Reasoning – Reflections – Enric’s Analysis

                          First of all I would like to say that I was born in Barcelona, in the district of Sant Gervasi, in the street of San Elías, and baptised in the Cathedral of Barcelona, I went to the Maristas school in Mataró as a boarder, and I only learned Spanish, as Catalan was forbidden, we went to mass every day, and we sang the “Cara al Sol” every morning, I was in this school for about 12 years, then I went to the military service, and then I went to Mallorca to work as a musician and I lived there for more than 10 years, there, I integrated completely and learned the language, Mallorquin, not written, but spoken, and in 1973, I went to live in Denmark, where I also integrated in the Nordic society, there I learned Danish, and I lived in Denmark until 04-06-2004, where I returned to Catalonia and I went to live in Tossa de Mar.

                              This blog, are compilations of my life through the time, maybe they are modernized, but most of reflections have origin in my youth, then as middle age, and finally in an advanced age, they are reasonings that you can agree, or not, but it is always good to have other ideas or thoughts, from other people who think differently from oneself, since my childhood I have always had a very intellectual life, I have always had an eagerness, almost a phobia, perhaps a sickness to know the reason for things, about life, and so was that eagerness to explore, my first watch from my first communion, which my parents gave me, lasted only ½ hour before I took it apart, I was a problem for my parents until well past my youth, until I went to live in Denmark, there I continued with the search for a life identity, and the why of things and why we are in this world, and where we come from, and where we are going, I really like to define things, but life taught me that the more you know, the less you know, we can only open our eyes, and see what is next to us, look at the stars, and see that behind the stars begins something that is incomprehensible to us, if we don’t understand the person next to us, how can we understand what is behind the stars? More than understanding the people next to us, which is very important, but besides understanding, we have to love them, as if we were ourselves, because, if we look inside our body we will see that there is a balance of the cells, further inside we will see the electrons and protons that are also dancing and in balance, if we look outside our body we will see the same thing, the earth and planets the solar system, all dancing and with balance, you cannot take out a piece of this gear, because if we did it the whole system would fall, it is the balance that makes life, just like the cells of our body that have to coexist with the ones next to them, that is why we have to love them, like with the people we have next to us, just like the cells or planets that dance together, if not, we cannot survive, we would break the system, we would break the balance of our body, the topics that I do in this Blog are very varied, some of them, can be classified as metaphysical or philosophical or even ethical, which are 10 and others political which are 9, and one that is about music, as I have been and am a musician, as well as a commentary that I make about my trip to Cuba, as you will see, I start with reasonings that some of these, that I have had when I was very young and it brought me some serious metaphysical and psychic problems that I have not been able to overcome until well past a majority of years, among them was, the problem of eternity, But I have to start or prioritise with a theme or an analysis, and a very essential one is there where we live, so I will start with “Analysis for a better world”.

1) A link in the Universe

Who are we? Where we come from and where we are going, here I make an analysis of who we are in relation to the environment and the Universe that surrounds us.

2) Human history

The analysis here is our immobility since 5000 years ago or more, we are still in a savage state as in the prehistory of man, destroying everything that man can, without caring about the consequences, as long as it is for his own benefit, without caring about his fellow man.

3) Definition of Environment

          Here I define what I think the Environment is, and I think, for the first time the main concept of the whole essence, which we have to take into account is, Nature, Vegetation, Animals and Man, these four premises, which I call the Environment.

4) Parallelism of The 10 Commandments

Here I make a parallelism between The 10 Commandments, and the Four Premises that I call Environment, and that is transformed into a Norm, which is the same as what we called the 10 Commandments now. It is a Norm in which, it indicates how we have to behave with the Environment, which as we already said Nature, Vegetation, Animals and Man, is the Environment and this is in The Norm.

5) Definition of Standard

The Norm, Rule, or requirements that must always be taken into account, as if they were the current laws that will govern us, help us, and guide us for a good functioning of society in the Environment.

6) Definition of Abuse

In this analysis I try to define what abuse is in our and all societies, and I draw the conclusion that there are thirteen groups where abuse enters, or acquires its full force, and I call them the thirteen characteristics or groups where abuse can have its full force.

7) Abolition of Abuse

If you want to abolish Abuse, of course, you have to abolish the behaviours that make Abuse exist, then you have to abolish many behaviours, and it is here, where you will surely be shocked, by what all this has consequences, almost incomprehensible at first sight, but very important for the effective development of society.

8) Is democracy at the limit of its survival?

Here I explain that democracy does exist, because that’s what we call it, this form of government, but that I don’t believe, and so I document it, that it is not good and that 51% repress 49%, and I hope you find it interesting.

 9) Goodness and Evil

          What is Goodness or Evil, here under my judgement, I make an assessment of Goodness and Evil, which has nothing to do with Goodness or Evil, which we know, and I do it under terms or judgements of the Environment.

10) Establishment of a Global Platform or Organisation

          In order to get this project off the ground, not that it is important, it is necessary to have some sources of advice, development, improvements and refinements, and here I explain how this could be done.

11) Priority Strategies

          I will mention by priorities, the first one would be financing, trying to give food, and help to people who die of hunger every day, to stop hunger in the world, a tolerable and humane economic and social balance, a new educational teaching, with the Environment at the centre.

12) Forms of Government

          Well, yes, I think so, I make an analysis, where all the professional groups existing in society, which are also the ones that make society exist, well, I annul the Political Parties and give the Professionals or let’s call them Guilds, the power or the responsibility that, they are the ones who have to organise and lead the Country.

13) Creation of Cultures or Regions and political change by Professional

Countries dissolve and Regions take the strength of what today are Countries, Cultures, languages, traditions, etc. have to be the future Countries.

14) Energy Change Strategies

          A revolution in what we call energy    today, the products of petroleum must be abolished, and solar, wind, hydroelectric and hydrogen engines are created.

15) Desert Strategy

          Strategy to implement solar panels in deserts, we have eight deserts that are the largest in the world, so with only the smallest of them, and only with 10% of its capacity, we could supply the whole world, with only this 10%.

16) Biological Pleasure

          Here I make an observation where we have been taught in school that we have five senses, well, I add one more, which is Pleasure.

17) Social pleasure, influence

          Here, I analyse the role played by Pleasure, as I call it, and Sex, which is pleasure, but distorted by morality, culture and society, which have played a dirty trick on it.

18) The Pleasure Reset, and start again

          Well, here there is no more to talk or discuss, Pleasure is very important for everyone, both animal, and of course also for man, and for his survival, and it is good healthy, but we have to put the counter to zero, and see the good of Pleasure.

19) Groups Family

          We see how the family used to be monolithic for thousands of years, and recently the family, and the diversity in many family groups very different from the original.

20) Conclusion

          I make an analysis, of all the reasoning up to here

21) Values and Behavioural Controls

          It is another reflection that has fascinated me a lot, the behavioural controls make us the person we are, and why we are, and how we are”, and what makes us different, I give my version of how I understand this problem of why we behave as we do, and the controls that help us to be the way we are.

22) Numerical or Mathematical language

            There are also reflections on language, which always fascinated me, that when people speak, they communicate erroneously, one day one says something and the receiver understands something else, here with this analysis, I also make a mention to what I call numerical or mathematical language, which wants to solve this problem and define its semantics with a mathematical number, in this way it would be a very precise language without misunderstandings, especially for computer science, it is interesting.

23) Racism Discrimination – Equality -Feminism

            This analysis that I am making here covers a lot, it is complicated, and there are four themes that are very full, it has a scope that I thought I would not get out, but little by little I have been able to unravel and find the meaning with these four themes which are “Racism, Discrimination, Equality, Feminism”, the first two I have not had many problems but the third and the fourth have been very difficult to solve, but I am satisfied, as I have been able to decipher it.

24) Chance – Luck!!!

          What is Chance and what is Luck, read it, I’m sure you’ll find it interesting.

A very interesting topic that I am sure will fascinate you, what is Chance and what is Luck, and the definition of both, you will see another facet that surely, you had not thought about.

25) Is Respect disrespectful?

            Well, it‘s either Respecto or it isn’t! But to say that Respecto is Irrespectful, is almost incomprehensible, and absurd, but it is necessary to go a little deeper, and explain what this is, and what it is about, because if not, it makes no sense, well, but if you want you can read this analysis that I am trying to explain, it is a little difficult.

26) The problem of Eternity

            This problem gave me a very unbalanced Youth, and I also had a profession as a musician that complicated my life even more, with a complicated and convulsive environment, the Problem of Eternity, I was able to solve it well after my youth, and it has been one of the most important obstacles I have had in my life, luckily I was able to solve it, almost at the same time as with the reflection that is the Universe, since it is very connected with the Problem of Eternity.

27) What is the Universe?

            This reasoning is closely linked to The Problem of Eternity, as I said before, but very fascinating, and although when I say that I have solved it, I don’t mean that it is completely solved, I mean that now I can live with this idea of the Universe, because before, I had an anguish that didn’t allow me to live or sleep.

28) Enric’s music

            With this section, which is neither reflections nor reasoning, it is simply four songs that I made in 1976, precisely when my daughter Tanja was born, that is, a few years ago, I made a song, or rather a hymn for the liberation of Catalonia, because I have always been and am pro-sovereignty, and by this I mean that I would like Catalonia to be independent, The problem was that I was in Denmark, and I composed the song in Spanish, for many reasons, when I went to live in Tossa in 2004, I saw that I had an old tape recorder, and there, there were many old songs among them was one in Spanish and it was called Libertad, Libertad y Libertad, and I was very surprised, and I translated it into Catalan, and here it is, already living in Tossa I composed three more songs, Dolça Catalunya, which is also a hymn to our dear Catalunya, and also another hymn for the Catalan Countries, and finally, a song for my dear Vila de Tossa, called Tossa Bella, as thanks to the fact that it adopted me, and I have the privilege of living, all these songs, are sung and played by me, I do it all, I have a very small studio here at home, and here I do my songs, you can hear that the sound is not very professional, and that I am not a singer, but I sing, and that’s how I think it has to be, simple, rustic, and without much professionalism, but it comes from the heart, and I don’t want it to be professional.

29) Dependence or Independence – that is the question.

Here I explain what I mean by Dependence and Independence, the difference between the two.

30) Political Prisoners and Exiles

            Here I give an account of what I consider to be Political Prisoners or Political Prisoners.

31) The 10 Deadly Sins of Catalonia

            The 10 Deadly Sins of Catalonia

a) What is Catalonia, Spain’s harassment against Catalonia?

b) Media, I give a description of the Spanish media.

c) Justice, how is the justice system in Spain set up?

d) Constitution, The Constitution, as Spain sees it, and as I see it

e) The Unity of the Fatherland, the one who represents the Unity of the Fatherland

f) Humiliations, the humiliations we have suffered and are suffering from

g) The new Catalans, The new Catalans that we have received and that many are against a Catalan sovereignism.

h) Legality, what is legal? What is illegal may not always be condemned as illegal.

(i) Administration or Independence, Madrid Administration

j) I sing to La Libertad, my songs, why do we have to sing songs of Freedom, it must be because we are not!

32) Catalan-Spanish Political Strategy

            I make an analysis, and a strategy, of the current political situation.

33) Possible Strategies

            after having made the analysis of the Catalan-Spanish Political Strategy, I describe which are the most favourable strategies that Catalonia should take.

34) Environmental Strategies

    1) Abolition of Abuse in the Environment,

    2) Definition of Standard,

    3) Creation of Cultures or Regions

    4) Change of Politicians by the Guilds

    5) Creation of administrative self-government

    6) Abolition of the current laws by the Norms

    7) Trying to give food to those who are dying of hunger

    8) There has to be consensus for an operation of this magnitude.

    9) Contacting all organisations

10) Teaching about the environment

12) Solar energy radical change

13) The 8 largest deserts on Earth

14) Global shift to Automotive

15) Creation of small industry in underdeveloped countries.

16) In rich countries a 1 % VAT increase

17) Banks would finance this project at a very reasonable interest rate.

18) Gas stations disappear

19) Detailed Explanation of Solar Energy and Solar Panels

20) Pleasure Explanation of the meaning of Pleasure

21) Social Pleasure

22) The Pleasure Reset, and start again,

23) Family Groups

35) Thank you friends, without you we would not have got to where we are today.

            Here it can be clearly seen that the way politics has been managed, both in the media and in government, has been counterproductive to Spain’s interests.

36) Events in Catalonia

            I describe all the events in Catalonia, until today

37) History of Catalonia

            Here, it is explained very well, but very concisely by the writer and history teacher, who is also my brother-in-law Jordi Monés, how Catalonia has been developing through its history up to the present day, very interesting.

38) My dear Cuban slaves

            My trip to Cuba was a shock, and here I explain my experiences and what it meant for me and my wife Benta.

Enric Giné I Orengo

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