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First of all, I want to say that I was born in Barcelona, in the Sant Gervasi neighborhood, on Carrer de Sant Elies, and baptized in Barcelona Cathedral. Vaig anar a l’escola Maristes de Mataró com intern, i només vaig aprendre castellà, ja que el català estava prohibit. We went to mass every day, and we sang ” El cara al Sol ” every morning. I was at this school for about twelve years, then I went to military service, and later I went to Mallorca to work as a musician and lived there for more than ten years. There, I fully integrated and learned Mallorcan, not written, but spoken, and in 1973, I went to live in Denmark, where I also integrated into Nordic society. There I learned Danish, and I lived in Denmark until 04-06-2004, when I returned to Catalonia and went to live in Tossa de Mar.

This Book is compilations of my life through time, perhaps they are modernized, but most of the reflections originate in my youth, then as middle age, and finally in an advanced age. These are reasonings that you can agree with, or not, however it is always good to have other ideas or thoughts from other people who think differently from yourself., Always since my childhood I have had a very intelligent life. intellectually, I have always had an eagerness, almost a phobia, perhaps a disease, to know the why of things, about life, and so it was this eagerness to explore that my first watch from my first communion, which was given to me by the my parents, it only lasted ½ hour before I took it apart. I was a problem for my parents well into my youth, until I went to live in Denmark.

There I continued with the search for a life identity, and the why of things and why we are in this world, and where we come from, and where we are going. I really like to define things, but life taught me that when you know more, you know less, we can only open our eyes, and see what we have on the side, look at the stars, and see that behind the stars something that is incomprehensible to us begins. If we don’t understand the person in the band, how can we understand what’s behind the stars?

More than understanding the people close to us, that this is very important, but in addition to understanding, we must love them, as if we were ourselves, because if we look inside our body we will see that there is a balance of cells, further inside we will see the electrons and protons that are also dancing and with balance, if we look outside our body we will see the same, the earth and planets in the solar system, all dancing and with balance. You cannot remove one piece of this gear, because if we did, the whole system would fall. It is the balance that makes life, just like the cells of our body that have to live with those next to them. That’s why we have to love them, as with the people we have next to us, just like the cells or planets that dance together. If not, it cannot survive, we would break the pure balance, and with it life. The subjects that I deal with in this book are very varied, some of them can be classified as metaphysical or philosophical or even ethical, because it is a description that I make of my life and our life, of the world we live in, of our universe There are many unknowns, it is very complex, and difficult to describe, to explain, but I have done what I could to be able to communicate with you, so that you can understand what I think, and what I consider I would like that you share with me, and that I hope so. There are 30 Chapters and 8 more, which are political, and one which is about music, since I have been and am a musician, and I have composed 7 songs, 5 have been composed for my Country that I love, and the last 2 are in part the reason why I write this Book, the content, that is Let’s Love each other , and Wake up, Brothers , is and has been the philosophy of my life. Without love we cannot survive, and with love we are and will be, not happier, but very happy.

As you will see, I start with reasoning that some of these are and I had when I was very young and it brought me some serious metaphysical and psychic problems that I have not been able to overcome until well past a majority of years. Among them was the problem of eternity, but I have to start and prioritize a topic or an analysis, and a very essential one is where we live, then I will start with ” Analysis for a better world “.

Who are we? Where do we come from and where are we going? Here I make an analysis of who we are in relation to the environment and the Universe that surrounds us. Please, the society I analyze and say how it should be is an unrealizable strategy , a Utopia, because it cannot be done overnight, ” it is a direction ” , this must be well present, from from the beginning of the Book to the end . This is why communism failed, among others, because you cannot change a country or a culture with a coup or a war. Wars and coups change regimes, not people or culture. From Francoism to democracy nothing changed, it was a continuation, it went from a dictatorship to a democracy, without democrats. This is done in schools and takes a lot of time, and it’s the same as my project, it changes mindsets, with realities, and if you read the book, you’ll see what I mean, whether you agree or not is already a something else, but what I have written is the only way to save our Planet and live in peace with our brothers of humanity. Every day it is said in the media that the climate is at its worst, I think that we are also destroying the Planet. We help the Planet and we will help ourselves, since we are the ones who live on it.

Enric Giné and Orengo

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