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                            This is a continuation of the analysis I do in my blog at “El Nido Del Enric” in the analysis called “Catalan-Spanish Political Strategy”, and it is here, where I indicate some strategies, reasonable where they can work, because we have to do something to get out of this dead end, where we are now, and also, we have to open a dialogue where we all have to say our opinion, and the more the better!!!

              First of all, I would like to comment on the current situation that the Spanish government has unleashed with the pardons.

              The Spanish government, partly because of pressure from Europe and partly because of its ignorance, has been forced to do something, and apparently with success, but let’s go a little deeper, Spanish justice is quite discredited, and will be even more so with the pardon, but it seems that the Spanish government is rectifying the Spanish image a little, and this can be seen in the foreign press, another reason is the position taken by the Spanish government, as good people, they open a superficial dialogue, and now it is the Catalans who have to make a move, we’ll all this can be easily refuted, but I don’t want to go into it here, I just want to make a superficial profile, on the other hand we have 9 people, who are apparently free, if they behave themselves, and who are condemned for doing something they had not done, and I am happy that they are out of prison, because they would never have had to be inside, both the pardon and the amnesty, it is the same for them and for the Catalans, because with or without, we are in the same place as on the 10th of October 2017, after our President declared the Independence of Catalonia and 10 seconds later he annulled it, Catalonia did not declare itself independent, but the Spanish government did not understand it that way and punished some people for doing something they had not done.

              Well, despite the fact that with or without the pardon, or with or without amnesty, we would be in the same place as on 10 October, and then what? This is not the solution, the solution is to get out of Spain, and here is the essence of the matter, as we do …. one of the solutions is as I said before.

1) We Catalans who feel Catalan have to behave as Catalans, within a State that has us, by merits of war, as a colony or region or autonomy or that administers our economy, language and culture, with these circumstances, we are very weakened, but not defeated or annihilated, There have been many empires that have tried it but they have not been able to defeat us for the moment, we have to behave like what we are “a colony”, but we have to fight, democratically and intelligently, to get out of this nightmare, and we will have to follow some guidelines to be able to do so.         

2) The Consell de La República Catalana, with the name of MH president Carles Puigdemont, should now lift the annulment and make the declaration of the Catalan Republic.    

3) The Consell por La República, would have to lead all the actions that we would have to do for the liberation of the Catalan state as a full Country or Nation, but what I think is very important is that it would have to make, or create, a “source of union”, an agile, fast, light, but very effective source, where all the Catalans who wanted to could say, or give their strategy, to get out of the “black hole” and enrich, so democratically, their strategy, or give their strategy, to get out of the “black hole” and enrich, democratically, their strategy, today it is possible with the means of communication that we have on the Internet, and all this under the tutelage of the Consell per la República, and perhaps it could be done physically by the “Consell Local per la República Catalana”, we have to be very alert, intelligent and very united, we are where we are, because we are dissolved, and disunited, we live in the same territory but we are not united, we do not talk to ourselves, only lamentations, this is the weakest point that we Catalans have, and this is what we have to correct, we have to have a connection, intimate, vital, where we can express our strategies, but we have to be aware that it does not have to be, a place of lamentations, gossip, banal information, since we have other means in the networks to do it, it has to be a place of maximum union to give strategies, very concrete, because we have to be careful that 7.8 million Catalans can say many things, and if we are not careful, this important and vital place of union can end up being a disaster…….     

4) We have to widen the base of sovereignism in order to have a majority, and of course in all the local councils.    

5) We have to make the local councils serve whenever we can, and this can only be if we have a majority to be able to do so democratically.    

6) To declare the Municipalities Republican or Independent, as long as there is a pro-sovereignty majority in the Municipality, and the latter as long as it does not involve criminal measures by the Spanish justice system, and the official language in Catalonia is exclusively Catalan.    

7) Declare the king “Persona non Grata” to all municipalities, again if there is a majority.    

8) Buy or deal with Catalan companies, no Spanish companies and if possible listen to or watch Catalan TV or Radio or media.    

9) Strategy to pay to the Generalitat both taxes, VAT, etc… No money to the Spanish state    

10) The official language, only Catalan, both in the town councils and in the Generalitat.

11) Put in the entries of the Municipalities where you put the name of the town, also put Catalan Republic.

12) Put the Balconies, windows, etc.. Esteladas, and wear as much as possible, either a Estelada or a badge on the lapel or a visible place, to show that we are Catalans.

13) Put an Estelada on every roundabout in every town in Catalonia.

14) TV3, Catalan television and radio stations will only broadcast in Catalan.

15) Information signs in Catalan and English only, whether on motorways, dual carriageways or streets.

16) It doesn’t matter what they are called, Casals, Catalan Embassies, etc. They have to be established abroad, representing Catalonia.

17) We encourage other Cultures such as Galicia, the Basque Country, the Balearic Islands, Valencia, Northern Catalonia, to abandon the Empire, since Spain is an Entelechy and as such does not exist.

18) Spain should be what it has always had to be, a region of the Iberian Peninsula, exactly Castile, and that is what we have to try to force it to return to being its own culture, and stop exploiting the others, all cultures equal, and with mutual respect, because in this way cultures are enriched, not just one, all of them.

19) From the Consell Local per La República Catalana, hold regular meetings to update the moment in which society lives and take up current strategies, this is very important, as the Local Councils * R. should exist 947, since in Catalonia, we have 947 municipalities, and the aim is to have 947 Local Councils for the Republic, so we have to work, because it is very important the interconnection between all the 947 Councils, more union more strength.

20) If there is a person who has a strategy that he/she thinks is convenient or interesting, well, let’s go there, it is very, very welcome, write it below, and in this way we will make a better country, let’s do it together, the more strategies the better, so we can choose among all, the best or the most convenient at the present time, this is democracy!

This as I said before is an annex of one of many of the analyses, that I do in my blog “El Nido Del Enric”, if you wish you can read this analysis that I call it Spanish-Catalan Political Strategy“, and that I leave here, the link https://enricgine.cat/2021/06/06/estrategia-politica-catalana-espanyola/

Thank you very much

Enric Giné i Orengo

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