Dependence or Independence is the question

                                Everyone has their own thesis about Independence, but for me it is something special and I use it very often with very good results, it is this…, there are two ways to position oneself, one is to be Dependent and the other is to be Independent, the dependent one is the one that we Catalans have used these last 300 years, is to give money to Spain to manage us for 60 million euros a day, because we Catalans are stupid and as there are people smarter than us, like the so called Spaniards, namely “Castellanos” they do us this favour or job, as the so called Spaniards, namely “Castellanos” they do us this favour or job, now they charge us this money to administer Catalonia, and now it is not as rich as it was before, when it was the most industrial, agricultural and livestock and richest region of the “kingdom”. Now the once rich Catalonia has become less rich and the poor regions have become less poor, like Andalusia and Extremadura, we still have to be happy about our politicians who have managed to make us pay only 60 million a day … quite a feat, I always ask the supporters of dependency and very friendly to the Spanish that maybe now, after 300 years, we could look for another administrator, for example, Germany, England or the Nordic countries, they have their countries very ordered and controlled and they could, for 22.I am sure that they would be delighted to do it and they would do it much better than the Spanish, we could even have an auction and there would still be someone who would do it cheaper, the other possibility is to be Independent, maybe we are not as stupid as we think and we could manage ourselves and we would save all that money, these are the two possibilities we have, I think there is no colour, I believe that the best option is Independence, if we decide on the other, Dependence, I think it would be much more beneficial for us if, instead of Spain, as I have already said, another country were to do it, the solution is as clear as water, Catalonia is now an adult and knows how to administer its own resources without needing anyone else, furthermore, it is a little incomprehensible that people who have nothing to do with Catalonia know how to solve the problems of the Catalans, for example, how many train lines the Catalans need, what timetables, how many roads or motorways or airports and so on, an endless list of things that are done from Madrid, wouldn’t it be better for the Catalans to administer ourselves according to our needs, “Dependence or Independence”, is synonymous with Administration, and those in Madrid want to administer us so that the administrators can keep a much better part of the Cake, But, Dependence or Independence also means, what the word itself means, which is, “Dependence or not Dependence” Catalonia now “Depends” on Madrid, and that means that Madrid administers Catalonia, because it “Depends” on it, this money that the Spaniards plunder from us we need to make roads, have a good railway network, good airports, good public health, good schools, etc. etc. 60 million euros a day is a lot, a lot of money, there is a lot of talk about Independence, but what we want is for the Catalans to administer themselves, tell them Independence or Administration, we want our language to be spoken in Catalonia which is Catalan, we are a Nation, and as a Nation we have a culture, a Language and customs just like others such as the Castilian, Galician, Basque, French, German etc. and the only thing the Catalans want is to administer themselves, and persevere with our culture, once again Independence is the same as Administration.

Enric Giné I Orengo

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