absolutely out of control, the government wants to give a pardon, because they believe that this will put an end to independence, it is clear that they believe that the Catalans did something that was not very good, and if a pardon is given now, we will be very grateful, and we will not do it again, the government does not want revenge, they say…… the opposition is against, they do not want the pardon, they believe (as do 63% of the socialists), that the pardon should not be given, and this means that, if the Catalan Parliament, which now has a majority for Independence, wants to proclaim Independence and the Catalan Republican, they cannot do it, in a democratic way.

20) The Catalan nervousness also exists, on the one hand, the Catalans having a majority, the Parliament, we are not united at all, time is used only with lamentations, discussions that lead nowhere, and this has been done for more than 300 years, solutions in the form of strategies to follow, none, not one, and this makes the so-called Spain even stronger, because they see that repression works very well, and they will continue to do so, until of course, it stops working, the Pardon and Amnesty, it does not fix anything, nothing but humiliation, giving it, we would be at the same starting point as on October 1st, it is only possible to restore our Country once again for all.

21) On 23 August 1833, the (Slavery Abolition Act) was passed in the United States. In 1931 was the law that gave women to be able to vote for the first time in Spain, On 5 July 2010 the Abortion Law came into force.

22) There are many laws that come into force throughout history, but I only want to say three, First the law that abolished black slavery in the USA, Second, law that gives equality in society to women, equality or right to vote, and the Third, the law of abortion, well before these events, which were illegal, What I mean by this is that something that was illegal before, then after a while, it can become legal, that is to say that legality or illegality is very relative, you have to be illegal and fight to make it legal, and this has to be analysed very well. 

23) What is a culture? If we look around us, we will see it very clearly, we don’t have to go very far, because a culture can be within a specific geography, or a language, gastronomy, music, dance, clothing, customs, etc. In what is called Spain, there are many cultures, some that are and have already been considered as countries, such as Catalonia, the Basque Country, Galicia, Valencia, the Balearic Islands, to name but a few countries, and so we will see once again that Spain does not exist, there is nothing called Spain, but there is a Castilian culture, which is Castile, and which speaks Castilian, but not Espanyol.           

24) In Catalonia there are two governments, one internal, the Generalidad de Cataluña, and the other in exile, “El Consejo por La República Catalana”. The former is very much subject to and bound by the jurisdiction of the Spanish government and justice, and the latter is completely free to do as it sees fit without any obstacle to its execution.

25) What solution do the Catalans have to assume national sovereignty again? On the one hand, First the so called Spaniards have still, the ability to command over the Catalans, because we also in the so-called period of “Continuation ” signed what in those times could only be signed, there was no other possibility, but now there to the Sacred Spanish Constitution, on the other hand, the so-called Spain, cannot do without Catalonia, no longer only economically speaking !The Constitution is based on the indissoluble unity of the Spanish Nation, common and indivisible homeland of all Spaniards, and recognizes and guarantees the right to autonomy of the nationalities and regions that make it up and the solidarity between all of them. This Article 2 of the Constitution, has been copied directly from BOE. and is above all, on the other hand, the Third, like any empire, the secession of a colony, leads to the collapse of the entire empire, and on the other hand Fourth and last, the mentality of the so-called Spaniards, is that Catalonia is Spain, and can neither dialogue nor anything else, only obedience to the State, hence the importance of “the Unity of the Homeland” is in the 2 Article of the Constitution.                                           

26) Can the European Union give a solution to the problem? The EU must support its partners, which are 28 and help them, then the EU will always support Spain, and its 27 other partners, moreover most of its partners are conservatives, liberals and socialists, exactly like their Spanish colleagues, here it is bad for the Catalans, but in the EU, there is also a court of justice, just like in the so-called Spain, and that is the difference, because it is not so contaminated by the “Unity of the Fatherland” and that makes a difference.

27) What can be done under these circumstances, when the speaker you have to speak is completely closed, and the dialogue is difficult, it is here where the Catalans have a problem, if Spain does not give permission, and non-obedience is a crime, we will always be repressed, and it is here where all Catalans, but all, left, middle and right, ¡¡¡¡es where we should speak and how we should do things!!!! What strategies should be done? And how can we get out of this bad dream we have been suffering for more than 300 years, do we want to continue like this, do we want to annihilate our language, our culture, as they very wisely have already done with many other cultures, especially in America, and they still have not asked for forgiveness, but on the contrary they are proud of having stolen their culture and having imposed La Española, we will wait passively for the same to happen with us, we already know how the Empire acts…..

28) And what do we Catalans have to talk about? We can only look for strategies to get out, the dialogue with the state is already exhausted, they themselves say that neither Independence, nor a referendum, will never be done in Spain, then we have to do as it was done with the right of abortion, or the right of women or the poor little blacks, if not, we will have to wait for repression, or no right, and no freedom to do what the people want, continue, they are illegal, be in repression, domination and more humiliation, no freedom, and annihilation of our culture, with these premises we must free ourselves from the repressor, who seems not to have enough with more than 300 years and who wants to continue doing it.

29) It seems that we have a tool that we should try to exploit and it is “The Council for the Catalan Republic” we will call it “CC* LR”, and this is our government in exile, this means outside the influence of the repressor, and this is a very good thing, the “C C* LR”, it does not work too well now, but we have to make it work, and work perfectly, we have almost 100,000 members, but it works very slowly. We have almost 100,000 members, but it is working very slowly, we have not received the identity cards yet, but we hope that it will work well, and that everything will go well very soon, the “CC* LR” is a tool that we must prioritise, because on the one hand it gives very valuable information that we would not have without it, and the other is that we have to use it as a platform, in the immediate future, for proclaiming the Republic, another thing we should do now, would be to take out the annulment of when the Republic was proclaimed, so that the Independence of Catalonia and the Catalan Republic would come into force, and in this way, now yes, do it and, deserving of the crime, that they put us, when they annulled the declaration of Independence, now they could at least condemn us for an activity that if we had done, this is the proclamation of Independence and the Catalan Republic, it would be a beginning, where the citizenship could follow it, it would be, a new era that should be led by “CC * LR”, from here it should be the tool, that the Catalans would have to follow, just as I don’t know if you remember the Democratic Tsunami, that set the guideline to follow, well our “CC * LR”, should be the same, there should be a direction that the people should follow for their liberation. 

30) The “CC* LR”, has to reform, and take another structure different from the current one, now it is very symbolic, and does a very good job, especially informative, a work that is essential and very valuable, but in addition to all this, it should be formed as a platform of effective government, with capacity of government for the Catalan people, that is a government in exile, where the Generalitat, should govern, at the same or approximately as it does today, here inside Catalonia, but the “CC* LR”, should only lead politically, outside Catalonia, outside the Spanish influence, and follow, we Catalans, attentively, all the movements that we should make for our liberation, and where at all times, all Catalans, should follow with military discipline, not with weapons and not with violence, but with obedience and discipline.                           

Enric Giné I Orengo

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