Analysis for a Better World !

Who are we?

1) A link in the Universe

I would like to make an observation, from what I understand of the person as a human being, what relationship does he have with the environment that surrounds him? Well, everything is related, everything has a balance and a logic, and I will explain it here below. If we look at ourselves we will see what we are, simply a person, a unit, a link within our Universe, like the cells within our body, If we look back at our body we see that it is covered with a skin, and that is the end of it, but if we take a microscope, we see that under the skin, there are cells, and then we see the “DNAs”, and if we continue to the end we see the Protons and Electrons, all dancing around themselves with a fantastic balance.

All this is when we look inside our body, but if we now look outside our body, and we do the same observation again, but this time, outside our body, also with us in the centre, and looking at the sky, if it is daytime we will see the sun, if it is not cloudy, if it is nighttime and it is not cloudy we will see the moon and the stars and maybe some nebulae, but here too it is all over, but if now instead of taking a microscope we take a telescope, we will see that there are more stars than we could see with the naked eye, we will see that the moon, the planets, the sun, and the stars are also all dancing around themselves, the planets revolving around the sun, as if they were dancing with balance, just as they did when we looked inside our body, the Neutrons revolving around the Protons.

It seems that there is a parallelism in the inside of the person and the outside, it seems that there is a very intimate relationship, a balance, that we cannot break it, I mean we cannot take out a ring or link, like taking out a planet, or a star because everything would go to an imbalance, just like you cannot take out an electron or any other link, This is also valid, with Nature, everything is in balance and we cannot destroy a link like a species, whether it is a plant or an animal, and when I say animal I also include the human being, man, it is like breaking a link, and we cannot do that without fatal consequences.

This theory is also valid, with Humanity, People like electrons or planets are in full contact and in balance, People are at our side, like the cells of our body, and like Nature and we have to be careful, to take care of them and to take care of ourselves so that we cannot do without them, we cannot do without any link, we have to keep that in mind.

There was a Man who said, “We have learned to fly like birds, to swim like fish, but we have not learned the simple art of living as brothers” – this was Martin Luther King.

This gives us a reflection, and it is that, we must be in balance with our fellow travellers who are Nature, Vegetation, Animals, and Man, these four environments, which have always existed, for thousands of years and have always been in balance, until the appearance of intelligent Man, with the emergence of the intelligence of this, we all were and are threatened with death, it is here where we must reflect, for our survival of the Planet and our own.  

Why do we have to pollute, the Sea, the Ocean, the Air, the Rivers, the Earth? why do we have to destroy the Forests, the Vegetation? why do we have to kill the animals? why do we have to kill Man? if we organise ourselves well and understand what it is all about, which is balance, this holocaust that we are doing, this destruction, would no longer be necessary, because we need everything that surrounds us, Nature, Vegetation, Animals and Man.

I am not religious, but there is a phrase that I like very much, and that makes a lot of sense, it is in balance with the Universe, and without this phrase, we are going straight to the precipice, and it is “Love your neighbour as yourself”, if it could be like this, we would be better off, and we would be happier, without wars, without military, without police, in short, a good dream.

Why should we love our neighbour, because it is the word of God? The reason to love or not, is a question of survival of balance, it is the Universe that is set up like this, with balance, the cells of our body are all in contact with each other and all of them are necessary, as soon as one dies, others are born, some and others are always in balance, when it is not like this, the death of the system comes, that is why, we have to get along, with the People we are living as well as with the cells of our body, and the whole universe behaves like this, and we have to do so, because we cannot go against the universe.


2) Human history

           Let’s first make an in-depth analysis of the world we live in in order to be able to answer this question!

Where is our civilisation now, if we can say civilisation! Well, we are now in the same place as we were 5000, 4000, 3000, or 2000 years ago, or in the times of the Romans, the person as a person, has not changed at all, when we refer to behaviourally, we are really stagnant, but technologically, there has been an important development, but these two curves have not been parallel, the conductivity of the person has not been parallel with the technological, and this has made a spectacular gap in our civilisation.

We can see that here, that on our Planet, living in an environment between Plants, Nature, such as the Sea, Oceans, Air, Rivers, Mountains, Forests, and Animals and among them Man, who are and are predators, in addition to Man, who has been and is an Animal, who in addition to being a predator, lives isolated in his world and does not care about the welfare of other Animals or Vegetation, or Nature, and also does not care about the well being of Vegetation, Animals, People and Nature, besides all this, he exploits them, only for the mere intention of making profit for himself, everything that can benefit him, he does not care about the result, and so it has been, throughout humanity, in thousands and thousands of years, it has not changed, humanity has been and is, in a wild state, just as it has always been.

In order to understand this, we have to make an analysis of why we are where we are, in this wild state, and if we look back, we will see that we behave in the same way as many thousands of years ago, and my theory has been the little human intelligence, or the bad use of it, well now I say intelligence, what is this word, well let’s define it, I have to define everything, everything that I don’t understand, I have to define it until I understand it, if not, I cannot continue, Intelligence is a word that has been given an almost intellectual treatment, and really this word is very primitive, our body does everything very primitively, but very intelligent, if not, we could not exist, the heart beats without us giving it any order, just as we breathe, we grow, our body everything that happens or does is intelligent, we could also say instinctively, if not, we could not live, just like intelligence is, a plan, or a strategy, to do something, to have a concept of innumerable things in life, they can be even philosophical, but it is simply a plan or a strategy, normally a very primitive plan, and this can be right or wrong, fortunately, the environment that surrounds us is right, as Nature, Vegetation, Animals, and Man, until his human intelligence appeared, and he used it against and towards and against his fellow man, for this is his worst enemy, has been and is, and is this human intelligence, which has served him to make wars, kill thousands of people and selfishly enrich himself, him and the group of people who have helped him to make these Abuses against the same people. Where human intelligence has prospered greatly, as I have said before, it is technology that has had a spectacular advance in relation to his behaviour.

How can we fight against other people, against ourselves, and thus produce deaths, misery, poverty, unhappiness, how can we be happy, when there are people, in prison or in hospitals, people who are sick, people who are evicted, misery, suicides, wars, people who lose their jobs, epidemics, pandemics, people who are dying of hunger and many other things, how can we be happy like this? Or be satisfied with this world and our society, knowing all this suffering of our neighbour or of our environment, without us doing anything at all! Is this the world we want? Well, this is the way man has lived since time immemorial without caring anything about his neighbour, on the contrary, destroying everything around him, only being interested in his own wellbeing.

One reality is, the richest 1% of the world’s population has more money than the remaining 99%, and furthermore, there are 24 million people in the world who starve to death every year, and 25% of them are children, and there are 850 million people who go to bed hungry every day. 

On the other hand, we have, in 2017, a military expenditure of 1.73 trillion € which is 1730000000000 € how can we allow this aberration, so big.

We have also had wars since time immemorial, wars that lasted decades and decades, slavery, rights did not exist, not even today, at least not for the majority of humans, finally we can remember, because it is not so far away, the last times of the first world war 1914, the second in 1940, the Spanish war 1936, Vietnam, the Balkan war, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and lately Syria.


3) Definition of Environment

Now, after knowing that we are only an insignificant, but important link in the Universe, and the importance we have to take care of ourselves or rather of the Environment, which is us and where we live, we are now going to define the Environment.

I am going to try to make a reasoning to analyse what we can do to straighten out the current human behaviour to get out of this terrible variable that has led us to the environmental and human extermination of our planet.

First and foremost, I would like to make an analysis, as they are constituted, and what are the laws that govern, and is that here on our planet we live in an environment, in which all human activity is developed as, Nature, Vegetation, Animals and Man, now I will define to make it easier to do so is the environment.

The Environment is that, where we live, that is Nature, and what is Nature?  1) “Nature” are the Seas, Oceans, Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Air and Land, 2) “Vegetation”, which is formed of, Trees, as forests, and in addition, of agriculture that humans need to live, 3) “Animals”, including, all living animals, such as birds, fish, mammals, cockroaches, ants in short all, 4) “Man” summarizing a little, The Environment is i consists of 4 brothers who are: 1) Nature, 2) Vegetation, 3) Animals 4) Man, So when I say Environment, I mean these Four Premises.


4) Parallelism of the 10 Commandments

The 10 Commandments, was the first Human Constitution, that has existed since time immemorial, and that has worked, until man realised his intelligence, this was a framework, a milestone in the history of Humanity, as I already explained in Is this the world we want? We have to make a very important turn in our behaviour, in order to survive, then we have to have other parameters, new Commandments, which I call them Norms, and which I summarise in 4, I summarise these four Norms in one Norm, but we always have to keep them very present, the four because it is our new Constitution, and our motive of life, but The Norm, is a Recommendation, Regulation, but it is to give a parallelism with the first Constitution, which was the one that administered, the one that commanded, from here comes The Commandments, to command, and after this came the other Constitutions, well first we are going to reduce or simplify the Four Norms 


5) Definition of Standard

Well, we are going to see the construction, of the Only Commandment, or Norm, that we want to build in our Society, and now we call it Norms, because Commandment, comes from the word to order, to command, and this does not exist anymore, in our Society, The First and only Norm, is “Love your Environment as yourself”, Here is the whole essence, that we have to build our Society! And what is this “Love your Environment as yourself”? The first impression seems to be religious, Love God as yourself, well, no? but I can assure you that it has nothing to do with religion, but at first glance it might seem and there might be a parallelism, and perhaps there is, since, in Love God as yourself, there is a sublime expression, which leaves no doubt whatsoever, Well, I also see this sublime expression in “Love your Environment as yourself” as a sublimation, that there can be no doubt that if this is not done, the Planet will not exist, so this expression is the ultimate meaning, the sublimation that there is no way out, without “Love your Environment as yourself”.

          In the last analysis I did, Is this the world we want?   I explain, in detail, why we have to Love the Environment, and the reason is because the Universe is very intimately linked with the Environment, since this is a part of a link of the Universe, on the other hand Nature, Vegetation, Animals, Man, that is to say The Environment, these four elements are condemned to coexist intimately, since it is an indissoluble part of the Environment and we cannot remove or fight, fight or annihilate, with any of the components that coexist with the Environment, and especially Man, but also each one of the four components that make up the Environment, fight or annihilate, with any of the components that coexist with the Environment, and especially Man, but also each of the 4 that make up the Environment, and this we have to be well aware before continuing, The Environment is untouchable and indissoluble, and they have to be “Loved, Respected, Honoured and Helped”, and it is not because we have to be good, it has nothing to do with Goodness, it has to do with survival.

As you can see this postulate that I defend, is very difficult, it seems that it does not make much sense, a planet without laws, without police, without prisons, without army, with people who do not die of hunger, with people who eat every day, without the 1% of capital that has all the capital of the rest of the 99%, and much more, what a barbarity! Wanting to make a society like this, without these abuses, well yes…, yes ….this is madness but, this is what I believe, and I have been thinking for many years, since my youth, that the world we live in, is cruel, both for the Environment, and for the person himself, who as I said is within the Environment, if we have to continue or continue, with this project, we have, to leave, for a while, the theory that to continue with this project is a crazy madness that brings us nowhere, only that we waste our time miserably, that is why I ask you to give it a chance, and if so, that you do it, I would ask, that this analysis that I do, be treated as ex cathedra”, until the end of this analysis, if not, it is almost impossible, to continue, well then put the Reset, and forget everything.

The Four Standards

A You shall love your Environment above all things.

B Respect the environment as you respect yourself.

C Honour thy neighbour as thyself.

D You shall help your neighbour as you help yourself.

1 You shall love your Environment above all things.

Environment, as I have said before, when I say Environment, I mean these Four Premises, so, it is obvious what Environment is, and I repeat it for the last time, Environment equals Nature, Vegetation, Animals and Man.

2 Respect the environment as you respect yourself.

To respect is not to love, but to care, to defend, to preserve, to guard.

3 You will honour your Environment

To honour is not to love, nor to respect, but to praise, to ennoble, to extol.

 4 You will help your Environment

To help is not to love, nor to respect, nor to honour, but to aid, to succour, to assist.

We must always keep these Four Premises in mind because without them we cannot exist either as animals or as wild people, or as an environment, because until now we have not loved, respected, honoured or helped the environment where we live, and in addition to the fact that we have not loved, respected, honoured and helped it, what we have done is the opposite, destroying and annihilating the environment, and thus spreading and infecting this plague against the environment.


6) Definition of Abuse

When we want someone to do what we want them to do, and this often happens, if we have a privileged position in society, such as being smarter than the other, or having a superior link in the society we live in, and there are thousands of privileged links in society, these are the ones responsible for the fierce and savage abuse that we all suffer, and this is the reason why our society has been stagnant for thousands of years.

We must analyse thoroughly the word Abuse, because it is the main word that has paralysed us behaviourally through these thousands of years until nowadays, if we analyse the word Discriminate, we will see that in the dictionary of the Spanish language, it is written “To see the difference between two things”, this is Discriminate, and nothing more than this, it is something that fortunately we do every day, everything is different, a house, a tree, a stone, and “Discriminate is to see the difference”, now there is the word “Discrimination” and what does the dictionary of the Spanish language say? Discrimination is the different and detrimental treatment given to a person because of race, sex, political ideas, religion “, we have already said that to discriminate is to see the difference between two things, and it is also with discrimination, what happens with discrimination is that when you see the difference, and you treat a person differently because of race, sex, political views, religion, it is another thing, but before discrimination, you should discriminate whether he is white, black, yellow or another colour, and then you will discriminate, or take the right conduct, under what you think is right under your judgement and if there is or you have occasion to do so.

There are many synonyms for the word “Abuse”, many, for example, Discrimination,

Slavery, etc. which is not having Freedom because they are under the domination of another person, and this is simply Abuse, now I leave a list that I call it 13 Characteristics, where Abuse usually occurs.

People are not only discriminated or abused by the colour of the skin, but by the condition, or position, of which they are, in the society, if he is black, or white, it is not important, and the most important thing is if this is left, by reason of his position in the Society, whether he is black or white or yellow, this is not important, but imagine if it were the ex-president of U.S.A. Obama, he is black, he will not be indiscriminate, because he is black, he will be discriminated, but not indiscriminate, then he can be white, yellow, in that he must be careful, of being discriminated, if he is white and if he is left, all that is involved is that if the person who wants to abuse is well placed in relation to the one who intends to abuse, the condition or variables can be very disparate as ready, etc.. So what you have to be careful about is, if he is superior to him or smarter than him, and with this hierarchy that I am talking about, you can also abuse or discriminate whether he is black or white, for example if he is a smart politician and uses all the possibilities as a smart person does, or smarter than those he is addressing, or if his position in society or in work is better, or he is above those who are lower than him, this hierarchical position that I was talking about before, will make this person to be in a superior position in the society than the one who is lower, will give him superiority, and this will make that this person can always get a benefit from the one who is lower, because he can do it, and this is abuse.                                   

What are the most remarkable characteristics that these abuses take place? Well, there are many, today our societies are very different, from very poor societies to very rich societies, well, economically speaking! but the crux of the matter is the same, for poor and rich, what we are dealing with is the Abuse of one person towards another, and of course also the classic Discrimination that we all know is the same, Discrimination is protected by law, but Abuse, normally not!

The characteristics of the most common groups where these abuses tend to occur are 13:

1) Money

2) Breeds

3) Sex or gender

4) Political ideas

5) Religions

6) Cultures

7) Refugees

8) Immigrants

9) Social hierarchy

10) Degree of education, schooling or illiteracy, school or university education

11) Clever, Clever, Clever, Clever, clever, clever, clever, clever, clever

12) Physique, Handicap, Beauty

13) Age

  1. Money, Money are many things, one is Money itself, the other is a political or social system, Capitalism, another can be Communism, and lately Socialism, I could also mention more, but these seem to be the ones that have most influenced our Society, the Religious we will leave it in a section, and we will talk about it, all can be abusive, Capitalism already says it by its very name is the Capital which is above all, with him you can do almost everything, Communism, jocularly, as the word says it, it would have to distribute everything, between the partners, that integrate it, but it is not always like that, this group that is above and controls the system, is used to be relatively very small, and they are the ones who share the cake, also like Capitalism, those who have the jobs, and important political places, they do not necessarily abuse, but there are more possibilities that they do it.
  • Race, here it can be a bit of a contradiction, because it seems that whites abuse blacks, and it is also true that this is always the case, but there are situations that do not! It can be the other way around that a foreman or a boss is black, and he can abuse a white person, but it is clear that white societies are economically superior than others, but within these there is also a very high percentage of people living in poverty, and the abuse is also very high, only if there is one of the 13 characteristics that takes place, then it is abuse, but you have to be careful that this does not happen, normally racial abuse is a taboo, but because it exists, because when man discriminates he does not do it because he is black or white, he does it and has always done it, the problem is that the black community has less privileges than the whites, but this is not to be looked for in the colour of the skin, but in the origins of slavery, abuse came into effect when man began to believe he was intelligent.
  • Sex There is not much of a problem here either, also like the previous one it could be classified as both sexual and gender abuse, the Man who seduces or rapes, or pretends a relationship without the consent of the other person, but it could also be that a woman seduces a Man to take advantage of him. Then it is also abuse
  • Political Ideas, also as above a classic
  • Religion, also like the previous one a classic, religion, obliges to be within a direction
  • Cultural, well, here it gets a bit more complicated, because culture is many things, and very different between them, including Religion, Muslim Cultures, Orthodox Cultures, Christian, Protestant, Tibetan, etc…. but the thread of the question is not religious but cultural that some cultures are not as developed as others or perhaps more modernized, or especially minority cultures that are within other cultures, there may be someone who can profit from this issue, we have an example, the German Republic, where 30 years ago there were two Germany, the East and West, where there was much difference between them both culturally and economically, well this existence still continues, and now is a single nation, a single republic.
  • Refugees, this group is very vulnerable to being discriminated against, as they almost always have no rights and must take in what they can.
  • Immigrants, this group is also very vulnerable, also because of the circumstances, like refugees, they have no rights.
  • Social Hierarchy, In all societies there are very well defined social layers, including economic ones, which are also closely related to cultural ones, these also have a very important weight when it comes to positioning an abuse, social hierarchies are very extensive, for example, jobs, today, are formed by a hierarchy that goes from top to bottom, and this is throughout our society and in all other societies, and this is where many abuses occur, in addition to collectives, gypsies, etc. etc..
  1. Degree of education, education or illiteracy, school or university training. This could be included with 11), but here it is better defined, as a person who is more educated, who has a school education, will almost always have a superiority over a person who is not, or who is illiterate.

11) Clever, Clever, shrewd, clever, clever, witty, skilful.

  Here it could also be confused with 10) Degree of education or training, but this function is not always linked to education or educational background, a smart or intelligent person could easily abuse a person with limited capacity.

12) Physique, Beauty, Handicap, this is clearly of very high importance when dealing with behaviour that may lead to Abuse.

13) Age, Man can make a profit, either from a child, or from an old person.


7) Abolition of Abuse

          One of the innumerable tendencies that we have had, and still have in society today and throughout humanity, has been the instinct, predilection, for man to do or behave in a specific way in society, and if he was not, or is not, he is punished or punished, this specific way of behaving, were and are among others the following, Commandments, Religion, Laws, Ordinances, Mandates, Edicts, etc…. And I believe that this is not, or should not be, how a country should be built, with laws etc…. because the Laws have to be complied with, and if not, they are punished, and punishment is an Abuse, even if a person has committed an Abuse, and for committing an Abuse there is no punishment, if the Abuse is abolished, then it does not exist, and the Abuse, even if you do something that you do not have to do, is the main reason why we are still in such a wild and primitive state, as we still live in a world of Laws, these have to be abolished and replaced by Norms, Rules, and this implies a new education, based on the mutual principles of coexistence, in this world we live in, what I am writing here is a “Sacrilege”, because in a modern country, it is with the Laws that a Society is built, but we have already seen in the analysis, that it seems that it is not like that, Yes, I know that this approach, does not seem, nowadays, very “reasonable, sensible, sane”, maybe it sounds like blasphemy, but there is no other way out, We have already seen that the world we live in is horrible for the majority of humans, and it cannot continue like this, as I have said before, there has to be “a Reset, and start again”, and the way to do it is with the analysis I make, “A Country without Laws, without Police, without army, without judges, without this 1% that has all the capital of the rest of the 99%”, a Country like this is today a barbarity, it is not that it is a utopia, it is impossible to realize it, then, we have two possibilities, one which is the failed one, which is the current one, and the other, which is this Utopia, both unrealisable, if we want to continue, we have to give it a chance, we know that the current one does not work, so we have no other possibility, and the only thing we have is to continue with this Utopia, and it seems unrealisable, but if not, the only possibility is to get out and continue with the current one until the disaster, which has already started a long time ago.

          As you can see this postulate that I defend, is very difficult, it seems that it does not make much sense, a planet without laws, without police, without prisons, without army, with people who do not die of hunger, with people who eat every day, without the 1% of capital that has all the capital of the rest of the 99%, and much more, what a barbarity! Wanting to make a society like this, without these abuses, well yes…, yes ….this is madness but, this is what I believe, and I have been thinking for many years, since my youth, that the world we live in, is cruel, both for the Environment, and for the person himself, who as I said is within the Environment, if we have to continue or continue, with this project, we have, to leave, for a while, the theory that to continue with this project is a crazy madness that brings us nowhere, only that we waste our time miserably, that is why I ask you to give it a chance, and if so, that you do it, I would ask, that this analysis that I do, be treated as ex cathedra”, until the end of this analysis, if not, it is almost impossible, to continue, well then put the Reset, and forget everything.


8) Is democracy at the limit of its survival?

Is democracy at the limits of its survival? Yes, I think so, democracy is already very old and has already played its role in society, historically all forms of control of society have not been rigid, but on the contrary, very flexible and have been changing or correcting themselves according to the needs of their partners, so for example, feudalism, and later capitalism were a very logical and important reaction in their time, communism was also a logical reaction to a situation of oppression, all these forms of control have been necessary for the development of society, However, humanity has the gift of survival and this gift is as strong or stronger than the gift of sexuality, they are the most important gifts that human beings have and the ones that make our society think and develop, no culture is static, even the Islamic world, which is now in “standby” in this particular aspect, is very active in its religious and ideological expansion, but it seems to me that we are already coming to the end of our form of government, democracy, and autocracies, or other forms of government, have already done what they had to do, in our society they are stagnating, they are going backwards and survival is on alert, our world is nervous and seems to want something else, really the problem is a bit complex, but the control of society is also complex, this control is carried out by people who have great power over their partners, Sometimes they want to change certain controls, not so that they are convenient for the people but because they are convenient for the politicians and not for the controlled, Democracy, moreover, is controlled with 51 votes in favour and represses the remaining 49 votes, this is pure democracy, I won’t go on any longer so as not to become tiresome, well, if we have neither monarchy, nor republic, nor federalism, nor democracy, what do we want to have? Anarchy?

No !!!!I will explain it now, I am now at an advanced age, and when I was 18 I was already thinking about these forms of government that I am writing about now, simply forms of government, at that time Franco governed, I have always been enthusiastic about the way people organise themselves, I saw that the different forms of government were stupid, because with the variety, plurality and wealth of ideas that people have, and everything and so on, it only fails, because a few people decide our destinies, social and economic, I have lived almost 40 years in Denmark and democracy there worked well, Well, I came from a country with a very cruel dictatorship, at the beginning it was a very strong shock for me, because it was when the Danish democracy was at its best and the citizen was the centre of the government’s concerns, but things change also in the Nordic countries, either because a few men should decide our destinies or because we cannot decide how the society we want should be, but we, as individuals, do not have experience to make schools, hospitals, road networks, …. Do we know what our needs are? society is very complex, can we really do it? yes we can do it and I will tell you about it later, now, however, I wanted to say that politicians cannot do it for two reasons, first because they have other interests that have nothing to do with the welfare of society, but with their own, and second, because they are demonstrating that they do not know how to do it, so what solution is viable? I propose a new society, that instead of politicians, who are the ones who organise society, here it should be the professionals, who united through a kind of guilds, should be responsible for organising each and every one of them, for example, doctors, nurses, carriers, even hospital employees are the ones who have to organise themselves and so on, all the existing professional branches or we can call them Guilds.

This, as you can see, is very logical, but it is also complicated, complex and difficult, and it is not a job for one person, but the idea is that they have to involve and organise those who have the capacity to do it, for example, a doctor cannot plan how to build a building or construct a road, can he, this plan that I propose, as it is difficult to plan, would be very convenient to involve people who are qualified to do it, including universities, professional organisations, in short, the volume of this project is incalculable.

Look, when we are ill we go to the doctor, when we have to build a house we go to an architect, when an electrical installation has to be done we go to an electrician… there is no need to say it any longer, well, this is the crux of the matter, the one who has knowledge of the different issues is the one who has to do things, it is logical, isn’t it? It is very simple, the simple things are those that work well, we have a society and we want it to develop and work well, so we have to look at how this society should develop, there is a college of doctors, this means that all the doctors in the Region could form part of a network and this network could be the Medical Association of the Region mentioned above, these people are the ones who should control the Region’s health system, because they are the most appropriate to do so, Guild is the key word but not in the old sense of the term, in which a few people had control, the new guild that I want should be formed by the whole pyramid, from the base to the top, this today, with information technology is possible, well, that is the idea, this should be done with all scientific, technical, cultural, professional, etc. branches, in order to have real development in the Region. In other words, each Guild, or profession, must have a Pylon, a very important Pylon in Society that will be built step by step with all the possible guilds that exist in society, it is like building a house from the foundation that is the Region and it will rise from some Pylons upwards for each guild that exists in the Region, and these pylons will support the platform of the first floor, which is the representation of all the guilds or professions, grouped in columns or pylons, we explain this, because in society there are some guilds, or professionals, who are those who support and work in society, for example, doctors, teachers, architects, bricklayers, electricians, physicists, chemists, garbage collectors, etc… well many, all the professions that exist in society, and these are the most suitable for them to organise themselves, right, it doesn’t have to be a politician, right, but well that’s not all, there are hospitals, roads, trains, motorways, town halls, well the first floor of the house, or the Columns or Pylons that I call, are already defined are the existing guilds, and there must not be any guild that is left out, everyone has to have their Column or Pylon that goes from the foundation, to the first floor.

 Well, each guild has to have a small group that will represent its guild administratively, this small group of guilds will be a new pylon that will go from the first floor to the second floor, here will be all the administrative representatives of all the guilds, and this one has to defend the interests of its respective guild on the first floor, The first floor starts to be a bit more complicated, because here, the problem is that the Columns or Pylons have to negotiate and intercommunicate with each other, and here the administrative number will be much smaller, but they have to represent the whole first floor, and negotiate with the other representatives of the first floor, They will also have to reach an agreement, because now other Columns or Pylons will have to build the third floor, and these Pylons will be significantly reduced, on the third floor, because it is on the third floor where decisions will begin to be taken, not for the lower floors, as these are indigenous, but on the third floor, will be a little bit, as we call today, Ministries, the group, will have been reduced considerably, and from the third to the fourth, here there will be the top level of decision making, the fourth floor would be like what today we could say the government, the most important thing on the first floor is that it can not be missing, any profession or guild existing in society, All that I explain is an idea, a utopia that needs a monstrous work team, and it also needs a tremendous amount of professional and university people, to be able to do this work, if it is not impossible, the third and fourth floors, will be the ones that society will see more, because they will be the most visible pylons for society, such as hospitals, highways, transport, livestock, agriculture, education, power stations, pollution, in short, all the columns from the first floor to the third floor, I don’t want to say that it will be almost political, because this word is ugly for me, but it has to be transversal, because the third floor will only have a few columns that will collect the final result, The fourth floor would only be a very small group of people who would communicate with the outside world. Well, all this is a utopian idea, and as an idea, it is a starting point, which should be discussed and polished a lot and surely change many things, this utopia should be studied and technically outlined, different departments of the whole university world and of the guilds could improve this idea so that a well-made child could be born and thus be able to bury our old Democracy, the transversality of the floors is the most important piece of all, to talk, to intercommunicate, from column to column and from floor to floor.


9) Goodness and Evil

To be in balance with the Universe, with all that surrounds us, like Man, with Animals, with Nature, by loving all this, is called Goodness, and if we do not do it, it is called Evil, and Evil is the Abuse we do, to Nature, Vegetation, Animals and Man, we also have and must say no!!! To the violations of the 13 Characteristics, and yes!!! To the Goodness, to love Nature, Vegetation, Animals and Man, because this is our only survival, if we take into account these 4 first fruits, and we persevere, and we love them as we love ourselves, the problem would be over, also the Abuses, and we could start to progress as People with the four brothers that are ours “Nature, Vegetation, Animals and Man” and get out of this wild state that we are in, if not, I see it very bad, we only have this way out, and it is a way out of survival and happiness.

I would like to define what kindness means to me by describing an experience I had when I was a child. My family was well positioned in society, and it was customary at that time for people in need to ask for alms, and they would come to the door of the house, my grandmother, would go out many times to open the door, and when it was a person asking for alms, sometimes she would give them and sometimes not, and one day they knocked on the door and it was me who went out, I was a child, and I saw an old lady asking me for alms, I, I took her off my hands, and in a bad way, well that night I couldn’t sleep, and I swore I would never do it again, this episode has haunted me all my life, not just because I did something bad, but the experience of this episode haunted me all my life, and I forced myself to do good things, because I couldn’t do bad things, not because I was good, but because when I did something bad my body rejected it, and I had a bad time, the conclusion was, to do good things and not feel bad, this was pure selfishness, because to do good so as not to feel bad !!!! It is not Goodness, and what is this Goodness or Evil, here is the crux of the matter!!!! My conclusion is, if you do Goodness, because you cannot do Evil, it has no value, as there are also many people who do evil, and it is impossible for them to do Goodness, well I don’t want to go on too long with this because it is very long, my conclusion of Goodness, is not that mine, that I have to do it because physically I don’t feel good, if I do Evil.

My version of Goodness or Evil is in general, the description I make through all this Analysis or Reasoning, I make here, from the beginning to the end, where Goodness is not a feeling, but almost an obligation, to understand our universe where we live, and to see the intimate connection, between the different links, including the treatment we must have with the close links, here is the real Goodness, we must do it! There is no alternative here, but to love, it is Goodness, to help all this, whether you like it or not, there can only be Goodness, and nothing else, that is why I came to the conclusion that Goodness can only exist when the 13 Characteristics are not violated.


10) Constitution of a Global Platform or Organisation

A World Philanthropic organisation has to be created, but it has to be an International platform, which will plan the Strategies of Change, and it has to include all, or the possible Cultural Regions, so that the success of the Project reaches its goal, as well as all the organisations, of World scope would have to adhere to this Platform, such as NGOs, FAO, WHO, Amnesty International, ExpokNews, OECD, OECD, Unicef, Unesco, Manos Unidas, as well as all the people who want to contribute to this help to Humanity.

          The idea of creating this International Platform is immense, it has enormous dimensions, an incredible difficulty, a utopia, to bring together institutions from all over the world, it seems like a job that cannot be done, but this whole Project that I am analysing, from the beginning to the end, is also unrealisable, but once again, I leave it here, because there is no other way out.

How can we fight against other People, against ourselves, and thus produce deaths, misery, poverty, unhappiness, how can we be happy, when there are people, in prison or in hospitals, people who are sick, people who are evicted, misery, suicides, wars, people who lose their jobs, epidemics, pandemics, people who are dying of hunger and many more things, how can we be happy like this? Or be satisfied with this world or Society, knowing all this suffering of our neighbour or of our environment, or of ourselves, without us doing anything at all! Is this the world we wish for?

 For this is how Man has lived, since time immemorial, without caring anything for his fellow man, on the contrary, destroying everything around him, interested only in his own well-being.

One reality is, the richest 1% of the world’s population has more money than the remaining 99%, and in addition, there are 24 million people in the world who starve to death every year, and 25% of them are children, and there are 850 million people who go to bed hungry every day. 

According to AllinAllSpace, in 2020, there are 30,277,850 soldiers, of people in the armed forces worldwide, not including paramilitary units, according to Wikipedia, the total number of armed forces, including reserve military and paramilitary units, is 75,543.487 soldiers, these people do not produce anything, on the contrary, it is a huge expense, not only with the salaries that the military carries, but also everything that is contracted with them, such as armaments, from heavy to very sophisticated, also heavy artillery, such as tanks, warships, planes, cavalry, vehicles.

 On the other hand, we have, in the year 2017 a military expenditure of 1.73 billion € which is 1730000000000€ now in 2019 the expenditure has increased and is now 1.91 billion €, how can we allow this aberration, so big, in a world, of hunger, miseries, wars, and waste.

We have also had wars since time immemorial, wars that lasted decades and decades, slavery, rights did not exist, not even today, at least not for the majority of humans, finally we can remember, because it is not so far away, the last times of the first world war 1914, the second in 1940, the Spanish war 1936, Vietnam, the Balkan war, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and lately Syria.


11) Urgent Priority Strategies

A) The first step is to have an economy to start the project, and this could only be in rich countries, agreeing on a minimum increase of 1% VAT to finance the project.

B) Attempting to give food, and assistance

First of all, before restoring, or rather creating an economic social balance, the first thing to do is to give food, to help, to stop, to curb hunger, this scourge, this is the first priority. 

C) An economic social balance

The economic social balance alone does not depend on the poor regions, since the problem is that they are poor and cannot get out of poverty on their own, which is often due to the abuse of the rich countries, so the solution has to come from outside.

D) New educational teaching.

The new educational teaching can be structurally based on what exists today, infant education, primary, secondary, ESO and finally the universities, but there are some concepts that must be changed, first because they are the same as 5000 years ago, and because to change society we must change these principles, those responsible for not having allowed us to develop as people, and for this we are still in a wild state, the principle of educational teaching is to educate citizens of society, to learn to live with their environment, which as we have already said many times are Nature, Vegetation, Animals and Man, and this entails a total change in educational teaching, everything is an indivisible and irreplaceable unit in our Environment, and any Abuse that takes place, is not that it is intolerable, it is that it goes against the survival of the Environment, and this is the first principle, the most important one that has the educational teaching, both infant, primary, secondary, ESO and university, without this principle, there is no survival, and with this there has to be change, then all education has to deal, with this principle.


12) Forms of Government

We could take a look at the forms of government that have existed throughout history, but going back to 12000 years ago, at the beginning of the Neolithic we can see the first government, which was the Babylonian Kingdom and began with Hammurabi, who establishes an autocratic government of divine origin, In the Egyptian era, it begins its history, around 3000 BC, when King Menes united Upper and Lower Egypt under a single kingdom, with Memphis as its capital, and founded the first dynasty between 800 and 650 BC. These monarchies were replaced by oligarchies of aristocrats, I don’t want to get long because, the only thing I want to do is to make an analysis, to see that all forms of governments that have existed and exist, have been and are for the repression and Abuse of the Environment, then we have had and continue to have the following forms of government, Autocracy, Theocracy, Monarchy, Feudalism, Republic, Communism, Feudalism, Republic, Communism and Democracy, and now we find ourselves, almost, where we were at the beginning, in the Neolithic, because Autocracy, is synonymous, of a Dictatorial government that can also be religious, Theocracy, is synonymous of a government, purely Religious, The Monarchy, The Roman Monarchy began with the foundation of Ancient Rome, on April 21, 753 A.C., Feudalism, Feudalism was a social, political and economic system that prevailed during the Middle Ages, more precisely from the 9th to the 15th century, and was a consequence of Monarchy, Communism, is perhaps the most modern form of government, although unfortunately, it has not been very successful.

All these forms of government, although they have different names, and want to represent other forms, in essence they are completely the same, they have the same purpose is the same form of government, is a group of people, who exploit or abuse their citizens, and so it has been for thousands of years, and have continued to this day, today it is called, Democracy, or another name, it is the same, whatever it is called but the result is the same, whatever it is called, there was also, perhaps a hope, that failed, and it was with Communism, because the idea was going in a good direction, but empty of content, because communism as an ideal was correct, but nothing more, I don’t want to extend too much here, it was a modern attempt, but it failed, and why?, The answer is very easy, in the year 1978, in Spain, we went from Dictatorship to Democracy, from one day to the next, my first reaction was, how can you build a Democratic Country without Democrats?

Well, the same thing happened with communism, you can not go from a state so different to another with a revolution or a war, only with the intention of eliminating the sources of power, in order to occupy the forms of government and continue the abuses that they themselves gave their lives in this mission, there is no form of government today, where the citizen has influence, for better coexistence in society, in democracy the only thing you can do is vote, democracy is going to vote every 4 years, and as people live, is not important, an example U.S.A. the most democratic state in the world, 25% of its population goes hungry, and the population does not even have social security, its inhabitants, cannot go to the doctor, if they do not have money to pay for it, the democratic countries, its inhabitants, some have a minimum salary, and it is minimum if they work, otherwise they do not have salaries, and there are others that do not have a maximum salary, a shame is that a football player, however good he is, has a salary of 35 million € a year, 95.890 € a day, and this form of government, is what we call our beloved Democracy, all this set up of governments, that have ruined us as human beings, have impoverished us in dignity, only for some of course and the most curious thing is the irony and sarcasm in which they have instilled in us that with Democracy, we have Freedom and that we have the best system to govern ourselves and that we have to be proud and grateful for the Freedom that we enjoy.

On the other hand Democracy is the current modern form of government, where only the word Democracy is the revelation of the best form of government, but let’s see what Democracy is, if this is or is not what the word itself means, because it should be that the citizens can govern themselves in their own way, but it doesn’t work like that, a government is elected that its citizens believe that they will defend their interests, but what interests? because this is a very fragile position, because it does not defend anything, besides, if we look at all the democratic countries in the world, we will see, for example, that England is divided into two parts, almost the majority of all governments, if we look at the U.S.A., we will see that there is a struggle between two parts, and that these are diametrically opposed, so what is democracy, 2 opposite ideas, right and left? a recent poll, in the U.S.A. indicates, that many of those who choose a party is because that party defends christian rights, and moreover anti-abortion, or go against homosexualism, etc. In other words, a Theocracy, which has nothing to do with the progress of Society but with Religion as in the old days, and this happens in all countries, there are normally these two solutions, let’s call them as we want, Conservative idea, and Labour idea, or Socialist idea, and here everything ends, and they share it out for a few years, some are in power and then they change, and this is called Democracy, and this is perverse ignorance, and this is how it has been through thousands of years, poor ignorant humanity, the conclusion is that Autocracy, Theocracy, Monarchy, Feudalism, Republic, Communism, Democracy, again I repeat, are different forms of government, but in substance and purpose they are exactly the same, to repress their citizens.

Where is our civilisation now, if we can say civilisation! Well, we are now in the same place as we were 5000, 4000, 3000, or 2000 years ago, or in the times of the Romans, the person as a person, has not changed at all, when we refer to behaviourally, we are stagnant, but technologically, here there has been an important development, but these two curves have not been parallel, the conductivity of the person has not been parallel with the technological, and this has made a gap in civilisation.


13) Creation of Cultures or Regions and political change by Professional.

Let’s try, how we can organise our Society, let’s start with this one, not with the Environment, and not with The Norms.

The creation of countries has been the cause of wars and abuses, and has not brought any benefit to humanity, on the contrary, desolation, misery, rape, decadence, impoverishment, and destruction, and generally (it has not always been like this), but many countries are the result of a conquest, where the conquered country has lost its language, its wealth, in short, its culture has been annihilated and another one has been imposed.

The term Country must be abolished, the most important thing in our Society is the Cultural, it is the maternal, the customs, food, clothing, beliefs, dance, feelings and language, and of course also the economic, and this is inviolable, and it is this premise, and not the Country, which is of the utmost importance, then, it is these that we will call Cultural Regions, which must have a vital importance in our Society within the Environment.

The Regions will be autochthonous, sovereign and independent, but they will be able to unite with other Regions, as long as this does not damage or deteriorate their own culture. This could be done for economic reasons, but always with great care, with cultural reasons, the whole Planet would have to be organised in this way, and it would also be important to have, in addition to their mother tongue, another language to communicate with the rest of the World, in other words, we would have to be bilingual.

We have already planned our small societies, cultures or as I have already said we will call them Regions, and they will be at the centre of our Environment, and they will really be them, the Regions.

          Now we have to conceive, as the Regions have to plan, project and organise themselves, in order to be able to live, because we cannot continue as we have done until now, and the way I think we should organise it is to change, not just the territorial division, which we have already solved with the Cultural Regions, but with the political change that I will detail below.


14) Energy Change Strategies

One of the first urgent strategies of our society is the change of energy, and one way would be the change of current energy to solar energy, and one way could be the construction in deserts for global production, planning and construction of solar energy in future poor regions, and end of pollution.

The first strategy for change would be an energy revolution in all underdeveloped countries where they have a lot of sunshine, such as Africa, and in as many countries as possible, with deserts and a lot of sun, we would have to invest money to produce solar energy, in this way, it would be a profitable and green strategy for both rich and poor countries, and in this way, we could desalinate sea water to supply the needs, both as drinking water for society and for agriculture, In this way, we could desalinate sea water to be able to supply the needs, both as drinking water for society and for agriculture, and in this way we could eliminate fossil oil energy, and in this way we could eliminate environmental pollution.

The second strategy for change would be the planning of a whole structure for the construction of solar panels, perhaps hydroelectric power, wind power, and hydrogen combustion engines, etc. as well as technicians, engineers, workers, etc. and the best thing would be to plan and build everything in the place where it has to be built, in order to be able to give work to the people in need, but it could be that if there are no qualified personnel, the strategy would have to be changed, but the most important thing is to be able to change the current curve in which pollution is very serious, and on the other hand, to have a very cheap and clean energy, which above all has to be used in the third world, and not in the rich countries, although, also the rich countries would take advantage of it, because the production of solar energy is incalculable, here I give a calculation of the square kilometres, I am only talking about desert areas, which are the most optimal for this work, but it is not necessary to have a desert area to take advantage of solar energy, even in the Nordic countries where there is not much sunlight, they take advantage of this energy, and in addition to solar energy we must not forget the energy produced by hydrogen engines, this is an incredible source of energy that does not pollute.   

Here are the 8 most important deserts we have, and they are on different continents, but we must also take into account that we can also take advantage of other places that, without being deserts, we can also take advantage of such energy.

Sahara Desert                 9,065,253 km² (9,065,253 sq km)

Desert Arabia                  2,300,000 km² (2,300,000 sq km)

Deserts Australia            1,371,000 km² 1,371,000 km² 1,371,000 km² 1,371,000 km

Gobi Desert                      1,300,000 km².

Kalahari Desert              930,000 km².

Patagonian Desert           670,000 km² (670,000 km²)

Syrian Desert                  409,000 km².

Chihuahuan Desert          362,600 km².

Total                         16,407,853 km2

Here below you can see that I compare the extension of the deserts with the extension of some countries or continents, to compare, in an easier way, the enormous extension of the deserts, The usable desert area for the production of solar energy, is approximately, the area that Europe has plus that of China, or that of Russia, The desert area is an area that does not produce anything at present and could produce solar energy and thus convert it into hydropower, very necessary for agriculture, and thus contribute to irrigation, the energy produced by the sun, could be used to desalinate sea water and also produce energy for the whole world.

Russia                             17,098,242 km2

Europe                             10,180,000 km2

China                                   9,596,960 km2

Russia, Europe and China 36,875,202 sq. km.

The third strategy of change would be an intensive production of the Electrification of the Automotive Industry, in all the world in public transport, such as trucks, cars, motorbikes, trains, buses, planes, all mobility has to be Electric or Hydrogen and the energy has to be hydraulic, wind, solar, but not atomic or fossil, The source of energy must not pollute, and here it would also be very important that all these productions that are not produced today in the rich countries were advantages, primacy, privileges, so that the poor countries could raise their non-existent economy, and thus provide jobs without damaging the economy of the rich countries.

The fourth strategy for change would be to build a small local industry for the construction and repair of vehicles, tools and other agricultural implements.

The fifth strategy for change would be to create a self-administrative government for each region, and thus to create their respective autonomous forms of administration, to regulate the culture, the local economy, with all its consequences.

The sixth strategy for change would not be in the poor countries, but in the rich countries, and in order not to arouse rejection, this would have to be minimised in the rich countries in order to be successful, and this would be to raise VAT by 1% worldwide in order to be able to amortise the costs for the poor countries. 1% would be and is a very gentle movement in the economy of the rich countries, but it would be a very important amount when it is on a global level.

The Seventh strategy of change, The Banks, these are today a very important institution and tool in our Region, because they are the ones who have the money of the Region, and they are the ones who distribute it according to the demand and under an interest, the money does not belong to the Banks, but they distribute it, under a stipulated payment, the banks cannot be abolished, because the money belongs to the society or Region, but they could contribute to our project, with a low interest.

The Eighth strategy of change, The Gasoline Companies, and The Electricity Companies, these are doomed to fade away, as oil energy has to disappear, and their days are numbered, but a very attractive, seductive strategy, for the survival of the companies, would be a reconversion from oil, and electricity, to an aid to electrification, solar energy, and just like the Banks strategy a very important aid to our Project.

These 8 Strategies are the core of the change in our society, and as you can see, they are of vital importance and complexity, almost impossible to achieve, only the force of survival will be able to make humanity achieve this feat, never seen before in the history of humanity, only we can be or not be capable of this dream, to be able to live and survive happily with our environment, that is, Nature, Vegetation, Animals and among them, Mankind.


15) Desert Strategy

Solar panels seem to have a standard size, and the output of these seem similar, so I put the following as a standard so I can try to calculate, the output of these panels, A solar panel of 164 cm2 x 99 cm2 produces, 340 W.

A panel of 164cm2. 99 cm2. = 16.236 cm2, which is the content per square.

1 mtr.2 has 10.000 cm2

1 km2 is equal to cm2

1 Km2, equals 1,000,000 mtr.2


so, if 1 km2 contains 10,000,000,000,000 cm22, and we divide by 16232 cm2, we will see that 1 km2 contains 615,915 panels giving 340 w per hour of energy, then we will know how much energy per hour 1 km2 will give us, which is 209,411,185 w per hour, or 209,411 KW. Per hour

We now know approximately that

1 Km2 produces 209,411 KW per hour,

then 16,407,853 km2 * 209,411 equals 3,435,984,904,583 KW. Hour,

Well, if we are brave, and we are, we can conclude, if the analysis is correct, that with the surface area of the deserts, today, which produce nothing, they could produce,

3,435,984,904,583 KW per hour.

           The amount of energy consumed in the world annually is approximately 85 trillion (85,000,000,000,000,000,000) kilowatt hours.

This is what can be measured, i.e. the energy that is bought, sold or traded.

 KW. / 1000= MW. / 360 = 232.876.712 MW. per day, / 24 = 9.703.196 MW per hour

I.e., Current consumption per day and per hour

232,876,712 MW. per day,

9,703,196 MW per hour

Current consumption 9,703,196 MW per hour.

1 panel of 164cm2. 99 cm2. equals 16.236 cm2, which is the content per square, then

1 Km2 is equal to 1.000.000 mt2.

1 mtr.2 has 10.000 cm2

1 km.2 contains, cm22

1 km2 contains 615,915 panels delivering 340 watts per hour.

1 km2 with 615915 panels at 340w equals 209.411.100w or 209.411 KW

1 Km2, which is 209,411,185 w per hour, or 209,411 KW.

1 Km2 produces 209,411 KW per hour

All deserts of the World

16,407,853 km2

1 Km2 produces 209,411 KW per hour, with the current existing panels.

The result will be as follows

So with all the deserts, multiplied by what gives 1 km2 it is

3,435,984,904,583 KW per hour

3,435,984,904 MW

3,435,984 GW

3,435 TW

Today there is a consumption of 9,703,196 MW per hour.

With all the deserts in the world 3.435.984.904 MW

This difference is an outrageous amount, not double or triple, but it is 354 times the completely clean energy consumption that is currently consumed worldwide.

Now I want to calculate how much green energy we would have to produce from today’s deserts to cover only what is consumed worldwide today, i.e., the current consumption is 9,703,196 MW.  to calculate this we can do, very easily with a rule of three, that is,

if we produce 3.435.984.904 MW with 16.407.853 Km2, then how many Km2 do we need to produce the current consumption of the whole World which is 9.703.196 MW, the rule of three says, 16.407.853 * 9.703.196 = 159.208.613.598.188 / 3.435.984.904 = 46.335 Km2, and this is the result, we have 16.407.853 km2, a little more than 16 million Km2, but we only need 46.335 Km2, to cover all the energy production in the whole world, and completely green, without polluting, and completely free to produce, besides the smallest desert in the world, of the 8 deserts that I present here, which is the Chihuahua desert, which is in the south of USA, and according to me it has 362.600 km², but according to Wikipedia, it has 450.000 Km2,

Then we would only need 10% of this desert to cover the energy needs of the whole world, of all the deserts, 16,407,853 km2, only 46,335 km2, insignificant, isn’t it?

What a shame that we humans destroy our environment, enriching some and impoverishing others where we live, without anyone raising their voice or speaking out, we are blind and ignorant.

All this information that I give here, and that I have tried to make as true, reliable as possible, but perhaps it is not so, if it is not so, and someone could rectify me, I would like very much to be contacted to be able to amend it, and thus to put the correct data, because we are all the ones who have to build a Better World, I am only one more in the link that we all are, and it depends on all of us, how we are going to build our world, which I hope will not be the current one, then we have to think differently, and I have no doubt that we will survive.


16) Biological Pleasure

It is well known, since time immemorial that a person has 5 senses, smell, taste, sight, touch and hearing, but this is not entirely true, because the senses are many things, for example we feel sadness, cold, and countless other things, but I will not go on too long because what we are talking about here is to give the ideas of what I think and then if you want, you can develop this idea, well, let’s leave it as it was but with one more sense that is the sense of pleasure, what is pleasure?

          Well, what we call today sexual pleasure, which for me sounds horrifying, then the 5 senses will become 6 senses, smell, taste, sight, touch, hearing and pleasure, I am not going to talk about the 5 senses, but I am going to talk about the new one, the sixth one, pleasure and only this one, and it is because this one has marked a milestone through humanity since the beginning of its existence, until our times, and the strength of this sense has been impeccable, unbreakable, unalterable, static and monolithic, unbreakable, unalterable, static, and monolithic, the principle of this sense, is the survival of the species, and in this aspect, there is no doubt and not much to discuss, because we already know what it is, but there are infinite facets as with the other senses, that humanity has experienced, this pleasure, since time immemorial, and also until today pleasure, has been a taboo, and humanity, has behaved in a way, very stable, monolithic.

 The pleasure turned into sex, is the responsible, of how our society, has been turning, in our society in a behaviour, intolerable, harmful, harmful and dangerous, this has constructed, the society to its image and likeness, and this has behaved, a very embarrassing, difficult, difficult, confusing position, for the good development of the Society, in addition all the conduct, of the humans is contaminated, and constructed about what we call sex, And this has created what we call morality, and it is what makes us behave as we do, whether we behave in one way or another, morality will always be responsible for us having feelings of guilt, even if in reality, the behaviour is not punitive, but if morality does not allow it, the feeling will be of guilt, and this is what we have to solve, it is not sex that has to build our existence as a society.

All that I am going to expose now, may perhaps, scandalise, but my intention is not to scandalise, it is to change our harmful habits for a society where we all meet in peace and happiness.


17) Social pleasure, influence

What is Pleasure?

Every living species has its reproductive apparatus, for its survival as a species, in the animal, the reproductive apparatus, is built or adapted, with a system, so that the species, have more possibilities, of reproduction and this is the pleasure, and it has been like this for thousands of years, especially for the animal world, in the world of the intelligent man it has been different, this lasted many thousands of years, today in the countries called of the East, the role of the woman is not the same as before, but we are still very far from equality, man and woman, but this is not what I want to talk about, it’s about the sixth sense, pleasure, and this is very connected with history, well, as we see pleasure was restricted, on an individual level, between two people, in intimacy, in solitude, and without public, the reproductive parts, they were called genitalia, they were feigned or hidden, and so it continues to be, in any case, they were not shown in public, and if so, the person was ashamed, then it was when the Taboo was created, by showing one’s ears, one is not ashamed, isn’t it? And I don’t say to make acts that we call sexual that I say of pleasure, in public, right? All this is conditioned by a culture, and at the same time a Moral, a ballast of many, but many thousands of years, and that conditioned us to the current behaviour, and as I usually say, I do not want and it is not my intention to deepen and lengthen with this subject, here I leave it, so that if others believe it convenient to deepen, well here it is, it is not about making a life of coven, or sexual orgies, but on the contrary, download sex, and put it to a level, acceptable that does not disturb, the normal human behaviour.

The problem is that we have not assimilated it, we have not understood it, pleasure cannot be bad! But since the beginning of our human intelligence we have confused, distorted, complicated, muddled, falsified, the pleasure, how is it possible, that a pleasure, involves some very complicated behaviours? Man has distorted, tangled pleasure, because pleasure is one more sense like smell, taste, sight, touch, hearing, and with these, we have not tangled them as much as pleasure, what the hell has happened with pleasure, and here is the Taboo, here is also the crux of the matter, Of course it has an origin, but it is not my intention to go into it, we have problems with young people, when at the age of puberty, they want to find a partner, and try pleasure, because they are full of pleasure, they go to discotheques, they fill themselves with alcohol or maybe drugs, so that, in this way, they are much better prepared for pleasure, they are much better prepared for pleasure, if they don’t do it this way, it is because they have not been taught, neither by their parents, nor at school how to do it, and this is the way it works today, the girls wear fashionable, provocative clothes, and painted and arranged to the maximum so that the hunt is effective, this causes many problems, one of them is that they do not know how to do it, and this is the way it works today, the girls wear fashionable, provocative clothes, and painted and arranged to the maximum so that the hunt is effective, this causes many problems, One of them is that it is carried out in a very artificial scenario, that the only thing that is wanted is not the contact but the beauty, and a pleasure, that under my criteria, is fraudulent, in addition it can contract, undesired consequences, the young people, would not have to have problems with the pleasure, but to the being a Taboo, communication between young people is good, but the communication of Pleasure or Sexual, here there is a distortion, also harmful, because to be able to have a sexual relationship, they have to be under the effects of alcohol or drugs, and this is a distorted effect, in addition, the unions, for the first time, usually contribute to a sentimental bond, obligation, which makes such people, are affected by such behaviour, and this is completely unacceptable, communication between young people, and not young people, in addition, that may involve a behaviour of Pleasure, it does not have to involve a sentimental obligation, I don’t want to expand too much on this subject, because it is very extensive, but school education is a very good measure to take, and it is very important to take, and it is very important to take into account the fact that the communication between young people, and not young people, is completely unacceptable, as well as the fact that it can lead to a behaviour of Pleasure, is a very good measure to take and completely necessary, but it is a reality that contact with young people, so that they can experience both pleasure and experience how young people fit together to form the present or the future within society, this is non-existent today.

Firstly, we are going to analyse the sixth sense, Pleasure, what is this? As I have already said, pleasure is the sixth sense, and it has a vital importance, first it is responsible for the survival of the species, and second it is a source of Pleasure, they are two different things, but through history it has been united with the result that it is not a sense, but Sex, to everything related, to this sense, sexual organ, sexuality, eroticism, even love, pleasure, is a sense that by the functionality that has been given to it, it contracts, a particular characteristic that must be taken into account and that also brings us problems, and that is that it is a sense, with the functionality that has been given to it, Pleasure is a sense that, due to the functionality that has been given to it, of procreation, has a particular characteristic that must be taken into account and that also brings us problems, and that is that it is a sense, with a property that is appetizing, if it has been created in this way, pleasure or as sex is called today, is like appetite, when you haven’t eaten for a while, you are hungry, and when you have finished eating, you are no longer hungry, because this is how pleasure behaves.

We have analysed the source, almost biologically, now we will do it socially, and here it is more complicated, because by influencing man, and when I say man I naturally include woman, he or she distorts everything to get the best benefit, but the reality has been that he has abused pleasure, he has transformed it into something bad, unworthy, he has changed pleasure for sex within society, because he has not understood what pleasure is, and for this reason he has distorted it, and in this way he has distorted the society in which he lives, today sex is not that it is present in society, the problem is that it is contaminating it, changing it, enhancing it to an undesirable limit, where society is saturated by this sense, because those who live in it behave in a special way, if we see the behaviour of people, we will see that the whole society is about sex, not pleasure, young people go after sex, as if possessed, women try to go with clothes that, besides being very uncomfortable, are very uncomfortable, women try to wear clothes that are not only very uncomfortable, tight to the body, exaggeratedly painted, and with high heels, not suitable for walking, and all to be more sexy, families have disintegrated as you will see below, and a pornography industry has been created, (where I believe that pornography does not have to exist, because it is fraudulent, it has nothing to do with pleasure), we see rapes, persecutions, in short, innumerable sexist actions in our society, which go against pleasure, it is saturated with sexism, It is saturated with sexism, which does not allow us to develop as intelligent people, but it has created a fictitious world, where it is mistakenly thought that the construction of this society is wrong, and I am not going to expand on this, but it is clear that sex, as it is understood today, is a scourge that contaminates, distorts and damages our most essential principles of coexistence, and has also created something that we call Moral, which is the content of all these distorted, fraudulent, lying and false behaviours.

Pleasure, like the other senses, has been attributed to us for our survival and for our better development in our environment, it makes it easier for us to coexist in our environment, but when it comes to pleasure we have to know it and study it, as it is a very important sense, the problem we have today is that we are culturally and morally contaminated and it will be very difficult to restructure this behaviour, which unfortunately we have had for thousands of years, we behave almost like wild animals.


18) The Pleasure Reset, and start again

How can we change these habits, and bring pleasure back to our society, well, we also have to set the Reset Button to “zero”. We have to start an education with parents, an education at school, and an education in society, the reproductive organs or “genitals” today are hidden, (it still works, the apple of Eve), and there is no reason for an organ of our body, we feel ashamed, we do not do it with the others, why do we do it with this one? Well, it is partly because it is our culture, and within the culture is the moral, and this moral is contaminated and distorted through our values that have other parameters, where it says that pleasure is bad, it is shameful, in circumstances where it is not with the wife, and can only be done for reproductive purposes, and our morality has been educated to these values, neither parents nor children have to hide, and neither does the rest of society, of course we have to dress, especially when it is cold, we can have pleasure in many ways, but I will only mention three, one can be intercourse, masturbation, and caresses, the three, are very legitimate, and is a gift, fantastic that nature has given us, (among other things (intercourse) for human survival), intercourse, you should use, as long as two people agree, masturbation, is different, because the pleasure besides being pleasure is an appetite, and according to individual need, it should be used according to individual needs, masturbation is necessary, and should be used, if there is no other way of pleasure, and parents and schools should encourage it, just as coitus, should also be encouraged, pleasure is not something bad, but necessary and especially in youth, and also in society, pleasure should be encouraged, first to decrease the appetite to a level of normal relaxation, nowadays, there is a great burden of sexuality, enhancing, glorified, exalting, by a series of behaviours, daily, that make that these loads, sexual can modify our behaviour in a dangerous way, for this we have to unload, in a normal way, and this is to remove the tension so that we behave, with normality, not like now, and the aim would be, the normalisation through Pleasure with coitus and masturbation, and caresses, because pleasure is a good thing, and very healthy, but for all this we have to change our current society, that is corrupted, especially by sex. Pleasure is clean, sex is not! I know, that this can be scandalous, nowadays, but we have to change the society, to normalize this incorrectness, or social error, one of the effects of this erroneous sexual conduct, accentuated, emphasized and enhanced, is the lack of means, of communication, relation, and coexistence between the people of the society, between how they have to organize themselves, this means has not existed, because the most interesting thing has been, to achieve, the purpose blindly, and then to meet with the result, here below we will see, the family, before the family had an owner, and this was invariable, unalterable, impassive and sovereign, then, in the last century, the society has changed a little, and the family has changed a lot, here below we see, the alterations of the family, actual, here below we see, the alterations of the family, actual.


19) Groups Family

    Our society, like all societies, is made up of groups, let’s call them families, and these may be the following:

1. Classical (two-parent) family The classical family is what we know as the typical family, i.e. the family consisting of a father, a mother and their children. Societies generally encourage their members to form such families.

2. Single-parent family A single-parent family is a family in which only one parent is responsible for the family unit, and therefore for raising the children. It is usually the mother who stays with the children, although there are also cases where the children stay with the father. When only one parent takes care of the family, it can be a heavy burden, so they often require help from other close relatives, such as the children’s grandparents. The causes for the formation of this type of family can be divorce, premature motherhood, widowhood, etc.

3. Adoptive family This type of family, the adoptive family, refers to parents who adopt a child. Although they are not the biological parents, they can play a great role as nurturers, equivalent to the biological parents in all respects.

4. Childless family This type of family, the childless family, is characterised by the fact that it has no descendants. Sometimes, the parents’ inability to procreate leads them to adopt a child. In any case, we can well imagine a family unit in which, for one reason or another, they have not wanted or been able to have children. It should not be forgotten that it is not the presence or absence of children that defines a family.

5. Compound family This family, the compound family, is characterised by the fact that it is made up of several classic families. The most common cause is that other families have been formed after the break-up of the couple, and the child not only lives with his or her mother and her partner, but also has the family of his or her father and his or her partner, and may even have step-siblings.

It is a type of family more common in rural than in urban settings, especially in contexts where there is poverty.

6. Homo-parental family This type of family, homo-parental, is characterised by two homosexual fathers (or mothers) adopting a child. There can also be homo-parental families consisting of two mothers, of course. Although this possibility is the subject of much social debate, studies have shown that children of same-sex parents have normal psychological and emotional development, as for example this APA report explains.

7. Extended family This type of family, the extended family, is characterised by the fact that the children are brought up by different family members or several members of the family (parents, cousins, grandparents, etc.) live in the same house. If you have ever seen the famous series “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, you can see how Will lives in the house of his uncle, who adopts the role of his father. It can also happen that one of the children has his own son and they all live under the same roof. Why do I mention and classify the different types of families? Well, so that we can see the process that the family has had through the times, the family, understood as a family, no longer exists, now other types of families have developed, and surely this does not end here.

These existing forms of the family are the ones that exist today in our society. The family as a classical (two-parent) family still exists, but, as we can see, it is developing, for better or for worse, but the family is not static, and we have not yet seen how it will develop, but we see an indication, it seems that the family has a tendency to change.


20) Conclusion

 We will have to make a reset in our mentality and in our way of living, and start from scratch, and this is almost impossible, but the direction is this, and it is already set, there is no turning back, we have to start from scratch, and it is difficult, very difficult, because the 4 Norms, which were 10 before and then only 4, and now only 1, involve such a radical change in the behaviour of Humanity, that it requires a super human effort, which cannot be done in a short period of time, in addition to some of the difficulties, which are to convince the people of this planet, to change the way they are used to, at least the people who are socially and economically favoured, to convince these people that they have to provide food for 24 million people who die of hunger every year, and that they also have to provide, supply, supply, supply, 850 million people in the world who go to sleep on an empty stomach, and that at a global level, it has to be levelled out, so that there are no longer these differences, which make us humans be wild beasts, without scruples, with wars, killing our neighbours, destroying the system where we live, only to make profit for ourselves, without any feeling of love for our neighbours, but on the contrary, and as I have said this is the main problem for this project to be satisfactory, or to succeed, but if we do not succeed, it will be the same, if we do not succeed we are going to the destruction of the Planet, and if we do nothing and continue as we are now, then there is only one way, it is “Love your Environment above all things”, everything else is the annihilation of the Planet.

Enric Giné


Enric Giné I Orengo

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