Racism Discrimination Equality Feminism


Let’s define first, what I define, which is what!

                1) Racism, Discrimination

It is giving or treating a person differently because of religion, race or skin colour.

                2) Discriminate

It can be defined as to separate, distinguish or differentiate something from another, to see something different from the other, “Discriminate or Indiscriminate” could be like Racism but it is not, although you could discriminate a black person from a white person, this would be discriminate, and since with discrimination is to see the difference, then it would not be Racism but discrimination, but if you treat her differently because she is black or white then it is Racism, discrimination in itself is a taboo that we have given, society, through time the word discrimination has been given the same meaning as Racism, that is to say it is a synonym but it is not, later I want to go more in depth with this subject.

               3) Feminism,

Feminism is the opposite of what the Feminist movement fights for, it is a misunderstanding, it is an entelechy, the Feminist movement fights for the equality of women with men and jocularly, in their equality they call it Feminism, it is as if men call their equality Masculinity or Chauvinism, doesn’t that make a lot of sense? doesn’t it? Well, I go much deeper in my analysis, in point 2g) Male-Female equality, which makes my point of view on feminism very clear.

              4) Equality,

It is a social desire where, among many other things, it is demanded that both men and women should have the same rights. The problem is usually that women are physiologically different from men, and their behaviour is also different, this is obvious, but it does not necessarily have to be interpreted as intellectual inferiority, perhaps only physical, Equality in society is very complex, much more so than Racism and Discrimination, as these two are very well defined, but Equality, as we will see, covers a lot in our society, and we can see the following facets.

  1. A) Equality at work
  2. B) Race Equality
  3. C) Gender Equality (biological or psychological)
  4. D) Social Equality
  5. I) Economic Equality
  6. F) Sexual equality (Homosexuality)
  7. G) Gender Equality

A) Equality at work

If a job requires qualifications, it should be possible for both a man and a woman to occupy the position. If a job requires qualifications for the job, it should be possible for both a man and a woman with the same qualifications to occupy the position, and the same pay, this would be equal employment.

  1. B) Race Equality

Theoretically there is no problem here, but in practice there is, and why? Theoretically we have already said that we have to give the same treatment, regardless of race, religion, and that is quite clear, but in practice, we discriminate, or rather we differentiate, from a race or religion because of the prejudices we have from what we have seen before in our society, and what is this? that is, that when it comes to blacks, Muslims, or other races etc., these races, socially and economically, are not the same. These races, socially and economically, are different from our culture and that is why we usually do not understand them well, and this is when the observer is a white person, but it is the same when the observer is black or Chinese, the equality of race, religion, has a lot to do with social equality and economic equality, they are within different social and economic layers and we have to see this clearly, but theoretically there should not be any problem, we have to treat all people equally regardless of race or religion, whether we do it or not, is another thing.

  1. C) Equality of sex, (biological or psychological)

What we mean by this, I will deal with gender equality, as I believe we should behave in our society, the problem is that we have to treat all people equally, regardless of their gender, this means that we have to treat people equally, regardless of their gender, both biologically speaking, and psychologically, in sexuality, that the person identifies himself/herself, and this also means that people, sexually speaking, are those who have a sex, which they identify themselves, and which they have because they were born that way, but which is not necessarily marked by the one they have, psychologically, for example, they have a genital apparatus biologically, but they have nothing in common with it and decide for another, where they feel completely identified, but we have to treat everyone the same, regardless of the sexuality they have.

  1. D) Social Equality,

Here as in all the sections I do on Equalities, Social Equality, theoretically this should be treating all people the same, but in practice, it is not done, why? Society is built of social layers, very well defined, completely different layers like, rich, poor, educational as well as cultural, people with a high level, people with a low level, gypsies, whites, blacks, Muslims, South Americans, marginalised people, religions, refugees, pensioners, youth, children, well I could make an endless list of social layers, but in theory it would be, that you have to treat all people the same without making difference of the social layers, this would be Social Equality.

  1. E) Economic Equality,

Here it is more complicated, because economic equality does not exist, it should exist, but the rich do not want to give to the poor, and because there are very complicated laws that control the economies, but perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that is that there are countries like the Scandinavians, where economic equality is not as distant as the rest, there they have understood that if there is not so much economic inequality in the country it works better, to do this, it is also necessary to invest more money in having a higher education than the rest.

  1. F) Sexual Equality (homosexuality)

This is also theoretical, because (more and more), we accept sexual equality, but it is still far from being fully accepted and there are many prejudices and in many countries it is criminalised, but sexual equality should be accepted, there are people who are attracted to people of the same sex, but there are many people who reject this behaviour.

  1. G) Gender Equality

Equality between men and women is also theoretical, because the difference is so great that I will deal with it in greater depth in section “2g“, but there are things in society that indicate that equality exists, especially in equality at work, when men and women meet the same requirements.

  1. 2a) Equality at work

A job that requires certain qualifications to be able to carry out a specific job can be occupied either by a man or by a woman, this would be Equal Employment, for example, a job that requires a significant physical effort could not be occupied by a woman whose physique is not as developed as a man’s, but perhaps it could not be occupied by a man with a physique that is not suitable for the specific job, so the most important thing is not whether it is a man or a woman, the important thing is that the job is suitable for the worker.

  1. 2b) Race Equality

This is purely theoretical, because it does not exist in practice.

  1. 2c) Gender Equality

Gender equality is also theoretical, it treats everyone the same, regardless of their sex, but in practice it does not exist either.

     2d) Social Equality

Theoretically, you have to treat all of society equally, no matter what social stratum you belong to, but in practice, we treat people very differently depending on what social stratum you belong to.

  1. 2e) Economic Equality

There is no need to make any comment here, people want more equality, and when I say more equality it is because there is none, and now I do make a comment, normally people want economic equality, we want people to live better, but the rich are very careful that their money goes out of their pockets, this is a problem that society has had throughout its history, and that is still not solved, we have gone from Reign, Feudalism, Communism, Socialism, and Capitalism, it is a Political problem, that wants a Political solution, and we have not been able to solve it yet, that is why Economic Equality is also Theoretical, it does not exist.

  1. 2f) Sexual equality

This is also theoretical, as we (increasingly) accept sexual equality, but it is still far from being accepted and there is still a lot of prejudice.

  1. 2g) Equality Male Female

Here I want to make an aside, about the inequality of men and women or vice versa, men and women are equal, or at least intellectually, and if not intellectually by consequence of history is on the way to become intellectual as well, what does this mean? This means that women should occupy more academic positions in society, since they are no longer in the kitchen and at home doing the cleaning and housework, but even so, nowadays, when women come home they still have to do housework and look after their children as they used to, and this is where the man has to help the woman, and we are not talking about criminal acts against women like rapes or charges against them, but if we talk about the physical difference, it is obvious that it exists, and that the two groups agree, that they must agree for a good coexistence and a good survival of the human race.

                Thousands of years ago, the woman took care of the children in the house, and the man went out to make a living to provide for the family, and this has been the case for many thousands of years, and this means that the woman has virtues that the man does not have and vice versa, the woman has a weaker physique than the man, and the man is more robust, to be able to face life, Well, this has lasted for thousands of years, and until recently, women have invaded and changed their status, women have started to invade the professional world of men, and it seems that an era has begun which will take a long time, but a long time, to definitively establish an effective equality between men and women.

But what is the difference between men and women today, at first glance they look the same, well, not the same! The woman has a receiving apparatus, the genitals, and the man has a transmitting apparatus, the genitals, well this is obvious, but what else? well the woman normally has long hair, and the man normally short, what else? She wears clothes that a man would never wear, for example, very tight and low-cut blouses, and they show a little bit of her breasts, the trousers are also very tight, and this is done unconsciously to show people that she is beautiful, and for men this is provocative, also the woman paints her face, eyes, eyebrows, lips, and puts perfume, not all women do this, but this is one of their characteristics, men do not do it, why do women do it? Some do it maybe to look for a partner, but not all of them, there are married women, and they have no intention of changing partners but they do it, and they do it simply to look pretty, nothing else, not with any other intention, why do they do it then? I believe that it is a part of genetics, that not even they have entered to speculate on this, as I said before, the woman is a receiver, the image of her can be linked with an example, that when a man embraces a woman, she is in the middle, and the man is embracing her and protecting her, the woman is better with the role of being protected, to protect, and the man’s role is to protect, so it could be that the word “Macho”, has a very well defined and very real and authentic origin, we also have the sexual act, in which the man is the one who is over the woman, sender, the role of the woman (in relation to the man), receiver, normally, is of submission, and it is within her genes, just as the man behaves, dominant and is fine with this role, and it would be difficult to change this role, and the woman would not be fine either and neither would the man, this seems an example that the Equality man-woman, also this time is Theoretical.

 Man must be a man and woman must be a woman, man obviously has male names and women have female names, and as we have seen there is already a very differentiated part of man and woman, it may be that in a few thousand years man and woman will be the same but we are very far from this happening, and nowadays men have to carry their masculinity as well as they can, as well as women with their femininity, because both men and women are well defined with this role, to go deeper with this subject we can see that with my reasoning, equality in society, almost does not exist, and the saddest thing is that we are proud of it, and we want to impose this equality in society, but we do not behave in this way, this happens with both men and women, that women and men are different, this does not mean that one gender is superior to the other, it is only a behavioural behaviour, it is clear that men, women, children, old people, etc. must be treated differently, but always with respect, It is clear that men, women, children, the elderly, must be treated differently but always with respect and affection, here there should be no differentiation, and what is very funny is that seeing that there is so much difference between a man and a woman, the woman wants to have the same equality as the man, maybe something funny, because we have already seen that it is not equal, and that the woman does not want this equality although she fights to achieve this equality!!.

 I have already explained before the difference between men and women, when I say this, I don’t mean in a derogatory way, that women have to be in the kitchen cleaning the house and so on. “No” and “no”, I just mean that women behave differently in society and not because men have imposed it, but because they have been forced to, as I have already said through history, and now it is because they want to be like that, and it is completely legitimate, because that is the way they have wanted it, women are no longer in the kitchen, they occupy very qualified jobs in society, and deservedly and fortunately for society, and for the enrichment of our culture, but that does not mean that there is no difference between a man and a woman, not perhaps intellectually, but physically and behaving differently, and women cannot take out their behaviour like “LOOK”, women want to be pretty, she likes to wear a bikini on the beach, and the smaller it is, the better and the more provocative the better, the smaller a woman’s bikini is, the bigger a man’s swimming costume is, a man’s suit has not changed since time immemorial, it is the traditional suit and if at a meeting, an elegant party, there are 100 men, they are all dressed in the same clothes, they are all dressed in the same clothes, There are 100 men all dressed in the same or similar dress, American trousers, shirt and tie and normally with short hair, the woman is a world apart, besides that they spend a fortune with dresses, shoes, jewellery, they are usually showy dresses with wide necklines, well, there is no need to make more comments, right? In the “LOOK” is very important for her, she paints her face, eyebrows, eyes, lips, face, and if she has to dye her hair she does it, this means spending 2 or 3 hours at the hairdresser’s, to make the perm or other manipulations, she doesn’t mind wearing shoes with very high heels, even if it is a sacrifice to be able to walk without falling, the woman is used to it and does it, even if it is a martyrdom, she only demands, that it is to be more beautiful, for this and other reasons I believe and I say, that the woman is different from the man, as much physically as behaviourally, I also want to mention, Some behaviours that women do, like “The Feminist Movement“, women suffer much more violence from men, which is called gender violence, it seems that men, being physically stronger and perhaps in some cases better positioned in society, commit violence against women, but this is not sexist behaviour, it is punitive, criminal behaviour, there are many, many demonstrations in which women and men go out to defend in the streets so that there are no more deaths and there is less violence and more equality between men and women, but what equality? Should we ban all the characteristics of women? Do women have to be like men, do men have to be like women, do men have to be like women, do men have to be like women, do men have to wear bikinis, do men have to wear bikinis, do men have to wear bikinis? Do men now have to wear bikinis, wear high heels, paint their eyes, eyebrows, etc. etc. What equality? Let’s define what equality?

Moreover, if we make a well-balanced analysis without passions and with deep reasoning, we will see that in many cases the man, when he has committed a crime, I mean he has killed his partner, sometimes he has also killed his children, and then he commits suicide, this gives a lot to think about, that this man has gone so far as to kill his wife or partner, his children, and then take his own life, and this happens very often, almost every day and society does nothing more than wait for it to happen again, and then we will go out again with a banner in the street saying “women we want them alive” or “no more violence” or another banner like that, and so on every day, but this behaviour of women does not fix anything at all, The reason for these barbarities cannot be solved with banners and street demonstrations, it is behavioural, but it must be studied and investigated behaviourally, because it is a behavioural problem, not a problem of gender equality, technologies in society have shot up, but the problem of cohabitation between couples or marriages has been a taboo and this is where it should be studied and investigated and worked on, When we have such serious problems in society that a person takes the life of his partner, and sometimes also murders his children, and then he commits suicide, something is wrong, and it is not because of equality, and so every day and we will go out with banners to demonstrate “no more violence”.

I consider this as an act of sick desperation, which has nothing to do with a macho act, any man or woman can take the life of another person, this is a criminal act, but I do consider it a macho act and also criminal to have sexual contact without the permission of the second, and here there is a blatant gender inequality, and as we can see there is inequality in society, as I have already mentioned A) B) C) D) E) f) G) paragraphs, today, on the day I am writing this about equality, is women’s day, and the media has had a lot of coverage of the actions of the people, many demonstrations and little content, their women saying enough is enough!There were even girls who were also saying “Enough!It is a pity that so much energy is wasted for nothing, tomorrow we will surely see on TV another rape or another crime of a man who has killed his partner and then committed suicide, sad, very sad, and we are impassive, a woman should be a woman, and she should feel like a woman, if that is what she wants, and the man must be a man and feel like a man if that is what he wants, in common there must be an understanding, since we are in the same boat, and the survival of humanity depends on us, and we have to live together and love each other and then we will be happier, men and women are not good people, but people and people are by nature violent and we cannot claim to be good, but on the contrary, we are bad, if we look at the world of wars, or see that 24 million people die of hunger every year in the world and 75% are children, we will see that we are bad, so we must behave well, as good and civilised people and equality in society would be a good thing, if the equality of women and men existed, and without ceasing to be men and women.

This reasoning gives rise to discussion, and much debate, and what about equality?

Well, equality does not exist, and if it does exist, it is only theoretically.

Enric Giné

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