The 10 Deadly Sins of Catalonia

Catalonia is one of the oldest nations in Europe, and its languageis Catalan!

1) What is Catalonia?

               Catalonia is a nation, which was born on 19 February 988 and was stripped of its rights as a nation in 1714, after the war of succession, and has been at political war with Spain ever since. Catalonia, like any other millenary culture, has its own language, gastronomy, dance…, has been a Kingdom, Republic and Principality and an infinite number of customs that have made Catalonia, over many centuries, have a relevant culture.

2) Media

                 The media play a very important role, both in Spain and in Catalonia, and like everywhere else in the world, but especially in the Spanish media, perhaps out of ignorance, perhaps out of conviction, perhaps to please the government, they have been especially hard on Catalonia, they have always hidden, they believe that Catalonia is a part of Spain, where a dialect is spoken, and they are very annoyed by our identity, even when we speak Catalan, they think that we do it to provoke the Spanish, before in Franco’s times, it was forbidden to speak our language, Catalan, and when you had to go to a public place, and you spoke in Spanish, they told you to speak in “Christian”, both TV and Radio, as in the newspapers of the State are totally indoctrinated and, even the news are manipulated, and, some of them, that they are not interested, are omitted, and, those that are interesting for the State, Catalan TV has been awarded many times for its impartiality and professionalism, the State media have been questioned, even by their own staff, the Madrid government wants to intervene the Catalan media because, according to them, they indoctrinate the Catalans, and, in this way, they can control them.

3) Justice

               What is Justice in Catalonia? well, Justice should be, in the whole world, fair, and nothing more. what is happening in Catalonia? we have five people from the legitimate government in exile, the two Jordis, the vice president of the legitimate government, and the Minister of the Interior are in prison, the whole legal world, both Spanish and Catalan, agree that this is an injustice, that these people are imprisoned, it has no legal basis, what happens is that, the “Unity of the Homeland” is indestructible, according to the Constitution itself, the TC itself, knows that this, legally, has no basis, given that it does, what the political power dictates, the TC has no one before them to question it, it takes its decisions first, when it comes to “La Unidad de La Patria”, the TC has the support of the Spanish Government, and of all the judges, whether they agree with them or not, and it has, behind it, the whole Spanish Nation.

4) Constitution

               The period of Francoism, 40 years of dictatorship, affected the Spanish population, like all dictatorships, impoverishing its population, both physically and intellectually, the dictatorship did much harm and we are still suffering the consequences and it will still take a long time to normalize this situation, anyway here, in Catalonia, there is a fact that no one has been able to destroy since 1714, there is a fact that nobody has been able to destroy since 1714 and that is that the Catalan sentiment has not been able to move a millimetre, it remains intact, (of course there are new Catalans and immigrants who do not want to be Catalans, but Spaniards, I will talk about this in another Capital Sin “New Catalans”), many questions were raised following the end of Franco’s regime, when, theoretically, it arrived, the political parties found a way to open a new period, which they called “transition to democracy”, they tried to make a new Constitution, which could be accepted by all, it was very difficult, especially for the army, the Constitution came out which could only be possible in 1978, in 1981 there was a coup d’état provoked by those who longed for the old regime, it was a failed coup d’état, however, this Constitution is the one we have now, a constitution that, in 2018, is not useful for anything, neither for the Spaniards and much less for the other identities that coexist in Spain, it was not a transition, it was a continuation of the Franco regime.

5) Homeland Unity

               First we will have to explain what it is or how this word is understood, here, in Catalonia, we Catalans understand it as repression, but we will have to do a bit of history to understand it a little better, we will have to go to 1492, when, in a benevolent moment for Castile, which was propitious for an unprecedented conquest, Castile and Aragon, conquered almost all of South America, Central America, Mexico and many others, Central America, Mexico and many others, already, in those times, Castile and Aragon already had the feeling of conquest and that is what they did, and it worked out well, they got rich using the tools they used like repression, annihilation, destruction of language, religion, culture and expropriation of all the goods, gold, and in this way they took command of all this Empire, The ships left full of gold and slaves for Spain, here was born the feeling of “The Unity of the Fatherland”, with time and little by little, the Spanish Empire was falling, until today, where not only Galicia, Balearic Islands, Euskadi, Catalonia, Valencian Country and also Ceuta, Melilla, and the Canary and Balearic Islands are left, in spite of this mess “La Unidad de la Patria”, is as strong as ever, last year I went to Madrid and a taxi driver, on hearing my Catalan accent, asked me if I was Catalan, I said yes, and he asked me if I had any comment on the current political situation, I told him that if the Catalans want to be independent, it must be the will of the Catalan people, right? I asked him what his comment was, and he said to me with a very long and sad face A broken Spain? !!!!!!I was not surprised because I saw that “La Unidad de la Patria” is still very much inside the Spaniards, it is a “Gene”, it is something psychiatric, psychological that, through the history of Spain has been taking over and deepening inside the Spanish mind, the problem of “La unidad de La Patria”, the Spaniards do not know what it is, it has been repeated so many times that they have it in the “Genes”, for a Catalan or another human being will see that the unity is, “One who commands and the others are there to serve”, pure colonialism, it is the colonies that bring goods to the Empire and that this unity cannot be broken for obvious reasons, Madrid wants unity and when the Spaniards are cured of this illness, they will see that the rulers have taken them for a ride, Franco was the greatest anti-communist in the history of Humanity, well, as you all know, his phrase “Before a red Spain than a broken Spain”. Incredible, isn’t it? and today this phrase is as alive or more than ever or at least as always, therefore, the Catalans have it very bad, we will have to fight hard for our liberation, when Spain puts so much emphasis on “The Unity of the Fatherland” is that something is wrong, let’s see what is there, I have copied and pasted Article 2 of the Spanish constitution “Article 2 The Constitution is based on the indissoluble unity of the Spanish Nation, common and indivisible homeland of all Spaniards” this is in article 2 of the constitution, incredible, Spain is still the same as in the time of the conquerors, “La Unidad de la Patria” I am not sure, but Spain must be the only country in the world where in such a priority place in the constitution it is so important for its citizens to tell them what “La Unidad de La Patria” represents.

6) Humiliations

               One of the many degradations that are made by the State and some Spanish people are humiliations against Catalonia, for them our history does not exist, the language is a dialect and for them, Catalonia is Spain, they despise Catalan culture, they ridicule it and now, in the last times of the Process, they even insult, threaten and remind politicians that they have children, they even insult, threaten, and remind politicians that they have children, and, to our President, remind him that a very honourable President of the Generalitat was miserably shot in the Castle of Montjuic, the humiliations have reached an unsustainable level for the dignity of a person, whatever ideology they have, they say that the Catalan media are indoctrinating the Catalans, but it is they, not us, who have to tell the truth, and nothing else, on the 1st of October, election day for the Catalan Parliament and, moreover, a day of mourning, because the Spanish Police made very violent charges on the people who went to vote, it was another act of humiliation against our people, after these uncivic acts, the Spanish people rewarded the policemen who beat our people with trips and holidays of pleasure, to thank the policemen who had to face those insurrectionists, rebels… we Catalans realise that the Spaniards hate us and an example of this is that when the Spanish police went out to Catalonia, from the different Spanish cities, to repress the Catalans, the police shouted “a por ellos”, as if to say that not a single Catalan should be left standing, the insults we have had to listen to are innumerable… entire pages could be written about these adjectives. This is the esteem in which we are held by a large part of Spain, here are a group of examples.

  Duke of Olivares 1641 Catalonia must be reduced to Castilian customs and habits.

Martínez Anido to Primo de Rivera Catalonia must be filled with the worst Spain has to offer

Francisco de Quevedo 1640 The Catalan is the saddest and most miserable creature that God created and they are three-handed thieves as long as there is only one Catalan left in Catalonia, and stones in the deserted fields we will have enemies and wars.

Miguel de Unamuno 1905 If the state did not impose Castilian on the whole of Spain, the dialects would impose themselves on Castilian.

Felipe 5 de Borbón 1715 That no books in the Catalan language be allowed in schools, that they not write or speak in Catalan in schools and that Christian doctrine be and be learnt in Castilian.

Manuel Azaña 1931 A person of my knowledge assures me that it is a law of Spanish history to bomb Barcelona every 50 years the system of Felipe 5 was unjust and harsh but solid and comfortable and has been valid for two centuries.

Queipo de llano 1936 Let’s transform Madrid into an orchard, Bilbao into a big factory and Barcelona into a huge plot of land.

Manuel Fraga 1968 Catalonia was occupied by Felipe 4 who defeated it, it was bombed by General Espartero and we occupied it in 1939 and we are ready to occupy it as many times as necessary and for that I am ready to pick up my rifle again.

José Prat 1984 Catalans are only important when they speak Spanish

Calvo Sotelo 1983 Spanish-speaking immigration must be encouraged in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands to ensure that Spanish sentiment is maintained

Felipe Gonzales 1984 Terrorism in the Basque Country is a question of order, but the real danger is the differential Catalan fact

Santiago Bernabéu 1968 I like Catalonia, what I don’t like are the Catalans.

Antonio Machado 1937 Of those who claim to be Galicians, Catalans, Basques … rather than Spaniards, always distrust them. They are usually incomplete Spaniards, insufficient, from whom nothing great can be expected.

These are the people who have loved us since time immemorial.

7) The New Catalans

               Who lives in Catalonia? Many people live here, as in the rest of the world, tourists, refugees, immigrants, new Catalans, Catalans… etc. We will concentrate only on Spanish immigrants and new Catalans, new Catalans and Spaniards are the same thing, they are people who, for whatever reason, come to Catalonia to live or work, immigrants, foreigners or Spaniards, who come to work, find themselves in a totally unknown language and culture, the new Catalan will live with two cultures, the one of his origin and the Catalan one, over time he will integrate into the new Catalan culture, for whatever reason, they feel well, in their new society, although they do not want to lose their culture of origin, even though they do not speak Catalan, they feel Catalan because, in addition to having integrated, they find that Catalan culture gives them many values and they sometimes feel more Catalan than the Catalans themselves, perhaps there are also first and second generation Catalans who, perhaps, have not integrated very well and consider themselves Catalans, but they are against the language and Catalonia as a state, and they want to be a province of Spain, from this analysis, you can see that everything is a bit complex, but it is not, in the 60’s Catalonia had an immigration of 42% of the active population, this immigration was a revolution, but, it denatured the Catalan culture a bit, sociologists say that, 12.5% of immigration, is the permitted level in order not to denaturalise a culture, well, on the one hand it hurt us, but, on the other hand, it hurt us, but, on the other hand, it hurt us, on the one hand it hurt us but, on the other hand, it was very beneficial, as there was a lack of manpower and, thanks to this immigration, which came mostly from Andalusia and above all from Murcia, Catalonia had a very strong economic progress and many people from there became immigrants or new Catalans and, many of them, their sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters are Catalans and defend Catalonia, there are other immigrants and or new Catalans, which is more complicated to analyse, These groups have a Spanish ideology, and may or may not be working class, and many may be South Americans who come or have come to work in multinationals such as, for example, Telefónica, supermarkets, construction, in short, services, the typical worker who has come here because there is more possibility of earning a living, there is also another group that, socially perhaps, has a higher level, finally, a socially high group, this one is on the boards of directors of companies, these three groups that I have just mentioned do not want, nor do they want to integrate in Catalonia, they consider that Catalonia is Spain, there are people who have been born or not in Catalonia, and who live with another culture within Catalonia, which could be Spanishist, and that they consider themselves as Catalan as the pro-independence Catalans, they believe that just because they were born or live in Catalonia gives them the right to be Catalan, for example the Catalan leader of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, she speaks Catalan, she lives in Catalonia, and she has a Spanishist background, and without having any feelings towards Catalonia on the contrary, an example, and with this I do not mean to say that she is a terrorist, they are fortunately peaceful but ignorant, a pure example we can see in a terrorist who lives in Catalonia for example in Ripoll, they were born in Catalonia, they love Catalonia, but they commit crimes against Catalonia, Inés Arrimadas is not a terrorist, she does not kill people fortunately, but she destroys their culture that she herself lives, for “a sample a button”, and like her there are many people who live in Catalonia, but they do not feel Catalan, they feel Spanish.

            As has happened to the American countries, which were plundered and impoverished, they have destroyed their entire culture, including their language, but what is a country, a country consists of a culture, a language, a dance, a flag, a literature ranging from poetry to songs, books, etc. etc. etc., and finally a history. and finally a history, and you cannot trivialize a culture as Inés Arrimadas and other constitutionalists do, to say that they are as Catalan as those of us who really feel Catalan, these people only show a deep ignorance and contempt against our culture, to feel Catalan is also to love, not only the territory, but to identify with all parts of the Catalan culture, I love Catalonia, because I feel identified with all branches of its culture, and like others who have given their lives to defend it, I would also defend it against those who want to disintegrate it, or annex it to its Spanish culture, as Spain has done with all its American colonies, as well as with the Galician, Spanish, Spanish and Spanish colonies, as Spain has done with all its American colonies, This group of immigrants or new Catalans, as I have said before, have sympathy for constitutionalist groups, and this is a danger for our culture, because there has to be a maximum of immigration allowed, As I have said before, in any country, an example I would like to mention is Kosovo, this new country was, before its unilateral Independence, a Serbian State, in Kosovo there was a very strong immigration from Albania, which reached 94%, 6% were Serbs, and 94% Albanians, a cultural aberration that the Serbs paid dearly for, they lost Kosovo in a democratic way, do we want to lose our culture? Our language? our customs? if the answer is no! we must be very careful and act accordingly, it would be very interesting that we all together make a reflection, this is very important because, statistically, it shows that all the Constitutionalists who go against the Process, and this is evidence that, “When we have more progress in Catalonia, there is a decrease of pro-independence” possibly, the latest immigration that arrives to Catalonia is a surprise of the Catalan situation, evidently these newcomers have no emotional or sentimental link with Catalonia, this means that, the more success we have in our country, the more greedy we will be, and consequently, more people will come to Catalonia, and the less independents we will have. I repeat “Our success will be our destruction of the Catalan State”, which is, precisely, what the Spanish State wants, lately a political party has emerged that they call it as ultra-right, which is Vox, this is also classified as constitutionalists, like PP and Ciudadanos, all constitutionalist parties, are against that the independent’s put yellow ribbons in streets and public places, their argument is that public places belong to everyone, and precisely because they belong to everyone, the independent’s put up yellow ribbons, to be able to express oneself in a public place has to be the pure essence of democracy, not as it happens in dictatorships, which has to be indoors and hidden, if the constitutionalists do not agree with the yellow ribbons they should put up others of another colour or show them in public places, This is called democracy, not tearing off those of others because they have a different ideology, another of the arguments that the constitutionalists say is that families in Catalonia are broken, because of independence, this could be true in part, but depending on the part that is observed if one is a constitutionalist, those who want to break with Spain are to blame, and if you are not, it is those who want the extinction of Spain, this argument exists all over the world, families in conflict because one side has an ideology contrary to the other, this is called pure democracy, in the USA the nation is divided into two parts, some are Republicans and the others are Democrats, in England also some are Labour and the others are Conservatives, and all over the world it is like that, that is democracy.

8) Legality

               What is legality? it is very easy to define, isn’t it? it is doing what is within the law, everything else is illegal, so it is very difficult for the Catalans if we want to be independent, isn’t it? Well, yes, if we have to be within the law, we will have to convince a majority of Spaniards to let us leave and, therefore, we have to convince the political parties, and that is difficult because they have the majority, PP, PSOE and Cs, do not want to break with the Sacred Unity of the Homeland, in addition, the Constitution must be changed and blah, blah, blah … total, impossible, we can never be independent.

The     fall of the Spanish Empire was when Spain began to lose its colonies and none of them left Spain in a democratic way, that is to say, within the law, it was with pure illegality, that’s why I say how can the independence of Catalonia be achieved… but with the difference that the majority of states, when they separated, did so via open wars or violence, but with the difference that most of the states, when they separated, they did it via, open wars or violence, moreover, the distance did not play in favour of Spain and today, in a Catalonia that is and has always been non-violent, dog the bottom line is that it has always been done illegally, nobody gives up their sovereignty amicably, and Spain did not do it either, it grabbed it by force and gave them back because it could not do otherwise, this is why I say that Spain now, Spain cannot preach when she did not preach what she did, she did it Illegally, with violence and wars, now we are in another time and it has been many years, more than 300 years that we lost, the war, our sovereignty, our language, our culture and our rights, and now, it is time for Spain to give us back our rights, which are like those that the blacks wanted, to have the same rights as the whites, what did the whites say when they prohibited the entry to the blacks? “What did these blacks think?” the blacks had to commit many illegalities to achieve equality with whites, women’s vote, another right, they also had to commit many illegalities to achieve the right to vote, to legalise abortion, how many women had to have abortions when it was forbidden, pure illegality, I could mention hundreds, thousands of things that people did illegally and that are now legal, The will of the people makes the law, not the law makes the people, the people of Catalonia want independence, and there is no will more sovereign than the will of a people, and furthermore, with the aggravating factor that the dominating people have not been of much help to us, but on the contrary, they have persecuted our language, culture and have impoverished us in an illegal way, both in Spain and in international law, where the United Nations says that they have to help languages and cultures in extinction, Spain, however, defends the Spanish language because it believes that it is this language that is in extinction in Catalonia, therefore, illegality is the only way to get out of this impasse, we have the United Nations that protects us. We are not illegal there.

9) Administration or Independence

               What is Independence? Independence is the administration of a Culture or Country, Catalonia, if it were independent, would have an administration that would manage our society, roads, motorways, trains, planes, stations, airports, finances, health…, everything would remain the same, but, instead of administering it from Madrid, we would do it ourselves. If we are not intelligent enough and incapable of managing ourselves, we could give it to another country, for example the Nordic countries, as they have a lot of order in their own countries, we give 60 million every day to Spain to manage us, I have seen many times people saying “I am Catalan and I feel as Catalan as I do Spanish, and I don’t want to leave Spain”, this is a misunderstanding, because all people can be Spanish or Catalan or French or Russian, neither the identity card nor the passport will be changed, only people who want to be Catalan will have the Catalan ID card or passport, everything will be the same, I know a person who is Danish, has a Danish passport, a Danish ID card and also has a Spanish passport and a Spanish ID card, this person loves both Denmark and Catalonia, and when Catalonia becomes independent, he will be able to continue with his nationality as always, and if he wants to have Catalan nationality, he will have it, and he will be able to continue with his Danish nationality, and he will be able to continue to love both Denmark and Catalonia, it is as simple as that, independence, which many Spaniards see as a disease, as a monster, and really and simply, it is nothing more than administering ourselves, not those in Madrid.

Song of Freedom

Enric Giné i Orengo

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