The Problem of Eternity

               Always, since I was very young, I have had metaphysical problems that have tormented me to this day, the existence of God and eternity have been one of them, but perhaps, much more important than the existence of God, has been the problem of eternity, because eternity is very connected with time, and what is time? time is the duration between two points in space, from an observer, my inability to understand the word and the content of eternity, has left me many sleepless nights, and there is no night that, when I go to bed, I don’t think about it and how the world or the life of the universe will be a billion light years from now.

Imagine that a hummingbird which lives on the Californian coast, every 1 billion light years flies to Mount Everest, there it sharpens its beak with two strokes, one to the left and one to the right, and returns to the Californian coast and again, flies back to Everest and after 1 billion light years and so on until Mount Everest is completely spent, this will be a second of eternity!!!! This is perhaps a story for children but, on the contrary, it is not exaggerated at all, this problem haunted me and I was looking for answers to some questions that I was not able to find, in the end I found a strategic principle which was a very factual answer, that is, eternity is eternal, it has no beginning and no end, this is a postulate that I accept, but how long is eternity? Eternity is eternal or in other words, the length of Eternity must be at least as long as from here to the beginning of eternity, and as long as from here to the end, right? well, this opens another postulate, we already have some numbers to work with, we already have something, well, where are we now? where are we now? what kilometre are we from eternity, where are we topographically?

Well, here I did find an answer, or at least it seemed to me, the answer is, a road that has no beginning and no end”, and if so, I must be in the middle of the road, therefore we are totally in the “middle of eternity”, the problem is that you cannot measure the beginning nor the end, the reason for this theory, can be compared to a foggy day, in a valley or esplanade, where you are in a place, in front, you see a distant or near horizon, depending if there is little or a lot of fog, and if you look back, the distance is exactly the same, as if you look to the side, either left or right, you will always be in the middle of eternity, in front, you see a distant or near horizon, depending on whether there is a little or a lot of fog, and if you look back, the distance is exactly the same, as if you look to the side, either left or right, you will always be in the middle, and the fog will be like a circle, you will always be in the middle of this path no matter how much you walk forward or backward, left or right, this also opens another hypothesis, and that is, that the universe is round, isn’t it? Why? because the strategy is the same, no matter how far ahead you walk (just like a foggy day) you will always be in the centre of your world, the universe, with the particularity that you will have the same distance both ahead and behind, both to the right and to the left, that is to say a circle, if you move one metre to the left you will be in the centre if you move 1000 million kilometres light years ahead, When I read the theory that the Universe is curved, I got goose bumps because, according to this theory of mine that the Universe is a circle, and that, moreover, there is nothing scientific about it, but on the contrary, it seemed to have a connection.

The idea of knowing what our planet will be like in 50 years is maybe predictable, maybe even in 100 years, but if we say 500 years or 5000 years it starts to get out of control, our civilisation started 16000 years ago, that’s not a long time, but when we talk about 100,000 years or 1 billion years, or 1 billion light years the picture is different, the sun might not make light anymore, and the earth might have no atmosphere, no water in the sea, and no life, we might not exist anymore.Billion years, or 1 billion light years the picture is different, the sun may no longer make light, and the earth may have no atmosphere, there will be no water in the sea, and no life, we will no longer exist, if the Almighty had made us eternal, now you would be sitting in a chair, looking at a lifeless, dark, desolate planet, just like Mars, or another planet. and this would only be a second of eternity, without us and without the chair, and this day will come, whether we want it to or not, but the most important thing is that time is eternal, and it will not stop, it will continue billions of millions of millions of light years, the hummingbird will have already spent millions and millions of light years on Everest, and everything will continue the same, impassive, but without us, perhaps the planet Earth will not exist, there will be no wars, no conquests, no crimes, no evil, no goodness, no love, no poetry, no human efforts, everything will continue the same as at this moment that I am writing this nonsense, everything will remain the same and in the best or worst case, it will never end, because eternity has no end, just as it has had no beginning, eternity is saying goodbye to your children, wife, brothers, family, friends and thinking that you will never, but never again, you will never see them again and that you too will never see again, a sunrise or a smile from your son or daughter, or kiss your wife, or smell the scent of a rose, or feel the song of a bird, I too have hope that there is an Almighty Being, however, does that change something? A God … what will we do for a whole eternity, and even a little bit more, because when this eternity is over, another eternity will come, because there is no wall or a sign that says: “End of eternity”. Behind the wall will come more eternity, because eternity is infinite, our only chance is God, I have no idea what eternity is, for me it is the biggest metaphysical problem of humanity, maybe an omnipotent God has the solution to my problem, it is as if an ant could understand a mathematical equation, whether it is simple or complicated, it is impossible, the same could be with God, a very complicated problem for me could be nonsense for an Omnipotent.

Enric Giné I Orengo

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