Environmental Strategies

A) Abolition of Abuse in the Environment, the abolition of Abuse in our society is the first principle or premise that we have to keep in mind, with Abuse there is no survival, it is the most important premise that exists for our survival. B) Definition of Environment, the Environment is the Universe, and this is the place where, among many things we live or coexist with Nature, Vegetation, Animals and Man, and that is why we have to respect it, because the Environment is ourselves, all of us…

        B) Definition of Norm, first and only Norm, “Love your Environment as yourself”, This is the essence, and the main motive of the Society, because what you want to build, is within the environment, and you have to love it, protect it, and defend it, because the Environment is yourself, and the consequence is, that to love the Environment is to love yourself.

          C) Creation of Cultures or Regions, all existing Countries, disappear as such, and are grouped together, under the incidences, of Language, Culture, customs, food, clothing, beliefs, dance and feelings, and are converted from Countries, which are abolished to Regions.

        D) Change of Politicians by Guilds, the Abolition of Politicians, and they are replaced by an organisation, national professional, Professional Guilds, which are the ones that have to, organise, plan and govern in The Regions, and this is sovereign, they are the ones that restitute the so called today, Countries,

        E) Creation of administrative self-government, the professional organisations or Guilds will begin to try to get the Region up and running.

Abolition of the current Laws by the Norms, all laws, decrees, edicts or mandates, have to be abolished, only the Recommendations, whose source would be The Norm, have to be respected.

        F) Trying to give food to those who are starving, One of the first priorities that should be taken, would be to give food to the people who are starving, today we have 24 million people who die of hunger every year, 25% are children, and there are also 850 million people who suffer from hunger, and we should also level the socio-economic imbalance that the world’s population suffers from.

        G) There has to be consensus for an operation of this magnitude, and a thorough, global planning of and for the whole world, experts, specialists, economists, sociologists, philosophers, a very important group of experts who can handle such an important project.

        H) Contact all philanthropic organisations worldwide, e.g., NGOs, FAO, WHO, Amnesty International, ExpokNews, OECD, OECD, Unicef, Unesco, Manos Unidas.

         I) Teaching what the Environment is, one of the priorities we also have to learn, and to know is, where we live, and the relationship we have with this, and this is the Environment, we have to learn the meaning and what it represents, for our survival here on the Planet.

         J) Radical change of solar energy, Solar energy in the deserts can supply the world production, and the end of pollution, end also of the consumption of oil and its derivatives, explanation of the use of solar panels in our World deserts.

         K) The 8 largest deserts on Earth, we have 8 deserts with a total capacity of 16.407.853 Km2, only with 46.335 Km2, we would cover the current energy needs.

        L) World-wide change towards the Automotive, it would be the Abolition of the motor with the derivative of the petroleum, all the Automation, of the World, would have to be Electric, or motor with hydrogen.

        M) Creation of small industry for self-repair and supply of agriculture etc. creation of autonomous small industry for maintenance, repair etc. in the interior of the Regions, where it is planned to build solar sources for production, in the desert localities.

        N) In rich countries a 1 % VAT increase to finance such a project, rich countries would have to contribute, with a minimum share, a 1 % VAT increase, in their respective Regions.

        O) Banks would also finance this project at a very reasonable interest rate, the role of the Bank would be different in our Society, and they could finance at a low interest rate the whole electrification and construction of the energy transport.

        Q) Gas stations disappear, they could, like banks, replace oil with solar energy transport or construction.

        Q) Detailed explanation of Energy and Solar Panels, all the deserts of the World 16.407.853 km2, current world consumption 9.703.196 MW per hour, we need 46.335 Km2, to cover all the energy production in the whole World, it is only the ridiculous amount of 0.2824 %, of the total of all the deserts of the world.

         A) Biological pleasure, we have 6 senses, smell, taste, sight, touch, hearing and pleasure, and the sixth, pleasure, has deteriorated a lot through history.

The 10 Commandments changed everything, the rules of the game were changed, man was intelligent, and understood that of the ten there are two, one that says you shall not commit impure acts or adultery, and another, that says, you shall not lust after your neighbour’s wife, and also when Adam ate the apple, which Eve gave him, that is when they realised their nakedness.

        S) Explanation of the meaning of Pleasure, deployment, behaviour, Pleasure, what it is and how it has to be.

        T) Social pleasure, influence, deployment, of behaviour, of Pleasure, how it has been transformed in society, and what results, consequences, after-effects it has brought about in it.

        U) Reset Pleasure, and start again, as we have to straighten, direct, channel, and normalise, Pleasure.

        V) Family Groups, here we will see how the family has made a very important change, and transformed itself into different groups.

Enric Giné

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