Chance – Luck

Have you ever thought about what is Chance? or Good Luck, are words that have had a very important projection in Science, Physics, Philosophy, Metaphysics and Statistics, and have been studied and discussed by personalities in the whole world of science, such as Einstein or Niels Bohr, just to mention two of them, but there have been countless personalities and Nobel prizes, and that makes me a little confused, because a word that I find so simple, is the reason for so much disclosure and consequences throughout the history of mankind.

            We could distinguish between “Causality” and “Chance”, Causality is the Effect that has produced the cause, that is to say the relationship between effect and cause, I wanted to define both “Chance and Good Luck”.

What is “Chance” for me, well, here I define it.

            The premeditated meeting in space between two points is called coincidence, otherwise it is called “Chance”. And nothing more than that,

And what is Good Luck?

            Luck, Good or Bad, “Is the ignorance of the Causes, which produces the Effect”, for example, the ignorance of not knowing the lottery winning number is called either Good Luck or Bad Luck, nothing more than that.

That’s why I say, when such intelligent people, who have filled books and books on the subject, it confuses me.

It’s amazing how simple it is, isn’t it? But many times, we humans make things too complicated for ourselves.

Enric Giné i Orengo

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