Thanks friends, for growing Independentism

This translation is done with the Google translator, and it is obvious that it is not correct, and I hope to do it, with an official translator, but it will take a little time.
If there is someone who wants and is able to do a translation from Spanish to English correctly, please contact me via Mail, otherwise I will wait to make the translation into English as quickly as possible, thank you very much

Thanks friends without you we would not have got to where we are now.

Thank you very much friends without you we would not have reached where we are now.

               I want to write to the ANC of which I am a member, and in Spanish. Why to the ANC? Well, because it is a civil movement to which I belong and to which I want to transmit this message, and why in Spanish ? because I want it to be understood in all Spanish-speaking places.  

                  I am not writing to Jordi Sánchez, because although I have a lot of respect for him, he is just one more person in our association, who represents me and the entire association, but he is in jail, and I am not, for having the same ideas, This is unfair and for this alone I wear a yellow ribbon on my chest.

              Catalans are by nature Peaceful , but another characteristic of us is that we are disunited, we are many people and we only know how to lament, but we lack strategies, and it is difficult for us to solve political problems, they slap us and we turn the other face.

I would like to since we are many people who defend our culture and who would like to have our sovereignty again, and for this reason I give these two strategies here, and thus look to contribute if there are more people who agree with them, Which are the following 

1) All city councils that had a sovereign majority, declare the City Council Republican, as did the town of Amer .     

2) Put in a square in all municipalities where there is a sovereign majority, a statue, as in the one in the photo, thanking our Spanish politicians.

 Of course, these two proposals are provocative, but it is a Peaceful strategy , and that is where we have to go. Let us leave violence and injustice to the Spanish state, the more violence and injustice they do, the more they show how terrified and panicked they are. “ The Unity of the Homeland is being destroyed !!! “It is a ” gene ” that all Spaniards have, and that if they do not need psychiatric help, they need psychological help. Why ? What is ” La Unidad de la Patria ” for a normal person ? Or for one who is not Spanish? simply, a logical reasoning would have the meaning that one commands and the other obeys, one pays and the other receives, in short, “pure colonialism”.

Tossa 2017

Enric Giné

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