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                          First of all I want to say that I was born in Barcelona, in the district of Sant Gervasi, in the street of San Elías, and baptized in the Cathedral of Barcelona, I went to the Maristas school in Mataró as a boarder, and I only learned Spanish, since Catalan was forbidden, we went to mass every day, and we sang the “Cara al Sol” every morning, I was in this school for about 12 years, then I went to the military service, and then I went to Majorca to work as a musician and I lived there for more than 10 years, there, I integrated completely and I learned the language, Majorcan, not written, but spoken, and in 1973, I went to live in Denmark, where I also integrated in the Nordic society, there I learned Danish, and I lived in Denmark until 04-06-2004, where I returned to Catalonia and I went to live in Tossa de Mar.

                                                            This blog, are compilations of my life through time, maybe they are modernized, but most of reflections have origin in my youth, then as middle age, and finally in an advanced age, are reasonings that you can agree, or not, but it is always good to have other ideas or thoughts, of other people who think differently from oneself, always since my childhood I have had a very intellectual life, I have always had an eagerness, almost a phobia, perhaps a disease to know the reason for things, about life, and so was that eagerness to explore, my first watch of my first communion, that my parents gave me, lasted only ½ hour before I took it apart, I was a problem for my parents until well past my youth, until I went to live in Denmark, there I continued with the search for a life identity, and the why of things and why we are in this world, and where we come from, and where we are going, I really like to define things, but life taught me that the more you know, the less you know, we can only open our eyes, and see what is next to us, look at the stars, and see that behind the stars begins something that is incomprehensible to us, if we do not understand the person next to us, how can we understand what is behind the stars? More than understanding the people next to us, which is very important, but besides understanding, we have to love them, as if we were ourselves, because, if we look inside our body we will see that there is a balance of cells, further inside we will see the electrons and protons that are also dancing and with balance, if we look outside our body we will see the same thing, the earth and planets the solar system, all dancing and with balance, you can not remove a piece of this gear, because if we did the whole system would fall, is the balance that makes life, like the cells of our body that have to live with those who have next to them, so we have to love them, as with the people we have next to us, like the cells or planets that dance together, if not, the topics that I do in this Blog are very varied, some of them, can be pigeonholed as metaphysical or philosophical or even ethical, which are 10 and other political that are 9, and one that is about music, since I have been and am a musician, plus a commentary that I do of my trip to Cuba, as you will see, I start with reasonings that some of these, that I have had when I was very young and behaved me some serious metaphysical and psychic problems that I have not been able to overcome until well past a majority of years, among them was, the problem of eternity, But I have to start or prioritize with a theme or an analysis, and a very essential one is there where we live, so I will start with “Analysis for a better world”.

2 Analysis for a better world In this world, which is where we live, I define who we are, and how we should organize ourselves, it is a pure utopia, but if we want to survive, there is no other way than this, it is interesting…

3 Is this the world we want Here I define the sad reality of a world that is perverse, and that we have the obligation to change its course

4) Is Democracy at the limits of its survival?

I also make mention of the old system that society has today, and which currently governs, and which is called Democracy, and which I was not in more than 40 years ago, and I do not agree with it now either, and with this section, I explain how I would like my society to be governed, I know it is a utopia, which would have to mature, but it is a reflection of mine.

  5) Values and Behavioral Controls

It is another reflection that fascinated me a lot, the behavioral controls that make us the person we are, and why we are, and how we are ? I give my version of how I understand this problem of why we behave the way we do, and the controls that help us to be the way we are.

6) Numerical or mathematical language

There are also reflections of language, which always fascinated me, that people when they speak, communicate erroneously, one day one says something and the receiver understands something else, here with this blog I also make a mention to what I call numerical or mathematical language, which wants to solve this problem and define its semantics with a mathematical number, so it would be a very precise language and without misunderstandings, especially for computer science, it is interesting !!!!!

7) Racism – Discrimination – Equality – Feminism

This analysis that I do here covers a lot, it is complicated, and there are four themes that fill a lot, it has a scope that I thought that I would not get out, but little by little I have been able to go shelling and find meaning with these 4 themes that are Racism, Discrimination, Equality, Feminism, the first two I have not had many problems but the third and the fourth have been very difficult to solve, but I am satisfied, as I have been able to decipher it.

8) Chance and Luck A very interesting topic that I’m sure will fascinate you, what is Chance and what is luck, and the definition of both, you will see another facet that surely, you had not thought.

9) Is it the Irrespectful Respect? It’s the Irrespectful Respect, it’s a bit weird isn’t it? Well, either it is Respect! or it is not! But to say that it is Irrespectful, is almost incomprehensible, and absurd but it is necessary to go a little deeper, and explain what it is, and what it is about, because if not, it makes no sense, well, but if you want you can read this analysis that I try to explain, it is a little difficult …

10) The Problem of Eternity

 This problem gave me a very unbalanced Youth, and besides I had a profession as a musician that complicated my life even more, with a complicated, convulsive environment, the Problem of Eternity, I could solve it well after my youth, and it has been one of the most important obstacles that I have had in my life, luckily I could solve it, almost at the same time as with the reflection of what is the Universe? because it is very connected with the Problem of Eternity.

11) What is the Universe?

This reasoning is very linked to The Problem of Eternity, as I said before, but very fascinating, and although when I say that I have it solved, I don’t mean that it is completely solved, I mean that I can live with this idea, of the Universe, because before, I had an anguish that didn’t let me live or sleep.

12) Enric’s Music

With this section, which is neither reflections nor reasoning, it is simply 4 songs that I have made. In 1976, precisely when my daughter Tanja was born, a few years ago, I made a song, or rather a hymn for the liberation of Catalonia, because I have always been and am a sovereignist, by this I mean that I would like Catalonia to be independent, the problem was that I was in Denmark, and I composed the song in Spanish, for many reasons, when I went to live in Tossa in 2004, I saw that I had an old tape recorder, and there, there were many old songs among them was one in Spanish and was entitled Freedom, Freedom and Freedom, I was very surprised, and I translated it into Catalan, and here it is, already living in Tossa I composed 3 more songs, Dolça Catalunya, which is also a hymn to our dear Catalunya, and also another hymn for the Catalan Countries, and finally, a song for my dear Vila de Tossa as thanks to that it adopted me, and I have the privilege to live, all these songs, are sung and played by me, I do it all, I have a very small studio here at home, and here I make my songs, you can hear that the sound is not very professional, and I’m not a singer, but I sing, and I think it has to be, simple, rustic, and without much professionalism, but it comes from the heart, and I do not want it to be artificial.

Political Reasoning

These Analyses are all the reflections that I make from the Catalan politics, and they are for the moment 9 reasonings

13) The 10 Deadly Sins of Catalonia

a) What is Catalonia, Spain’s harassment of Catalonia?

b) Media, I make a description of the Spanish media

c) Justice, how is the justice system in Spain set up?

d) Constitution, The Constitution, as I see it

e) The Unity of the Fatherland, the one who represents the Unity of the Fatherland

f) Humiliations, The humiliations that we have suffered and that we suffer

g) The new Catalans, The new Catalans that we have received and that many are against a Catalan sovereignism.

h) Legality, what is legal? Not always what is illegal, can be condemned as illegal.

(i) Administration or Independence, Madrid Administration

j) I sing to La Libertad, my songs, because we have to sing songs of Freedom? It’s because we’re not !!!

14) Political Prisoners, Here I make an account of what I consider to be Political Prisoners or Political Prisoners.

15) Dependence or Independence, Here I explain what I understand by Dependence and Independence, the difference from one to the other.

16) Thank you Friends for having made Independentism grow, Here it can be clearly seen that the way of managing politics, both in the media and in the government, has been counterproductive to the interests of Spain.

17) Catalan-Spanish Political Strategy, I make an analysis of the current political situation.

18) Possible Strategies after having made the analysis of the Catalan-Spanish Political Strategy, I describe which are the most favourable strategies that Catalonia, should take

19) Events in Catalonia I describe all the events in Catalonia, up to today.

20) History of Catalonia Here, it is explained very well, but very concise by the writer and history teacher, who is also my brother-in-law Jordi Monés, how Catalonia has been developing through its history until today, very interesting.

21) My dear Cuban slaves, My trip to Cuba was a shock, here I explain my experiences, and all that this trip represented for me and my wife Benta.

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  •   2  Analysis for a better world 01-01-20
  •    3  Is this the world we want 01-01-2019
  •    4 Is Democracy at the limits of its survival?


   5 Values and Behavioral Controls 2017

  •    6 Numerical or mathematical language 2016
  •    7 Racism – Discrimination – Equality – Feminism 2015
  •   8 Chance and Luck 2014
  •   9 Is Respect Irrespectful? 2013
  1. 10 The Problem of Eternity 2012
  1.  11 What is the Universe? 2011
  1. 12 The Music of Enric 2010

Political Reasoning

  1. 13 The 10 Deadly Sins of Catalonia 2009
  1. 14 Political Prisoners 2008
  1. 15 Dependence or Independence 2007
  1. 16 Thank you friends for having made Independentism 2006 grow.
  1. 17  Catalan-Spanish Political Strategy 2005
  1. 18 Possible Strategies 2004
  1. 19 Events of Catalonia 2003
  • 20 History of Catalonia 2002
  • 21 My dear Cuban slaves 2001

Enric Giné

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