Is this the world we want?

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1) History of mankind

           Let’s first make a deep analysis of the world we live in to be able to answer with this question !  

Where is our civilization now ? if we can say civilization ! Well now we are in the same place as exactly the same as 5000, 4000, 3000, or 2000 years ago, or in Roman times, the person as a person has not changed anything, when we refer behaviorally, we are stagnant, but technologically, here there has been an important development, but these two curves have not been parallel, the conductivity of the person has not been parallel with the technological one, and this has caused a gap in civilization.     

We can see that here, that on our Planet, living with an environment between Plants, Nature, such as the Sea, Oceans, Rivers, Mountains, Forests, and Animals and among them Man , who are and are predators, more than The Man who has been and is an Animal that in addition to being a predator, lives isolated in his world and does not care about the welfare of other Animals or Vegetation, or Nature , and also that he does not care about the welfare of Vegetation, Animals, People and Nature , in addition to all this, he exploits them, just for the mere intention of taking advantage for him, everything that can benefit him, he does not care about the result, and so it has been through humanity, in thousands and thousands of years , has not changed, humanity has been and is, in both a wild state, as it always has been. 

In order to understand this, we have to do an analysis of why, we are where we are, in this wild state, and if we look back, we will see that we behave in the same way as many thousands of years ago, and my theory has been the little human intelligence , or the misuse of it, well now I say intelligence, which is this word, because we are going to define it, I have to define everything, everything that I do not understand, I have to define it until I understand it, yes no, I cannot continue, Intelligence is a word that has been given a treatment, we would almost say intellectual, and really this word is very primitive, our body does everything very primitively, but very intelligent, if not, we would be dead, the heart It beats without telling you anything, like, we breathe, we grow, our body everything that happens or does is intelligent , we could also instinctively say , if not, we could not live, just like intelligence is, a plan, or a strategy , to do something, to have r a concept of innumerable things in life, they can even be philosophical, but it is simply a plan or a strategy, usually a very primitive plan, and this can be correct or incorrect, fortunately, the environment around us is correct, as La Nature, Vegetation, Animals, and Man, until his human intelligence appeared , and used it against and towards his neighbor, since this is his worst enemy, has been and is, and is this human intelligence , which has served him to make wars kill thousands of people and selfishly enrich himself, himself and the group of people who have helped him to do these abuses against the same people. Where human intelligence has flourished greatly, as I have said before, it is the technology that has made a spectacular advance in relation to behavior.                     

How can we fight against other People ?, against ourselves, and thus produce deaths, misery, poverty, unhappiness, how can we be happy, when there are people, in prison or in hospitals, people who are sick, people who are evicted, misery, suicides, wars, people who lose their jobs, epidemics, pandemics, people who die of hunger and many other things, how can one be happy like this? or be satisfied with this world or society, knowing all this suffering of our neighbor or our environment, without us doing anything at all! Is this the world we want? Well, this is how Man has lived, since time immemorial without caring about his neighbor, on the contrary, destroying everything that surrounds him, only interested in his well-being.   

One reality is, The richest 1% of the world’s population has more money than the remaining 99%, and in addition, there are 24 million people in the world, who die of hunger every year and 25% are children, in addition there are 850 million people who go to sleep hungry every day.      

On the other hand, we have, in 2017, a military expenditure of € 1.73 billion, which is € 173,000,000,000, how can we allow this aberration, so great.

We have also had, wars since time immemorial, wars that lasted decades and decades, slavery, rights did not exist, not today, at least for most humans, we can finally remember, because it is not so far away, the last times of the World War I 1914, the second in 1940, the Spanish 1936, Vietnam, the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and lately Syria.  

2) abuse 

When we want someone to do what we want, and this often happens, if we have a privileged position in society, such as being smarter than the other, or having a higher link in the society we live in, there are thousands of privileged links in society, which are responsible for the ferocious and savage abuse that we all suffer, this is the reason that our society has been stagnant for thousands of years.  

We must carefully analyze the Word Abuse , since it is the main word that has behaviorally paralyzed us through these thousands of years to the present, if we analyze the word Discriminate, we will see that in the dictionary of the Spanish language, it is written ” See the difference between two things “, this is Discriminate, and nothing more than this, it is something that fortunately we do every day, everything is different, a house, a tree, a stone, and ” To discriminate is to see the difference “, now there is the word ” Discrimination ” and what does the dictionary of the Spanish language say? that “Discrimination is the different and harmful treatment that is given to a person for reasons of race, sex, political ideas, religion”, we have already said that to discriminate is to see the difference between two things , and it is also with discrimination, what that occurs with discrimination is that when you see the difference, and try different from a person on grounds of race, sex, politics, religion, is something else, but before the discrimination should discriminate if it is white, black, yellow or another color, and then you will discriminate if there is or you have the opportunity to do so.                       

There are many synonyms for the word “Abuse”, many, for example, Discrimination, Slavery, etc. What is not having Freedom because you are under the control of another person, and this is actually Abuse, now I leave a list that I say 13 Characteristics, where Abuse usually occurs .           

People are not only discriminated against or abused by the color of their skin, but by the condition that they are, in society, if it is black, or white, and if it is left, it will be, be it black or white or yellow, This is not important, but imagine if it were the former president of USA Obama , he is black, he will not be indiscriminate, because he is black he will be discriminated against , but not indiscriminate , then it may be the yellow target, the one that should be careful, it is white and if it is left, all that is involved is that if the person is not very smart, he has to be careful of him who is or is superior to him and that he is more clever, and with this hierarchy that I am talking about, too It can be abused or indiscriminate whether he is black or white, for example if he is a smart politician and who uses all the possibilities as a smart person does , or smarter than those he addresses, or if his position in society or at work is better, or he is above what they are lower, this position tion hierarchy of which I spoke earlier, will make this person to being in a higher degree to the Company, who is down, give month superiority, and that will make this person can always pull a profit from it that is down, because he can do it, and this is Abusar.                                                             

What characteristics are the most remarkable that these Abuses take place? Well there are many, today our societies are very different, since we count from very poor societies to very rich societies, well, economically speaking ! But the crux of the matter is the same, for poor and rich, what is involved is the Abuse of one person towards another, and of course also the classic Discrimination that we all know is also it, Discrimination is protected by law but the Abuse , normalmenteno !!               

The characteristics of the most common groups where these abuses are often infringed are 13:  

1) money

2) Races  

3) Sex or gender 

4) Political ideas 

5) Religions 

6) Cultures 

7) Refugees 

8) Immigrants 

9) Social hierarchy 

10) Degree of education, teaching or illiteracy, school training, or university 

11) Clever, insightful, cunning, intelligent, resourceful, skilled 

12) Beauty, Handsome, 

13) Age 

The 1) Money, money are many things, one is Money itself , the other a political or social system, Capitalism , another can be Communism , and lately Socialism , I could also mention more, but these seem to be the most have influenced our society, the religious will leave it in a section, and we’ll talk about the , all can be abusive , the Capitalism and says it by its name is the Capital what is above all, he can do it almost everything, Communism , jokingly, as the word says, would have to distribute everything, among the partners, who make it up, but this is not always the case, this group that is at the top and controls the system, is usually relatively very small , and they are the ones who share the cake, also like Capitalism , those who have the jobs, and important political places, they do not necessarily abuse, but there are more possibilities that they do. 

The 2) Race , here can be a bit in contradiction, because it seems that whites Abuse blacks, and it is also true that this is always the case , however, there are situations that do not ! That it can be the other way around that a foreman is black, and he can Abuse a white, only, if one of the 13 Characteristics, takes place, then it is Abuse, but you have to be careful that this does not happen.              

The 3) Sex Here there is no much problem, also as above could be classified as abuse both sexual and gender, the man who seduces or viola, or seeks a relationship without the consent of the other person, but could also be a woman seduces a man to take advantage of him. So it is also Abuse          

The 4) Political Ideas , also as previous a classic  

The 5) Religion , also like the previous one, a classic, religion, forces to be within a direction  

The 6) Cultural , Well, things get a bit complicated here, because culture is many things, and very different between them, including Religion, Muslim Cultures, Orthodox, Christian, Protestant, Tibetan, etc … but the thread of the question is not religious but cultural that some cultures are not so developed from others or perhaps more modernized, or especially minority cultures that are within other cultures, there may be someone who can take advantage of this question, we have an example , the German Republic, where 30 years ago there were two Germany, the East and the West, where there was a lot of difference between them both culturally and economically, well this existence still continues, and now it is a single Nation, a single Republic       

The 7) Refugees , collective this, it is very vulnerable, being discriminated against because they almost always have no rights and must accommodate to which they can   

The 8) Immigrants , this group is also very vulnerable, also by circumstances, such as refugees, have no rights.  

The 9) Social Hierarchy, In all societies there are very well defined social layers, among them the economic ones, which are also closely related to the cultural ones, these also have a very important weight, when it comes to positioning themselves to an Abuse , the Social hierarchies are very extensive, for example, today’s jobs are made up of a hierarchy that goes from top to bottom, and that is in our entire society and in all other societies, and this is where many Abuses, in addition to groups, gypsies, etc. etc..       

The 10) Degree of education , teaching or illiteracy, school training, or university. This could be included with 8, but here it is better defined, according to a person who is more cultured, who has a school education, will almost always have a superiority, with a person who is not, or is illiterate.   

The 11) Smart, Insightful, cunning, intelligent, resourceful, skillful. 

 This could also be confused with education or training, but this feature is not always connected with education or educational training, a person list or smart , you could easily Abusing a person with limited capacity.    

La 12) Beauty , This has a clearly very high importance, when treating a behavior that can lead to Abuse .   

The 13) The age , The Man can take advantage of, or of a boy or girl, or of an old person.   

                     I would like to make an observation, of what I understand of the person as human, what relationship does he have with the environment that surrounds him? Well, a lot, everything is related, everything has a balance and a logic, and I explain it here below, in chapter 3 A link in the Universe   

3) A link in the Universe   

                  If we observe ourselves we will see what we are, simply a person, a unit, within our Universe as are the cells within our body, if we look back inside our body we will see that it is covered with a skin, and everything ends here, but if we take a microscope, we will see that under the skin, there are some cells, and then we would see the «DNA», and if we continued to the end we would see the Protons and Electrons, all dancing around themselves with a balance fantastic.            

All this is when we look inside ourselves, but now we look outside our body, and we make the same observation again, but this time, outside our body, also with us, in the center, and looking towards the sky, If it is daytime we will see the sun, if not it is not cloudy, if it is night and it is not cloudy we will see the moon and the stars and perhaps some nebulae, but everything ends here too, but now instead of taking a microscope We take a telescope, we will see that there are more stars than we could see with the naked eye, we will see that the Moon, the planets, the sun, and the stars are also all dancing around themselves, the planets revolving around the sun, like If they danced with balance, as they did when we looked into our body, the Neutrons that revolved around the Protons.

It seems that there is a parallel inside the person and the outside, it seems that there is a very intimate relationship, a balance, that we cannot break it, I mean that we cannot remove a ring or link, like removing a planet, or a star since everything would go down, just as you cannot remove an electron or any other link, without everything going down, this is also valid, with Nature, everything is in balance and we cannot destroy a link as a species both Vegetable as Animal , and when I say Animal I also include the Person, the Man , it is like breaking a link, and we cannot do that without it having fatal consequences. 

This theory is also valid, with Humanity, People like electrons or planets are in full contact and balance, People are by our side, like the cells of our body, and like Nature and we have to be careful , to take care of them and take care of ourselves so that we cannot do without them, we cannot do without any link, we must keep that in mind.

There was a Man who said, “We have learned to fly like birds, to swim like fish, but we have not learned the simple art of living as brothers.” This was Martin Luther King .  

This gives us a reflection, which is, that we must be in balance with our travel companions who are Nature, Vegetation, Animals, and Man, these four means, which have always existed, for thousands of years and have always been in balance, until the appearance of intelligent man , with the appearance of his intelligence , we all went and are threatened with death, this is where we must reflect, for our survival of The Planet and our own.    

Why do we have to pollute the Sea, the Ocean, the Air, the Rivers, the Earth? Why do we have to destroy the Forests, the Vegetation? Why do we have to kill the animals? Why do we have to kill Men? If we organize ourselves well and understand what the thing is about, which is balance, this holocaust that we are doing, this destruction, would no longer be necessary, because we need everything that surrounds us, Nature, Vegetation, Animals and Man. 

I am not religious, but there is a phrase that in addition to that I like a lot, and that makes a lot of sense and is in balance with the Universe, and without this phrase, we go straight to the precipice, and it is «Love your neighbor as you love same ” , if it could be like that, we would be better off , and we would be happier, without wars, without the military, without the police, in short, a good dream.      

Why should we love our neighbor? Is it the word of God? The reason to love or not, is a question of survival of balance, it is the Universe that is set up in this way, with balance, the cells of our body are all in contact with each other and they are all necessary, as soon as one dies, others are born , one and the other are always in balance, when it is not, the death of the system comes, therefore, we have to get along, with the People we are living as well as with the cells of our body, and the whole universe behaves so, and so we have to do, because we cannot go against the universe.      

4) Good and Bad 

Being in balance with the Universe, with everything that surrounds us, such as Man, with Animals, with Nature , by loving all this, is called Goodness , and if we do not do it, it is called Evil , and Evil is the abuse we do, to the Nature, vegetation, animals and man , we also have and we must say no !! To the violations of the 13 Characteristics , and yes !! to the goodness, love the nature, vegetation, animals and man , because this is our only survival, if we consider these four firsts , and we persevered, and we like us, we love ourselves, the problem finish would also the Abuses , and we could start to progress as people with four brothers who are our “La nature, vegetation, animals and man ” and out of this state both wild that we are, if not well , I see it very badly, we only have this way out, and it is a way out of survival and happiness.                              

I would like to define what Goodness is for me , describing an experience that I lived when I was a child.My family was well positioned in society, and it was customary at that time that people in need asked for alms and came to the doors of The houses, my grandmother, would go out many times to open the door, and when she was a person who begged for alms, sometimes she gave them and sometimes not, and one day there was a knock on the door and it was I who went out and saw an old lady who was begging me for alms, I got it off my back and in a bad way, well that night I could not sleep, and I swore that I would never do it again, this episode has haunted me all my life, not for the mere fact, that I did something bad, but the experience of this episode haunted me all my life, and I forced myself to do good things, because I couldn’t do bad things, not because I was good, but because when I did something bad, my body rejected it, and we had a bad time, it was better to do good things and not feel bad, it is It was pure selfishness, because doing good so as not to feel bad !!!! It is not Goodness , and what is this of Goodness or Evil? Here is the crux of the matter ! My conclusion is if you do Goodness , because for you you cannot do Evil , that has no value, as there are also many people who do evil, and it is impossible for them to do Goodness , well I don’t want to get too long with this because it is very extensive, my conclusion of Goodness , this is not mine, I have to do it because physically I do not feel good, if I do the Evil .                                    

My version of Goodness or Badness is in general, the description that I make through all Analysis or Reasoning from the beginning to the end, where Goodness is not a feeling, but almost an obligation, to understand our universe where we live, and to see the intimate connection, between the different links, including the treatment that we must have with the close links, here is the true goodness , it must be done !!, there is no alternative here, than to love !!, it is goodness , to help, all this Whether our body likes it or not, there is only Goodness , and nothing else, that is why I drew the conclusion that Goodness only exists when the 13 Characteristics are not violated.Just today in Brazil a lady priest of a Church ordered her children to to kill her husband or father of the children, this woman adopted 37 children after they had a misfortune, an act of kindness and then order her children to murder their father, an act of evil , The lady who has criminal immunity since she It is political and it is protected, Here is the Good and the Bad                   

5) Conclusion  

¿ What conclusion can we draw from all this reasoning or analysis, it is obvious that there is something we do not let develop as we had to do, and there is a ring or link in all this balance that seems to not work, and this link is the Man This link is in discord with himself and with the entire system that surrounds him is the environment where he lives, which is at war with himself, and also with Nature, vegetation, and Animals. It is a very sad and bleak panorama, and worst of all, it is against humanity itself, and there can be no possible agreement, if these rules of the game are not changed, which I have already mentioned with this analysis or reasoning. , and changing them now is very difficult, because you have to change a whole mentality, a whole system of production, distribution, teaching, in short it is to start again, having lost more than 5000 years, which I see as almost impossible to do this change, but on the other hand, there is a possible solution, there is no alternative, we must understand that we are a link in a system that is in balance with yourself, because your environment so done, and it is not possible Abusing of the men with those he himself lives, and the like with Nature ‘s vegetation and animals , understand it and love it , and run it , is a task that will take many hundreds, perhaps thousands of years, but if the man wants to survive, it has another way.         

We will still see how much misery Man has to suffer, will we continue with the 25 million people dying of hunger each year? With 850 million people go hungry every day? And with bloody wars? what Man has suffered through his history and what he will suffer is inhuman, but it is, and the pity is that if we had been able to have worked with our intelligence to be able to help ourselves, we would be in another place, with prosperity and happiness.       

Well, we are at the end of the reasoning or analysis, and the question is the same as in the beginning, Is this the world we want ???

Enric Giné

Tossa 08-25-2014

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